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A modern, international university in Småland, southern Sweden.

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1 A modern, international university in Småland, southern Sweden

2 Sweden’s youngest university A merger of Kalmar and Växjö universities A university embodying the highest quality, competitiveness and development potential Linnaeus University was inaugurated on January 1, 2010

3 Where is Linnaeus University situated? Southern Sweden, Scandinavia One hour by train between Kalmar and Växjö

4 In the spirit of Linnaeus Born in 1707 in Råshult close to Växjö, Småland The most famous Swedish scientist of all time Linnaeus is a latin form of the linden tree Intrepid, curious and innovative – a true entrepreneur Went to school in Växjö, to university in Lund, did his doctorate in the Netherlands, became professor in 1741 in Uppsala

5 Linnaeus ”Herbal book” 1725 and the Linnaeus University logo

6 Linnaeus University – a vision statement Linnaeus University – a creative and international knowledge environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship, and utility

7 Rector Stephen Hwang The first rector of Linnaeus University is Stephen Hwang, Professor of physics Stephen Hwang is an internationally renowned scientist with extensive experience of academic leadership

8 Linnaeus University in figures 34,000 students (15,000 full-time equivalents) 2,000 employees 6th largest university in Sweden (number of students) Approximately 140 degree programmes Over 40 programmes in English Over 500 single-subject courses in English

9 Research at Linnaeus University MSEK 1,500 in turnover, of which MSEK 415 is earmarked for research/PhD research training 145 professors 350 doctoral students

10 Education and research at Linnaeus University First-cycle/second-cycle programmes Contract education Research/doctoral studies 8 % 27 % 65 %

11 Five faculties Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Faculty of Arts and Humanities Faculty of Social Sciences Faculty of Technology School of Business and Economics Board of Teacher Education

12 Capital of Kalmar county with 63,000 inhabitants The university is integrated in the city The natural sciences are a strong research area Linnaeus University in Kalmar

13 Linnaeus University in Växjö Capital of Kronoberg county with 83,000 inhabitants University campus ”US style” Humanities and social sciences are strong research areas

14 International Profile Approximately 1,600 incoming international students each year Approximately 500 outgoing exchange students each year More than 750 partner universities in over 60 countries Exchange opportunities for PhD students, researchers/teachers, and administrative staff

15 Goal: A creative academic environment An integrated teaching and research environment in collaboration with the surrounding community Attractive, in-demand degree programmes with high knowledge targets An academic environment characterised by teaching of the highest quality Committed and creative students and members of staff who engage in critical thinking

16 Nationally and internationally prominent research An attractive research environment, which is supported by and collaborates with the business sector, local municipalities, the county councils, and other interested parties Linnaeus University Centres with internationally recognised cutting- edge research Goal: To strive for eminence in research

17 Goal: To be a driving force for the region A driving force for the region Develop new formats for cooperative outreach ventures with the surrounding community Strive for the provision of skills and expertise, and promote research and development in the region

18 Goal: To embody global values The region as a base, the world as a stage An academic environment which integrates internationalisation, diversity, and sustainable development An academic environment stimulating openness and the exchange of knowledge between different countries, cultures, age groups, and academic disciplines


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