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Importance & Relevance of Cooperation between Higher Education and Commercial Applications David B. Audretsch.

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1 Importance & Relevance of Cooperation between Higher Education and Commercial Applications David B. Audretsch

2 The Traditional University The Humboldt Model (Wilhelm von Humboldt, 1767-1835) Freedom & independence of research & teaching “knowledge for its own sake” Little valuation for engagement & societal impact

3 Contributions to Business & Economy Limited contribution for investment in physical capital Limited link to (exogenous) knowledge Contribution in terms of social and political values Limited contribution to economic development

4 The 2000 Lisbon Agenda “make Europe the most competitive and the most dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world” Council of Europe, Lisbon 2000 “Our lacunae in the field of entrepreneurship needs to be taken seriously because there is mounting evidence that the key to economic growth and productivity improvements lies in the entrepreneurial capacity of an economy” EU President, Romano Prodi, 2002

5 New Role of University in the Globalized Knowledge Economy Competitive advantage shifts from physical capital to knowledge University is source of knowledge Demand oriented

6 New Role of University in Entrepreneurial Society Facilitate knowledge spillovers from university University as solution provider – user oriented fields and programs (i.e. biochemistry, informatics) Demand orientation rather than “knowledge for its own sake” Flexibility in university governance, diverse orientation, cultural norms & increased heterogeneity and specialization of faculty & staff Provision of conduits for knowledge spillovers – technology transfer offices, incubators, science parks, sponsored research, offices of engagement, proof of concept centers

7 Entrepreneurial University X X X X

8 Integrated vs. Coordinated Models Integrated Model – within single university -- Cambridge University, University of Leuven, Stanford University, Uppsala University Coordinated Model – specialization of tasks across different organizations within regional ecosystem -- Jena: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena; Jena Optic; Max Planck Institute; College of Applied Sciences

9 University Education for Entrepreneurial Society Entrepreneurship is driving force of prosperity Targeted not just for potential entrepreneurs Programs span broad spectrum of academic fields & disciplines Kauffman Foundation “Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum” Program & Grants HOPE program (now the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship) in the Netherlands – program of the Dutch Ministry of Economics

10 Presentation empirica / BUW sepHE ▪ Peer group meeting ▪ Brussels, 4/3/2015 10  Dublin City University Ryan Academy: co-operating with large enterprise for EE  Huddersfield: teaching “entrepreneurship” (venturing) AND “enterprise” (having an idea and making it happen) to reach all students  Kaunas: targeted involvement of foreign experts (Finland, US) for establishing and developing EE  Ljubljana: applying the Design-Thinking approach to EE teaching to stimulate creativity  Osijek: establishing EE from scratch in difficult environment (remote, post-socialist, post-war)  Rotterdam: self-sustainable Entrepreneurship Centre through paid EE (training, coaching) for business target groups (SME owners, entrepreneurial managers in larger corporations) Examples of insightful approaches (from EU sephHE study)

11 Presentation empirica / BUW sepHE ▪ Peer group meeting ▪ Brussels, 4/3/2015 11  Bucharest: new Masters programme „Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in the Energy Sector”  Cambridge: part-time, practice-oriented Postgraduate Diploma for graduates with first working experience and becoming entrepreneurs  Huddersfield: Entrepreneurship/enterprise teaching is “everyone’s responsibility” – not everyone needs to teach it, but if a teacher wants it, he/she will be supported  Košice: student teams develop own firms in simulated company registration (in co-operation with National Bank of Slovakia and Slovakian Ministry of Economics)  Linz: students develop products and business models for start- ups based on university patents with patent scouts  Lund: Masters Programme in Entrepreneurship with two tracks, New Venture Creation + Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Examples of innovative teaching (from EU sephHE study)

12 Conclusions Role of university is evolving from tangential to key partner of business Entrepreneurial university focuses on knowledge spillovers & commercialization of research Role of university in entrepreneurial society is to be an effective partner in local, regional & national business ecosystems Requires rethinking of educational approaches & mechanisms for partnerships Successful regions have vibrant university-business partnerships

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