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The Will of God Authors: Marilyn Johnston & God Part 3 This slide show will roll over automatically if you allow it to.

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1 The Will of God Authors: Marilyn Johnston & God Part 3 This slide show will roll over automatically if you allow it to

2 Hello I would like to introduce myself I Am God Welcome to the third part of my slide shows where it is my pleasure to present you with just a few more ideas from a book I have recently written It is my sincere hope that you will make the time to read this book It is also my hope that as a result you may learn something new which in turn will offer you the opportunity to make some lasting changes in your life Enjoy!

3 Deconstruction Chapter 13

4 As a part of your life experiences I will de-construct you in various ways.. you will understand what is occurring when you feel you have just taken1 step forward and then 2 steps back Once you have read the book…

5 During de-construction I lead you on a circuitous route in order to teach you a little more about yourself De-construction is often an unsettled phase for you so I take my time to ensure you grasp the depth and importance of the experience

6 Deconstruction can involve the breaking down of old ingrained patterns of behavior This allows you even more opportunities to make lasting changes and to break habits which no longer serve you well

7 Have you been feeling unsettled by something lately? Perhaps this is an indication that it is finally time for you to let something go

8 How Do I Go About This? Chapter 14

9 This great question is asked by All at some point in their life I ?

10 What is this ‘I’ business? It is always ‘We’

11 Well I know I go with the flow and you know on those occasions when you allow the flow also, then you see it happening all around you…..

12 …a constant motion of things that fit together seemingly perfectly In the flow there is no randomness In the flow, You and I work together harmoniously

13 Order Chapter15 Chapter 15

14 Everything in this universe by order of my decree Please accept this order and the methodology I use for our completeness All creation is part of the order even this storm is an integral occurrence in the universe’s pattern

15 The order is apart of everything you do; every little action and every big event. Not even the tiniest detail is exempt from the order of creation

16 Even the smallest inconvenience can sometimes upset your sense of order which can often lead to… outbursts of anger and frustration

17 So restoring and maintaining your sense of order is an essential part of my plan for you and I work closely with you all to preserve the order where necessary whilst still allowing you the experiences required for all individuals to reach their potential development

18 All-Ways Chapter 16

19 You already see and know.. …there are many ways alternative to that which to do things in this life you do now

20 The greater the understanding you have of how other people think and act, the greater the chance you will have to work in synchronicity with them and with all life

21 A book, a phone call from a friend, the newspaper, radio etc etc There will be many ways by which I will try to get my message cross to you; try to make you aware of me from an external point rather than an internal point

22 I continuously find ways to present you with opportunities to look more closely at yourself and your hidden motives and desires I also never give up on you

23 Cross Roads Chapter 17

24 Crossroads are important in your life as they give you a much needed chance to move onto an already chosen pathway

25 I have planned your life very precisely, in minute detail So do not worry, there are no missed possibilities or unexpected happenings Not ever!

26 In which case, where does this leave your free will? Perhaps you could ask this puppy

27 Would you perhaps prefer me to be the observer, sitting at the back of your life just waiting to see how everything turns out for you?

28 Then we would be back to randomness in our life together How would that work do you think? Chaos is the correct answer

29 C hallenges Chapter 18

30 In this chapter I present you with quite a few challenges or suggestions on how you might approach your life and the lives of others on a daily basis

31 So I hereby challenge you to live up to the ideas I have presented here There are just 78 challenges for you to read in the book

32 Challenge No: 26 Honour all those you meet In other words, be respectful

33 Do not encourage a woeful state. Be positive. In other words use compassion not sympathy Challenge No: 57

34 Challenge No: 61 Don’t be the one who says ‘No’ all the time In other words, find other ways to do things. Open your mind!!!

35 Make peace with others, speak gently and don’t wave your sword In other words, be a peaceful warrior Challenge No: 63

36 Don’t be afraid to ask for help In other words, allow others the blessing of giving Challenge No: 42

37 Challenge No: 25 Things still not going your way? Just wait a little, stand back and see how it turns out In other words, use patience when all else has failed

38 Be clear about your intentions in all matters In other words, speak from the heart Challenge No: 62

39 Thank you for the taking the time to view this show To order this book follow the links after you go to: To receive Part 1 or 2 PowerPoint displays as below, email: and specify MS Office 97-2003 version or MS Office 2007 version in your email, thank you. Part 1 covers Chapters 1 – 6 Part 2 covers Chapters 7 – 12 These PPS displays are complimentary, please feel free to share The Will of God Part 3


41 Photo Credits The Will of God Part 3 Title Page: Mombasa Coast Sunset - M Johnston, NZ Hello Page – Reflection – Ervin Bacik, Serbia Click to end De-Construction Title Page – Ice Hole Pg 1 – Rusty Car – Jamie Brelsford, UK Pg 2 – Go Slow – Asif Akbar, India Pg 3 – Winter View – Peter Mathijssen, Netherlands Pg 4 – Broken Boat – Auro Queiro, Brazil How do I go About this? Title Page – Whooper Swan – Juha Soininen, Finland Pg 2 – KeyWest – Winterdove, USA Pg 3 – Waterfalls – Andris Kovacs, Hungary Order Title Page – Cherry Blossoms – Adem Kaya, Turkey Pg 1 – Stormy Sunset – Jeff Hire, USA Pg 2 – Fishermen – Auro Queiro, Brazil Pg 3 – Peacock – Jpaulocv, Brazil All-Ways Title Page – Antennas – Auro Querio, Brazil Pg 1 – Owl Eyes – Krisof Degreef, Belgium Pg 2 – Pelicans – Jack R, USA Pg 3 – Busy on Beach – Salva Barbera, Spain Pg 4 – People In Pool – Jenny W, USA Challenges Title Page – Marguerite Daises – Rawkus, Germany Pg 1 – Blue Fish – Kwty, Kuwait Pg 3 – Underwater – Diko, Germany Pg 4 – Snowy Street – Saladin Pasalic, Bosnia Pg 5 – Rain Lake Taupo – Sardinelly, NZ Pg 6 – Bok Sanctuary – Winterdove, USA Pg 7 – Flamingo – Diego Bejarano, USA Pg 8 – Santorini – Dionisakos, AUS Crossroads Title Page – Crossroads – Elke Rohn, UK Pg 2 – Child & Dog – Phunphotos, USA Pg 3 – Boy on Bench – Steve Woods, USA Pg 4 – Dice – G & A Scholiers, Belgium

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