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The Will of God Authors: Marilyn Johnston & God These slides will roll over automatically if you allow them to 2 Part 2.

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1 The Will of God Authors: Marilyn Johnston & God These slides will roll over automatically if you allow them to 2 Part 2

2 Hello I would like to introduce myself I Am God Welcome to the second part of my slide shows where it is my pleasure to present you with just a few more samples from a book I have recently written It is my sincere hope that you will make the time to read this book It is also my hope that as a result you may learn something new which in turn will offer you the opportunity to make some lasting changes in your life Enjoy!

3 The Happening Chapter 7

4 Why does this keep happening to me? I hear this question all the time Everything in your life is by design, my design and while it may appear.. actually it is all really very simple..random and complicated

5 I keep giving you the lessons we agreed upon as experiences until you recognise what we are trying to achieve in your life This is what is happening!

6 Each moment is a chance for your personal growth and enlightenment to flourish and expand However, more often than not you view the difficult moments as a struggle rather than an opportunity for this growth

7 It is my desire to help you with this growth I will not give up on you and I don’t want you to give up either I keep you in a constant process of movement and growth So even when it appears that nothing is happening, know always something is!

8 The Same Chapter 8

9 Sameness is a quality in your life that is an equal opposite to change. When a big change enters your life ‘sameness’ leaves and every....

10 …moment becomes important again Just as the change was an essential experience it is also vital that the sameness return as it…

11 ..restores to your life the necessary familiarity and comfort of your daily routines which are just as important as the lesson you just passed through

12 plans for you and that ‘sameness’ is a resting time before change comes for a visit So start enjoying the ‘sameness’ of your life because now you know I always have

13 Quality Chapter 9

14 My desired level of quality for your life is quite different and much higher than yours However, you are equally determined to maintain the quality you have decided is fair for you

15 So take a look around at your life please NOT at your furniture but how you interact with everyone Look at your habits your intent your integrity

16 This is your life after all All the little things All the large things Are you willing to accept the quality for your life which allows for even one irritation, one blockage? Probably!

17 Allow me to show you all the opportunities you have to understand and advance yourself.. Let us raise the bar for your Quality of life so that eventually you release all the minor and major irritations and blockages that hold you back from true inner peace

18 The Opening Chapter 10

19 What is the Opening? This opening is a door to the higher realms in a way your personality cannot conceive and through a depth of love your heart has yet to experience

20 Your journey to this opening is measured as there is much to discuss and much for you to explore before we can get there Patience will be required When you do arrive closer to your opening I will be showing you.?

21 In this chapter I will open discussion about Masters, Ascension and the veils I have in place to protect you

22 Equality Chapter 11

23 These are the most basic of truths All is equal to me You are equal to me You are equal to all things

24 There is no being who is loved more or less to me Your equality in this universe is assured

25 When you realise that all life is part of a universal plan then there will be no-one higher or lesser than You and I

26 Then you will see everyone as a part of my plan for existence It does not matter whether your mode of transport is a Maserati or a Donkey each and everyone of you has exactly the necessary life relevant for your growth All are equal!

27 You are aware of a man who was known to ride a donkey Did he not tell you that all people are equal in my eyes? Jesus

28 So, knowing this truth about equality will you now feel freer and Equal to all? Say Yes!

29 Chapter 12 Dynamics

30 The Dynamics of the universe will supersede all else in your physical life

31 Dynamics feed the Web of the Universe and supply the nutrients of knowing to all of creation

32 How do Dynamics affect your life? Dynamics keep you energetically in touch with all creation via the Web

33 It is because of this energetic connection that all your actions and words have consequences which always affect the lives of others

34 Please remember these are only a few of the thoughts presented in the book. There are many, many more. And remember this I Am never far away, in fact I Am here with you right now 

35 Thank you for the taking the time to view this show To order this book follow the links after you go to: To receive Part 1 or 3 PowerPoint displays as below, email: and specify MS Office 97-2003 version or MS Office 2007 version in your email, thank you. Part 1 covers Chapters 1 – 6 Part 3 covers Chapters 13 – 18 These PPS displays are complimentary, please feel free to share The Will of God Part 2


37 Photo Credits Title Page: Mombasa Coast Sunset - M Johnston, NZ Hello Page – Moon – Kenn Kiser, USA The Happening Pg 1 – Algarrobo Beach – Ivan Vicencio, Santiago, Chile Pg 2 – Study – Sanja Gjenero, Croatia Pg 3 – Mushroom – Gabre Cameron, Jamaica Pg 4 – Little Angel – Richard Sweet, UK The Same Title Page – Resting Cows – John Boyer, USA Pg 1 – Birds on a Wire – Ayhan Yildiz, Turkey Pg 2 – Cloudy Sunset – Vladimir Fofanov, Russia Pg 3 – Field of Dreams – Lynn Cummings, USA Pg 4 – Old Armchair – Csaba J Szabo, Hungary Quality Title Page – Red Sunset – John De Boer, Canada Pg 2 – Furniture – Piotr Lewandowski, Poland Pg 3 – Road Blockage – Vnandigam, USA Pg 34 – Sunny Road – Artur I Karol S, Poland The Opening Title Page – Passing – Srbichara, Brazil Pg 1 – Light Door – John Boyer, USA Pg 2 – Cave Entrance NZ – Nzmu, NZ Equality Title Page – Cashew Nut – Abcdz, Bahrain Pg 1 – Sunrise Texas – Cheryl Empey, USA Pg 2 – Beautiful Baby – Paul Tonner, UK Pg 4 – Young Boys in Tanout Niger - M. Johnston, NZ Pg 5 – Donkey Morocco - M. Johnston, NZ Dynamics Title Page – Love Earth – Barunpatro, India Pg 1 – Sun & Lightening – Ronny Belien, Belgium Pg 2 – Orange Slice – Abcdz, Bahrain Pg 3 – Ray Beam Sky – Lena Pautina, Ukraine Pg 4 – Spilled Milk – Alesandro Andrade de Melo, Brazil The Will of God Part 2 Click to end

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