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2013 Park Vista Lacrosse. Coaching Staff Travis Klabon Brady Reiber Vincent Mastro John Simile Jr. Paul Falkiner.

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1 2013 Park Vista Lacrosse

2 Coaching Staff Travis Klabon Brady Reiber Vincent Mastro John Simile Jr. Paul Falkiner

3 Team Expectations Park Vista Boys' Lacrosse Coaches: Travis Klabon-Head Coach-Offensive Coordinator Brady Reiber- Assistant Head Coach- Defensive Coordinator Vince Mastro- Goalie Coach John Simile Jr- Varsity Attack Paul Falkiner- JV Head Coach Team Policies I. Reminder Policy As a representative of this team, there are certain guidelines that must be followed on and off the field. On the Field: · Follow Coaches' instructions · Restrain from using foul language · Do not belittle or argue with teammates · Be on time and prepared for practice · When you're not doing a particular drill/exercise, you watch. Don't fool around, pay attention. Off the Field · Keep up with all classes/grades, fulfill your educational requirements to the best of your ability · Do not give teachers or other faculty members any problems whatsoever · Never be tardy for class (i.e. go to tardy room) · Do not do anything that will get you I.S.S. or O.S.S.* · Do not fall asleep in class Any infringements result in Reminders. Reminders are physical tasks that you must complete. If you have not completed your reminders before that week's game, you will not dress for the game. *Anyone receiving O.S.S. for any reason, will be dismissed from the team. II. Practice Schedule Practice will be everyday after school (minus game days) and Saturdays. You are required to be out on the field, prepared to practice by 3:10 and no later. Practices will be over at 5:30. Saturdays will be from 9am-11am · If you miss a practice the week of a game you will not dress. · If you are going to be late to practice, you must tell one of the coaches before practice begins, and also bring a pass with you upon coming to practice. · If you MISS 3 unexcused practices, you will be dismissed from the team. III. JV and Varsity We will dress 31 players for Varsity. IV. Fundraising Participation *See Auction

4 Blogs It is our team policy to not post on website blogs or any other website(s). Anyone not adhering to this policy will face disciplinary action.

5 Player/Coach Conferences All coaches have an open-door policy for conferences with players. Players need to have confidence that their concerns will be heard and addressed with respect and confidentiality in a timely manner. THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST METHOD OF PROBLEM RESOLUTION

6 Parent’s Role If you have concern to discuss with a coach: Call or email the coach to discuss the situation. Sometimes an appointment with the coach may be necessary, please schedule one through email or phone. – Please do not bring up concerns immediately after practice or games. PHONE: 561-373-4229 EMAIL: Travis.Klabon@Palmbeachschools.ORG

7 What can be discussed? 1. Treatment of your child, disciplinary consequences, etc. 2. Ways to help your child improve his or her skills 3. Concerns about your child's behavioral, personal, or academic growth It is very difficult to accept your child not playing as much as you had hoped. Coaches make decisions on the basis of what they believe to be best for the team. While we truly don't believe in "winning at all costs," we make no apologies for coaching for success. As you can see from the list above, certain things can and should be discussed with a coach

8 What should not be discussed? 1. Amount of playing time, positioning, etc. 2. Team strategies, game tactics, play calling, comparison to other teams, etc. 3. Any discussion about other student- athletes. *We encourage coaches to ignore any concern or criticism delivered anonymously.

9 Equipment Needs Equipment: Stick Mouthpiece* Shoulder pads Elbow Pads Gloves Cleats Black Helmet *The team has a limited number of equipment sets that can be leased out for the season.

10 Equipment Issue Each varsity player will be issued the following equipment at the beginning of the season: Team Pinnie* Team Bag (used for the duration of their Varsity Career)

11 Physicals All physicals need to be completed in their entirety. Each physical has two signatures that need notarization Any physical not completed means the player will not be able to participate until completed. Physicals need to be completed by 10/31/13.

12 Blood Drive Not During Season There are opportunities to give blood in the fall and end of spring If you need volunteer hours, see me!

13 Injury Procedures Each contest will have an athletic trainer and AED present. If your son comes home with an injury that has been undisclosed to the coach, please inform the Coach immediately. Any injury should be seen by our athletic trainer FIRST, unless it’s an absolute emergency.

14 2012 District 23 Park Vista John I Leonard Wellington Palm Beach Central Cardinal Newman The Kings Academy

15 2013 Schedule Team Website

16 Pre Season Conditioning/Open Field Mondays and Thursdays – Open Field from 5:30-6:00pm (not mandatory but encouraged, coaches only supervise, player organized and run) Conditioning 6:00-6:30pm Mondays and Thursdays. Attendance is expected unless participating in another sport. Starts November 5th

17 Home Games(12) Date Time Visiting Home Location Varsity 2/19/20137:00pmBoca RatonPark VistaPark Vista High School 2/22/20136:30pmJILPark VistaPark Vista High School 2/26/20136:00pmOxbridgePark VistaPark Vista High School 3/1/20137:00pmWellingtonPark VistaPark Vista High School 3/12/20136:00pmJupiter ChrPark VistaPark Vista High School 3/15/20137:00pmNewmanPark VistaPark Vista High School 3/26/20136:00pmSouth ForkPark VistaPark Vista High School 4/9/20136:00pmMartin CtyPark VistaPark Vista High School JV 2/19/20135:00pmBoca RatonPark VistaPark Vista High School 3/1/20135:00pmWellingtonPark VistaPark Vista High School 3/15/20135:00pmNewmanPark VistaPark Vista High School 3/21/20135:30pmBenjaminPark VistaPark Vista High School

18 Team Meal 2 people are needed for each game to help with team meal. We need volunteers! -1 person picks up sandwiches and pasta salad from Mamma Mia’s on Hypoluxo and Jog. -1 person picks up salad (bags) from the store and rolls from Sorento’s by the school (aberdeen plaza). These purchases can be reimbursed.

19 Filming and Keeping Score We need volunteers to keep statistics and score on the field. We need volunteers to film team games so we can watch film as a team and use for recruiting.

20 Hudl

21 Online Streaming Home Games will be streamed live on -2 commentators are needed for all streamed games.

22 Team Apparel Orders Order Form and payment is due by no later than 10/22. I will be placing the order on 10/23 and cannot order more inventory once the initial order is placed.

23 Fundraising Shoot-a-thon sponsor letters Dinner and Auction – #Tickets/player – Item donated for Auction

24 2 nd Annual Dinner and Auction Saturday February 2 nd 2013 5:30-10:00pm Committee Meeting: Tuesday October 23 rd WE NEED TO START FINDING BIG TICKET ITEMS FOR LIVE AUCTION

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