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Pre Winter Lacrosse Thanks for coming. Coaches Head Coach-Lance Kuehn Varsity Assistant Coach- Barry Weintraub Varsity Assistant Coach-Stan Drutowski.

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1 Pre Winter Lacrosse Thanks for coming

2 Coaches Head Coach-Lance Kuehn Varsity Assistant Coach- Barry Weintraub Varsity Assistant Coach-Stan Drutowski JV Head Coach- Matt Dean Defense Coach- Josh Palma 9/10 Head Coach- Alec Trantanella 9/10 Coach-Kevin Foster

3 Captains Mason Hille and Jonah Halterman

4 Booster Club (Brett) Booster Club – We volunteer, organize and coordinate team events, and help raise funds to support a leading and winning program ◦We need more volunteers! ◦Immediate need for Ad Director, Volunteer Director, and Event Leaders ◦All are welcome to attend meetings. Next meeting is November 11 th at 7:00pm in the RHS Conference room. Tonight booster club members are in the back helping to coordinate upcoming team needs (you will hear more about these from coach later): ◦Submit player clothing sizes to Dawn ◦Sign up for volunteer opportunities  Cub Foods bagging  Sign and pay for Winter League ($150)

5 Event Leaders(Brett) Team Dinner Food Drive TOPS Night Community Night Senior Night Banquet Cub Food Bagging Golf Tournament Alumni Game

6 Communication (Holli)

7 Cub Food Bagging Tuesday, November 25 th 2 shifts are open for sign ups 14 Players per shift 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm We need 4 parent Volunteers per shift Please sign up in the back

8 Open House Saturday, January 10 th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Fireside Restaurant 10% of all food purchases go back to the program that night. We invite all members of Rosemount Lacrosse to come in to meet the coaches and captains before the season start Turn in Irish Strong Sheets on Jan. 5 th to pick up rewards on Jan. 10th

9 Winter Schedule Winter schedule can be found at We will email updates We will be only sending our newsletter quarterly Messages are also sent out on Twitter (@irishlaxcoach)

10 Practice Times During Winter Open Lacrosse in Dome ◦Monday-Thursday-Friday Starting Tri 2 ◦Monday 4:00 - 530 pm ◦Thursday 2:45 - 4:00 pm ◦Friday 4:00 – 5:30 pm ◦Nets are up in the dome ◦Captains will be running the practices to make sure players know the offense and defense before the start of the season. ◦As the season gets closer, we will be having our coach help run captains practice ◦Runs December through Early March

11 Olympic Weight Lifting If you are interested in a winter weight lifting program and competitions, see Coach Trussell in room 306 before or after school. Team practices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 2:30 – 3:30 pm.

12 Winter Teams Homegrown lacrosse will be running a league in the dome on Saturday nights. Booster Club will pay for the team cost deposit Players will have to reimburse the booster club $150 (Sign up tonight With Jeff) We will have two teams ◦U18 Level ◦U16/U15 Level

13 Homegrown Lacrosse/Winter Opportunities Scorpion Lacrosse Camp (Jan-Feb) Sniper Lacrosse Camp (Jan-Feb) Face Off Lacrosse Camp (March) TEAM MN Winter Training (Starts this weekend) Winter Woodbury Tournament ◦December 27 th -28 th 5 games $40 per player. 14 player man. If interested, please sign up in the back.

14 Youth Involvement Equipment Drive Try Lax Help (Jan. 19th and Feb. 16th) Goalie Camp (November22nd) Players need to volunteer at least 2 events.

15 Commitment Yes there are many options. The coaches want players to focus this winter in this order for sports: ◦In season sport first ◦Playing Lacrosse in Dome ◦Lacrosse League ◦Weight Lifting after school To reach the top of the Conference and State, it takes commitment before the season starts.

16 March-April Captain’s AM Practice begins in March ◦Starting in March ◦5:45 AM in the dome. Try Outs- Start March 30th

17 9/10 th grade team All 9 th and 10 th graders in January need to register for 9/10 team through RAAA. If player makes JV or Varsity they will be refunded the RAAA fee. 9/10 although during the season is not apart of the High School according to RHS, the coaches consider the 9/10 just as important as Varsity. Also the same rules and expectations that Varsity is held to, 9/10 will be held to as well.

18 Equipment Black arm guards and gloves Shoulder pads can be any color Mouth guard and non metal cleats Two sticks Helmets are provided during the season Players must wear the new team helmets or a PRO 7 with the new decals for JV and Varsity Varsity and JV will team High School issued gloves

19 Next Meeting On Wednesday, February 25 th at 7:00 pm we will have our pre season meeting. ◦Talk about the up coming season process and key dates.

20 Fundraising Our first Fundraiser is Tuesday, November 26 th at Cub foods. ◦We need players to sign up for shifts tonight. ◦Sign ups in the back tonight

21 Why we Fundraise.  Coaches $11000 (paid 9/10 coach and assistant 9/10 Coach)  Practice Packs- $2400  Equipment -$4000  Coach’s Clinics and Training $1800  Try out pinnies -$900  Team Parties $1000  Senior Night and Scholarships-$1200  Busing $1500  Banquet $500  Other items-$1500  Every dollar goes somewhere back to the players

22 Booster Club Membership (Jeff) Levels of Membership Tax Write Off for 2014

23 Winter Clothing Order (Dawn) We will have a winter clothing order this year. Make sure you report the sizes you want for your spring players pack to Dawn.

24 Important Dates November 25 th –Cub foods bagging January 10 th - Rosemount Lax Community Open House February 25 th – Team Meeting March 30 th - Start of Season (try outs) April 11 th - Team Building Event May 26 th –Varsity Practice (Memorial day)

25 Before you leave Submit player clothing sizes (Dawn) Sign up and pay for Winter League (Jeff) Sign up for Try Lax and Goalie Camp Volunteering Sign up on the interests list for the Woodbury Tournament Cub Foods Bagging At home: complete Winter Clothing order if desired

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