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Improving Vocabulary Skills

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1 Improving Vocabulary Skills
Chapter Fourteen

2 Ten Words in context Benefactor – Noun 1. Alleviate - Verb
To alleviate his loneliness, the widower moved closer to his daughter and her family. After a long game in the August heat, the young baseball players alleviated their thirst with ice-cold lemonade. Alleviate means : a) to consider b) to hide c) to ease Benefactor – Noun The Second Street Bank is a long-time benefactor of the arts. This year it will sponsor a series of free jazz concerts in the parks. The wealthy benefactor who paid for the chil’s operation prefers to remain anonymous. Benefactor means: a) a financial supporter b) a social critic c) a cooperative person

3 Ten Words in context Covert – Adjective Cynic- Noun
Miriam and David’s relationship is so covert that they never eat out. Even their best friends don’t know they are seeing each other. If you enjoy covert activities, become a secret agent. Covert means: a) obvious b) concealed c) easy to bear Cynic- Noun Her parents’ nasty divorce has made Libby a cynic about marriage. Mr. Bryant was a cynic about people until he fell down on a street corner and several strangers rushed to his aid. Cynic means: a) someone who believes the worst b) someone who gives help c) someone with a bad reputation

4 Ten Words in context 5. Demise - Noun 6. Infamous- Adjective
During my years in grade school and high school, the untimely demise of several of my classmates made me very aware of my mortality. In 1567, a beard caused a man’s demise. Hans Steininger’s beard was so long that he stepped on it while climbing a staircase, lost his balance, fell down the steps, and died. Demise means: a) popularity b) a secret c) dying 6. Infamous- Adjective King Henry VIII of England was infamous throughout Europe for executing two of his six wives. Visitors to the dungeons of ancient castles always want to see the instruments of torture, including the infamous Iron Maiden – a body-shaped box with spikes inside. Infamous means: a) known favorably b) thought to be annoying c) giving hope

5 Ten Words in context 7. Intrinsic - Adjective 8. Revulsion - Noun
Trust is intrinsic to any good friendship. Because Lian has an intrinsic desire to learn, she doesn’t need the reward of good grades to motivate her studies. Intrinsic means: a) popularity b) a secret c) dying 8. Revulsion - Noun Whenever I read about child abuse in the newspaper, I am filled with such revulsion that I often cannot finish the article. When Sharon met the man who had cheated her father, she was overcome with revulsion. Revulsion means: a) interest b) hatred c) understanding

6 Ten Words in context 9. Speculate - Verb 10. Virile - Adjective
It’s interesting to speculate how history might have been different if Abraham Lincoln had lived a few years longer. The therapist asked Cassy to speculate about what might happen if she told Ralph her true feelings. Speculate means: a) to remember b) to announce c) to guess 10. Virile - Adjective Men who are unsure about their masculinity sometimes try to “prove” they are virile by being overly aggressive. When a male heron stamps his feet and sticks his neck out, and then drops his head and says “plop-buzz.” the female finds him very virile. In fact, that behavior is how the male attracts a mate. Virile means: a) having attractive male qualities b) lacking in confidence c) unselfish

7 Matching words with definitions
Secret; hidden A person who believes the worst of people’s behavior and motives; someone who believes people are motivated only by selfishness Belonging to a person or thing by its very nature (and thus not dependent on circumstances) Having a very bad reputation; widely known for being vicious, criminal, or deserving of contempt A person or organization that gives help, especially financial aid Manly; masculine Death To come up with ideas or theories about a subject; theorize To relieve; make easier to endure Great disgust or distaste

8 Sentence check one Problems are _____ to life; they’re unavoidable.
alleviate benefactor covert cynic demise infamous intrinsic revulsion speculate virile Problems are _____ to life; they’re unavoidable. My hunger isn’t fully satisfied, but the apple _____(e)d it somewhat. Teenage guys usually welcome a deepening voice and a thickening beard as signs that they are becoming more _____. The selfless work of the nuns in the slums of India is enough to touch the hearts of most hardened ______s. Though she was tried and found not guilty, Lizzie Borden is still _____ for killing her parents with a hatchet.

9 Sentence check one alleviate benefactor covert cynic demise
infamous intrinsic revulsion speculate virile The children loved the ______ activities involved in preparing their mother’s surprise party. The mass murderer’s neighbors were overcome with ______ when they learned what their “friend” had been doing in his basement. “As no group has claimed responsibility, we can only _____ on the motives for the bombing,” said the newscaster. Roger Novak had been a well-known _____ of AIDS research, so it was no surprise that he left a lot of money for the research in his will. It’s a good idea for married couples to discuss their funeral plans in case of each other’s _____. For example, do they wish to be buried or cremated?

10 Sentence check Two alleviate benefactor covert cynic demise infamous intrinsic revulsion speculate virile 1-2. Nursing is a good career for Dee because it’s a(n) _____ part of her personality to try to _____ people’s pain. In addition, since she is physically and mentally strong, she will be able to handle the rigors of nursing, such as intense stress and long hours. 3-4. Although everything about the Nazis filled the Dutch spy with _____, his _____ assignment was to make friends with top Nazi scientists. He had few qualms about faking such friendships – he would have felt more guilty if he hadn’t done everything in his power to fight the Nazis. 5-6. The _____s in town said that Joyce Lester’s sorrow over her husband’s _____ was much less than her joy in getting the money from his insurance policy. 7-8. Young men who are bullies usually think of themselves as _____, but a _____ of the weak is far more manly than someone who takes advantage of weakness. With all the stories told about Jesse James, the Dalton Gang, and other _____ figures of the Wild West, we can only _____ as to how much is fact and how much is fiction.

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