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贵州省沿河县黑水中学 田冬云 Unit 1 Topic 3 What class are you in? Section A.

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2 贵州省沿河县黑水中学 田冬云

3 Unit 1 Topic 3 What class are you in? Section A

4 six tennine three five seven eight two Read the numbers you have learned. four onezero Come on! 加油!

5 1a Look, listen and say p17-1.swf

6 11 12 13 14 15 eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen 16 17 18 19 20 sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty

7 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten + teen = eleven fourteen fifteen twelve thirteen eighteen nineteen sixteen twenty seventeen

8 _________apples eleven

9 ________apples twelve

10 thirteen _________apples

11 fourteen _________apples

12 fifteen _________apples

13 ________bananas sixteen

14 __________pears seventeen

15 _________boys eighteen

16 _________pencils nineteen

17 _________books twenty

18 2a Look, listen and say P17-2a.swf

19 I am twelve years old. 我 12 岁了。 How old are you? 你几岁呢? I’m twelve, too. 我也是 12 岁。

20 Li Ming: Hello, I’m Li Ming. What’s your name? Sally: My name’s Sally. Li Ming: I am twelve years old. How old are you? Sally: I’m twelve, too. Li Ming: What class are you in? Sally: I’m in Class Four, Grade Seven. Are you in Class Four, too? Li Ming: No, I’m not. I’m in Class Five.

21 2b Help Li Ming complete Sally's name card.

22 Name:_________ Age: _________ Class: _________ Grade: _________ Sally 12 4 7

23 Name: Jane Age: 13 Tel : 0307435 From: Canada What’s her name? How old is she? What’s her phone number? Where is she from? Make conversations. Her name is Jane. She is 13. It is 0307435. She is from Canada.

24 Name: Yukio Age: 17 Tel: 8259379 From: Japan Make conversations.

25 3b Listen and match

26 Nancy fifteen Class 16, Grade 9 Mark twelve Class 3, Grade 7 Dick thirteen Class 5, Grade 7 Julia fourteen Class 11, Grade 8

27 3a Look, listen and say P18-4a.swf

28 Hello, Jane! What grade are you in? I’m in Grade Seven. Are you in Grade Seven, too? Yes, I am.

29 Who’s that? That’s Nancy. What class is she in? How old is she? She is fourteen. She’s in Class Eleven, Grade Eight.

30 4b Act out the conversations above with your partner. Then make your own ones.

31 A: Hello!... What grade are you in? B: I’m in … Are you in …? A: Yes/No, … A: Who’s that? B: That’s … A: How old …? B: He/She is … A: What class is he/she in? B: He/She … Come on! 加油! 你能行!

32 Name: Kang Jun Age: 13 Class: Class 12, Grade 8 Who’s that? That is Kang Jun. How old is he? He is 13. What class is he in? He is in Class 12. Practice

33 Name: Jack Age: 12 Class: Class 20, Grade 7 Name: Xiao Lijia Age: 11 Class: Class 18, Grade 7

34 5 Play a bingo game.

35 Class activity 1. Choose nine numbers from 1 to 20 and put them into a table like this: 13411 16195 71018

36 2. Listen to the teacher and cross out (×) the numbers you hear. 3. Say “Bingo!” when you have crossed out any three numbers in a line. 19,7,11...

37 (1) 学习数字 11--20 。 (2) 学习询问他人的年龄、班级和年级。 (3) 重点句型: What class are you in? I am in Class 13, Grade 7. Who’s that ? That’s …

38 ( 1 )听说读写数字从零到二十。 ( 2 )与自己的同伴编写一段相互介绍的 对话。 ( 3 )抄写 2a 和 4a 的对话,并背诵对话。


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