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Crow Indians Megan, Toby, and Hans

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1 Crow Indians Megan, Toby, and Hans
Megan, Toby, and Hans

2 Introduction “Twang, Twang”. The arrow from the Crow Indian’s bowstring flew across the sky headed for a buffalo. The golden sun sparkled against the gleaming shields as the Indians slowly trudged through long grass, hunting buffalo one by one on top their galloping horses. The Crow Indians who lived on the Great Plains of Montana, Wyoming and parts of Colorado, were skilled hunters and survived well on  animals of the prairie and other natural resources. A warrior’s shield had a symbol that showed what a good deed he had done in the past. The Indians tied their arrow heads and feathers to the arrow with sinew.

3 Weapons The Crow tribe was very talented when it came to weapons and tools. The Crow hunted with strong bows and arrows, war clubs, spears, and hide shields. Warriors used shields for protecting from gun shots in war with the “White-Men”. The Crows took their bows and covered them with rattle snake skin for decoration. The Crow had more horses than any other tribe! Their strong horses galloped like lightning through the golden, glittering, grassland while the rider approached the buffalo. They always came up to the buffalo on the right side so the Indian could shoot on the left. The Indians had very strong bows and arrows that were made from strong branches. Skilled warriors could ride beside a buffalo lightning speed and still be able to take down the beast. Toby #28

4 Food The Crow tribe had a big appetite when it came to food, especially meat. All this tribe had to eat was buffalo, antelope, and other animal meat. But buffalo especially, were a big help on the dusty plains. For example, they made buffalo blood into pudding by pounding dried buffalo meat with fat and wild cherries. But they didn’t just have buffalo meat with other ingredients. They also ate it broiled, boiled, or raw! The rump, tongue, liver, heart, kidneys, and even the brains all were considered delicacies to the Crow. A good hunt meant food for everyone in the clan. To prepare for the winter, women dried and smoked buffalo meat called jerky in case of emergency. Men especially, would eat like hogs after a hunt that took them weeks. They could stay calm until the next hunt and not eat for a few months! Buffalo were the Indians biggest source of food living on the prairie. Toby #28 Women dried up leftover buffalo meat called jerky.

5 Where they Live, Habitat
The Crow Indians lived in many different places and never stopped moving because they were searching for buffalo. The Crows moved through Montana to New Mexico hunting for buffalo, elk, deer, etc. They were one of the first Indian tribes to live in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. Crows historically lived in Yellowstone River Valley. They lived in tipis that could fold into travois in minutes. Tipis were made of buffalo hides. The tipi was warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The women owned the tipis and all the house goods inside it. The travois carried their supplies around when they were moving for buffalo. This tribe is still alive and is living in Montana.   The tipi could be folded and put up in a few minutes. The Crow moved because of the buffalo because the buffalo were everything to them. Toby #28

6 Relationships, Trading
The Crow would trade at trading posts. Crow Indians would trade with necklaces and bracelets. The Crow had a good relationship with the white men, but not always the same with other Indian tribes. Tom Le Forge lived with the Crows and he was a white man, but the Crow did not care. They encountered the European descent La Vérendrye brothers. The Crows depended on the buffalo for their food, cloths, and shelter so they could trade to get other important items from traders and trappers. including blankets hats and food. They had to sell half their land to the settlers and didn’t see a single penny out of it. Since they couldn’t hunt the buffalo, the Crow became very hungry. A man said that if they were hungry they should eat grass ,and this made the Crow nation angry. The Indians fought in a war against the white men, killing and holding them hostage in camps. The Crow surrendered and decided that  a boy named Little Wolf was right. War was wrong and the Crows were never seen roaming the plains again. Some still had done dreadful attacks and dangerous deeds to the Americans so the Americans wanted thirty eight Crows to be put to death. Abraham Lincoln only said thirty should be murdered so they were hanged on the biggest hangman’s noose ever. Hans #24

7 Traditions, Entertainment
Honoring Nature and Traditions, Entertainment The Crow Indians had many traditions that kept their clan active and helped them enjoy themselves.  Medical bundles kept them connected to nature because they did not want to be cursed by the spirits so this helped them stay close.  They also  held parties for the buffalo and other animals. They brought the clan together just to celebrate. Sometimes they had competitions including dancing, drumming, and singing.  Hoop games where played by the Crow children to entertain them. The Crow celebrated by having celebrations similar to carnivals. To entertain at these carnivals they would have events like powwows, rodeos, and dancing. In their tribal region, buffalo were not considered sacred, but spirits of the earth. The Crow Indians would have ceremony's. The Crows would have ceremony's and to entertain they had powwows. Hans #24

8 Interesting Facts The Crow have many other interesting facts. They would not have facial or body hair and if they did, they would pluck it off. The men would have tattoos on themselves while the women would wear a tattoo on their forehead. Their hair was long, in some cases reaching or dragging the ground, and often some parts were styled into a pompadour. The people were nomadic meaning they didn’t stay in one place for long because the buffalo moved. Pine Leaf was a women and chief of the Crow Tribe for a while. Women and men would wear a tattoo or tattoos. The crow would have eagle dances to celebrate the eagle Hans #24 Indians all had different jobs.

9 Clothing The Crows use buffalo for many purposes, specifically clothing and accessories. Women made deer skin dresses and they were the one to wear them. Men wore breeches with their leggings and buckskin shirts. Men and women wore moccasins on their feet, shoes that the Indian's made out of buffalo hide. On special days warriors would wear feathers to fight. Also they make war bonnets out of feathers obviously to fight. Each feather would mean the great deed the warrior has done. Women made dresses for their daughter’s and them out of buffalo hides. The Indians didn’t have fancy foot wear like we did they made moccasin out of buffalo skin. Megan #22

10 Legends Every Indian tribe had their legends including the Crow. There were lots of traditional Crow fairy tales and legends to begin with. Legends were very important to the Crows Indian’s nature. One of them depicts an old man. He explains how in the beginning of time the world was just water.  An old man dumped mud and roots into the water and blew three times to create land. Skulls were painted and also considered sacred. Megan #22 White buffalo were really rare they were considered sacred.

11 Conclusion Interestingly, the Crow Indians truly used all of nature to survive and live honoring nature for what it granted them. Since the Crow culture used nature’s resources for their survival. Did they impact hunting today? Did they teach white-men skills on hunting? Why did they approach the buffalo on the right and shoot to the left? The Crow’s interesting lifestyle living well on the plains indicates there may be other tribes that contributed to the development of Colorado. The Crow Indians worked together to set up their camp and prepare for the big buffalo hunts. Indian tribes always had more than one chief.

12 Resources Bibliography Freedman, Russell. Buffalo Hunt. New York, NY: Scholastic Ink, Print. Taylor, Colin, ed. What Do We Know About The Plains Indians. New York, NY: Peter Bedrick Books, Print. Ansary, Mir T. Plains Indians. Chicago, Illinois, IL: Reed Educational &Professional Publishing , Print. Webliography

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