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Indy Architecture! Artistic Structures of the Hoosier Capital.

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1 Indy Architecture! Artistic Structures of the Hoosier Capital

2 Architecture=smART! Architecture is the art of building design. Architecture is as old as “structure.” Lean- to’s, teepees, hogans, arenas, temples, castles, and every type of public building or home have been bettered, studied, reconstructed over time. The first extremely accomplished architects were the Egyptians. The Romans perfected architecture and building materials (they INVENTED concrete!) hundreds of years later. Their ideas are still copied to this day.

3 The Indiana Statehouse…

4 Indiana’s Capital… Begun in 1878, the original Architect was Edwin May. He borrowed and mixed OLD architecture ideas.…a Greek Cross floor plan, Roman-Corinthic and Doric Columns, French 1x1 Arch Windows, and an Italian Renaissance Dome. This style of architecture is called Renaissance Revival. May died before the cornerstone was put in place. His assistant, Adolph Scherrer, finished the job (he did not change many of May’s plans). Both architects utilized the Limestone Indiana inherited from Prehistoric Times to make certain this structure was “sound” (stable). The limestone was quarried (cut from the ground/larger limestone) in Lawrence, Owen, and Monroe Counties of Southern Indiana.

5 The finished Statehouse… Construction was finalized in 1888. The final cost was $1,980,969.18 (it cost over $7,000,000.00 to build Lucas Oil Stadium). On the Statehouse’s 100 th Birthday (1988), it received a “facelift” (renovation) instead of a birthday cake ! Features a stained glass interior dome. *Remember to check this out! YOU will be creating stained glass designs and actual windows with a guest artist in the spring!

6 Lucas Oil Stadium!

7 What is this impressive structure for, anyway? The multi-purpose Stadium is home to the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, host NCAA men’s and women’s Final Four® and Regional basketball games, and be used for major conventions, trade shows and events such as the annual Indiana Black Expo, and Circle City Classic.

8 Facts and Figures of LOS… The Stadium is designed by HKS of Dallas, Texas (an architecture firm (or office). The Stadium features Indiana Limestone and brick exterior. These were chosen on purpose. Lucas Oil Stadium is meant to look like older Stadiums and Fieldhouses in Indiana (Like Hinkle Fieldhouse and Notre Dame’s Football Stadium). Architects chose to do this so that Lucas Oil Stadium would “blend in” with Indiana Architecture. Covers 1.8 million square feet. That equals the square footage of the White House (where the President lives) 32 times! The Stadium features a retractable gable roof that can be opened or closed in 9-11 minutes!

9 Research Credits These sites were utilized to gather information and pictures to create this Power Point Presentation. index.html index.html ln.projectview&upload_id=10201 ln.projectview&upload_id=10201 mo02.jpg mo02.jpg

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