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Kristiina Hansen 2003 IRISH NATURE by Kristiina Hansen.

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1 Kristiina Hansen 2003 IRISH NATURE by Kristiina Hansen

2 Kristiina Hansen 2003 Introduction  Ireland is criss-crossed with silver streams, lazy rivers, hidden lakes and still canals.  When in Ireland, you are never more than 80 miles from the sea and a coastline offering golden, sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, hidden harbours and bays.  In woods you may encounter typical irish wildlife: deer, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, fox, bobcat, coyote, turkey, vulture, hawk, and owl.

3 Kristiina Hansen 2003 Cliffs of Moher  Majestic cliffs that rise from the Atlantic Ocean to a height of nearly 200m.  They take their name from a ruined promontory fort, Mothar.

4 Kristiina Hansen 2003 The Mizen Head  The Mizen Head is the most southerly point in Ireland.  On the top of the Mizen Head you can see breathtaking close-up view of the wild, foaming waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

5 Kristiina Hansen 2003 The Burren  The Burren covers over 300 square kilometres.  You can find wealth of material in the Burren - megalithic tombs, Celtic crosses, a ruined Cistercian Abbey and more than sixty wedge tombs.  The Burren is the largest karstic limestone area in Western Europe.

6 Kristiina Hansen 2003 Dunmore Cave  Dunmore Cave is at its deepest point 150 foot below the surface.  In 928, the Dunmore Cave was the site of a Viking massacre.  It has been a National Monument because of its historic interest.  Dunmore Cave is formed by limestone which was laid down over 300 million years ago.

7 Kristiina Hansen 2003 Aillwee Caves  This stunning creation of nature was formed by the melt waters of a prehistoric ice age.  The cave, carved out of limestone, cuts into the heart of the mountain.  The story of Aillwee Cave began millions of years ago when streams sinking underground on Aillwee Mountain starter dissolving channels through the limestone

8 Kristiina Hansen 2003 Connemara  Connemara is an environment which offers the visitor endless sights, experiences, adventures and activities.  Connemara is consisting of entirely natural and unspoilt terrain.  The countryside and atmosphere of Connemara are magical and any time of the year it´s perfect to take a brake here.

9 Kristiina Hansen 2003 Glenveagh  Glenveagh consists of Glenveagh National Park, Glenveagh Castle and Glenveagh Gardens.  Glenveagh National Park covers almost 10,000 hectares of mountains, lakes, glens and woods.  The park boasts beautiful lakes and breathtaking mountain scenery.  The park is home to considerable populations of stoats, badgers and foxes as well as an impressive selection of birdlife.

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