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THE WATER CYCLE AND WATER TYPES Geography / Chapter 2 7 th Red Team- DTurner.

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2 THE WATER CYCLE AND WATER TYPES Geography / Chapter 2 7 th Red Team- DTurner

3 WATER FORMS Water exists in three forms Liquid, Frozen, Vapor Liquid- rivers, lakes, oceans Frozen- glaciers, ice sheets Vapor- water in gas form

4 WATER The amount of water on earth does not change Water is constantly moving– from oceans, to air, to the ground and back to the oceans This is the water cycle

5 EVAPORATION The sun drives the water cycle The sun evaporates water from- Oceans, lakes, rivers, streams Evaporation- changing water to vapor The amount of water vapor the air holds depends on air temperature Warm air holds more water vapor

6 CONDENSATION Warm air rises and cools at higher elevations As water vapor cools it condenses Condensation is water vapor changing to liquid form

7 PRECIPITATION Tiny droplets of water form clouds Droplets become heavier than air and fall in the form of precipitation Air temperature determines form Forms of precipitation Rain, snow, sleet, hail

8 WATER CYCLE CONTINUES Some precipitation soaks into the ground and collects in streams, rivers, and lakes Surface runoff, ground water and rivers return water to the oceans Soon, evaporation occurs and the cycle repeats

9 THINK ABOUT IT It’s a hot day. You go to get a drink of water, but nothing comes out of the faucet. What do you do? How important is water to us? In a single day how do we use water?

10 TYPES OF WATER Surface water can be- FreshwaterSaltwater Freshwater is most important to humans

11 FRESHWATER Only 3% of water is freshwater Of that, 2% is in frozen form Glaciers Ice Sheets Glaciers, lakes and rivers are freshwater

12 GROUND WATER Ground water is freshwater It fills tiny cracks and holes in rock layers Large underground reservoirs are aquifers and its water flows

13 SALT WATER Oceans contain salt water The oceans make up 97% of all water We can sail from ocean to ocean without touching land

14 FOUR MAJOR OCEANS Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean Be able to name them Be able to locate them

15 FACTS Pacific Ocean Largest and deepest Largest and deepest 64 million square miles 64 million square miles Mt. Everest would sink Mt. Everest would sink Salt Water Seas Gulfs Bays Straits

16 VOCABULARY REVIEW Water Vapor Water Cycle EvaporationCondensationPrecipitationGroundwater Surface water Aquifer Forms of Precipitation Freshwater Salt Water Run Off Glacier

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