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Lessons 13 and 14. Banal: (adjective) Unoriginal and commonplace, trite.

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1 Lessons 13 and 14

2 Banal: (adjective) Unoriginal and commonplace, trite

3 Camouflage 1.(noun) concealment by disguise or by coloring that matches the surrounding environment 2.(verb) to hide by disguising or by blending in with surroundings. From Old French camoufler, “to disguise alteration”

4 Emulate: (verb) 1.To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation 2.To approach or achieve equality with; to compete with successfully

5 Mimicry: (noun) Imitation or copying, especially of expression and gesture. From Greek mimos, “imitator, mime”

6 Platitude: (noun) An overused, dull, unoriginal remark or statement, especially one delivered as if it were original or significant.

7 Prototype: (noun) 1.An original type, form, or instance that serves as a basis or standard for those that follow, a test or trial model. 2.An early typical example

8 Redundant: (adjective) 1.Extra; exceeding what is necessary 2.Repetitive or needlessly wordy in expression From Latin re-, “again”, + undare, “to surge”.

9 Rendition: 1.(noun) An interpretation or a performance of a musical or dramatic piece 2.(verb) To represent in verbal form or in a drawing or painting

10 Sham: 1.(noun) something false or empty that is presented as genuine; a fake 2.(adjective) not genuine; fake 3.(verb) to put on the false appearance; to feign

11 Simulation: (noun) an imitation, representation, or a reproduction of a situation or experience From Latin similis, “like”

12 Adverse: (adjective) Opposing, contrary to ones interests, harmful or unfavorable

13 Averse: (adjective) referring to a feeling of avoidance and dislike

14 Ingenious: (adjective) 1. Marked by inventive skill and imagination; extremely clever

15 Ingenuous: (adjective) Unable to deceive; openly straightforward

16 Persecute: (verb) To continuously mistreat or be cruel to someone; to annoy persistently From Latin per-, “completely” + sequi, “to follow”

17 Prosecute: (verb) 1.To bring action against, in a court of law 2.To continue an activity until it is completed

18 Quorum: (noun) The minimum number of people who must be present to make a decision

19 Quota: (noun) 1.The amount of goods assigned to a person; an allotment 2.A number or percentage, especially of people, that represents an upper limit or a required minimum.

20 Respectfully: (adverb) With regard and esteem; politely

21 Respectively: (adverb) Referring to one thing or person in the order given From Latin respectus, “regard”

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