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Lesson 2 Honesty and Deception.

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1 Lesson 2 Honesty and Deception

2 1. belie Verb a. To picture falsely; misrepresent; disguise. b. To show to be false; contradict. c. To disappoint or leave unfilled . Ex: The new teacher’s strictness belied her usual easygoing nature.

3 2. clandestine Adj. Concealed or kept secret, often for unlawful purposes. Related Words: clandestinely (adv) Ex: The cheaters clandestinely met in order to hide their affair from their spouses.

4 3. collusion Noun- a secret agreement between two or more persons for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose; conspiracy. Related Word: collude (verb) Ex: Winters was found guilty of espionage and collusion with the enemy.

5 4. dissemble Verb a. to disguise or conceal behind a false appearance. b. to make a false show of; feign. c. to conceal one’s true motives, natures, or feelings under pretense. Related Word: dissemblance Example: Unable to dissemble her annoyance, Beth’s dislike of her roomate was apparent to all.

6 5. nefarious Adj a. extremely wicked or infamous; evil; villanous.
Related Words: nefariously (adv); nefariousness (noun). During the sixteenth centuries; nefarious pirates kidnapped travelers and sold them as slaves.

7 6. perfidious Adj.- disloyal; treacherous.
Related Words: perfidiously (adv); perfidy (noun) In putting his ambitions before his devotion to Duncan, Macbeth proved to be a perfidious servant of his king.

8 7. probity Noun Complete and confirmed integrity; uprightness.
Example: To assure that his probity would never be questioned, the president hired someone to handle his personal finances during his term in office.

9 8. scrupulous Adj a. acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper; having principles. b. Very conscientious and exacting. Related Words: scruple (noun); scrupulously (adv); scrupulousness (noun) Ex: We expect our leaders to behave scrupulously, by always doing the right thing.

10 9. spurious Adj. a. Lacking authenticity or validity; false. b. Constituting a forgery. Related Words: spuriously (adv); spuriousness (noun) Example: Fred did not realize that he had been swindled until he attempted to cash the spurious check.

11 10. stratagem Noun- a. a clever scheme or trick designed to attain a goal. b. A maneuver designed to deceive or surprise an enemy. Example: Harley devised a stratagem to ensure Ahmed’s attendance at the surprise party.

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