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Building Great IT Organizations Chris Filandro VP/CIO Meritage Homes.

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1 Building Great IT Organizations Chris Filandro VP/CIO Meritage Homes

2 Is My Organization Great?

3 Business – Business Objective…very specifically Revenue Expansion / Profit Expansion Merger / Acquisitions Customer / Market Expansion Raising Capital vs. Preserving Capital Information Systems – Run the Business – Grow the Business – Transform the Business Understanding the Mission

4 “The roots of leadership…..are expertise and empathy. A leaders work is not only to apply these traits but also cultivate them – both on a personal and organizational level” “True leaders create organizations that themselves cultivate leadership…..this can only be achieved through rigorous and systematic organizational development” William G. Pagonis “Leadership in a Combat Zone” Leadership…In a Combat Zone

5 Sad Fact Number 1: Not Enough Choices – Senior Managers get only one option. Silver Lining The option usually reflects senior leaders’ previously expressed preferences Leaders eventually get enough one-option choices to shape them into a coherent portfolio Thomas J. Peters “Leadership – Sad Facts and Silver Linings” Sad Facts and Silver Linings

6 Sad Fact Number 2: Not Enough Time – Time is fragmented; issues arrive late, fully staffed. Silver Lining Each fragment can be used to signal leaders’ preferences and set direction. Small, last-minute modifications of current options strongly signal what future options should look like Thomas J. Peters “Leadership – Sad Facts and Silver Linings” Sad Facts and Silver Linings

7 Sad Fact Number 3: Too Many Filters – Bad news is normally hidden Silver Lining Senior leaders can use their responses to good news to reinforce the organization’s values and priorities Thomas J. Peters “Leadership – Sad Facts and Silver Linings” Sad Facts and Silver Linings

8 Sad Fact Number 4 : Too Much Inertia – Major choices take months or years to emerge Silver Lining Over time, consistent choices accumulate into a consensus that requires minimal correction With a large number of decisions in the hopper, decisions will come frequently enough to spell out leaders’ chosen direction Thomas J. Peters “Leadership – Sad Facts and Silver Linings” Sad Facts and Silver Linings

9 Business – The People – The Influencers – The Readiness Information Systems – The People – The Investments – The Environment Assessing the Environment Time for a Tool…

10 “You get what you inspect not what you expect” Steve Hilton CEO Meritage Homes Measure the Environment Measure the Business – Readiness for Change – Change Indicators – Impact Areas Information Systems – Ongoing Operations – Realized Change Results – Direct Impacts ($ & %) Time for a Tool…

11 “A tentative approach to a critical decision in an unfamiliar environment is not a sign of indecision but of common sense.” William H. Peace “The Hard Work of Being a Soft Manager” Leadership…an Option

12 The Good…Human Capital – Thinkers – Communicators – Executors – Leaders ….and the Bad... – the Wrong People…. Is it a skill issue… A Culture Issue A maturity issue Time to Assess & Address the Team Time for a Tool…

13 “Soft management does not mean weak management. It means candor, openness and vulnerability, but it also means hard choices and responsible follow-up” “…it means taking the heat for difficult decisions and giving unhappy subordinates a chance to unburden themselves at your expense.” William H. Peace “The Hard Work of Being a Soft Manager” Leadership…Other Zones

14 Business – Decision Making Environment Authoritative vs. Committee Sacred Cows Industry Insiders Industry Outsiders – Communicating Failures Information Systems – Operators vs. Innovators – Collaboration and Ownership vs. Protectionism What About the Culture Time for a Tool…

15 Regular ordinary operations can become a problem Complacency = lack of attention Ask the Questions: – Are we in firefighting mode too often? – Do we have to assemble task forces often? – Do not allow basic “blocking and tackling” to erupt into a crisis…. Beware of the Mundane

16 Time for a Tool… Change is a Process not an Event! Time for Change…Getting Great The Portfolio – Business & IS Investments People Process Tools The Roadmap – Long, Intermediate & Short Term – Change Management Roadmap can and will change Incorporate the change

17 Time for a Tool… Manage Crisis….Effectively Being Unprepared is No Excuse You Know the Threats – Get Ready for them Know What You Want to Say Before They Ask Admit That You are “Wing-It” Challenged Divide and Conquer Get Outside Help Every Crisis is an Opportunity Brian Ellis EVP CRT/tanaka

18 Now What… When Greatness Has Arrived

19 Greatness Can Be Better Time for a Tool… Always consult with others….what are they doing Measure yourself…often and honestly Solicit feedback from your harshest critics Challenge organization to do better – Be very specific Development Plans….one size does not fit all Investment: – People / Business / Technology / Process

20 The Mission – Business & IS Assess the Environment – Business & IS Measure the Environment Leadership – Style vs. Substance Let’s Review the Toolbox The Team – Good and Bad The Culture – Business & IS Time for Change! Lead the Basics and the Change Greatness Can Get Better

21 Greatness Can Be Better “The price of greatness is responsibility” Winston Churchill “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them” William Shakespeare

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