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2 XII-2 Topics to be discussed:  Prior planning can prevent unexpected problems  Route Planning  Emergency Preparations  Extra Risks  Responsibilities  Problem Causing Situations

3 XII-3 Route planning  Plan routes in sufficient detail so that travel times can be reasonably estimated.  Plan stops for food, fuel, and comfort.  Be familiar with the route. Know where bridges and tunnels are located. Provide maps.  Consider tolls and who will pay them.  Know where bus parking is located.  Discuss final considerations or special instructions.

4 XII-4 Emergency Preparation  Emergency phone numbers  Insurance information  Vehicle registration  Extra clothing in case of inclement weather  Radio or cellular phone  Medical information on students  Evacuation procedures

5 XII-5 Extra Risks Drivers are often unfamiliar with the route. Driving speeds are usually higher. Trips often take place at night. There is greater potential for fatigue. Students are often not regular bus riders and may be unfamiliar with safety rules. Students and chaperons can be distracted by the excitement of the event or competition they are attending. Field and activity trips can pose a greater risk to student safety than routine travel between home and school for several reasons, including:

6 XII-6 Responsibilities Typical groups and group leaders  Team/Coach  Class/Teacher  Group/Chaperon Operator responsibilities Obeying all safety regulations Reviewing bus rules Controlling emergency situations Reviewing emergency evacuation plan with all passengers before each trip Maintaining safe vehicle condition Group leader responsibilities Relaying trip plans Providing passenger information Supervising at food stops Field trip activity Head counts/Assembly of students Passenger instructions Assisting with emergency evacuations and instructions Responsibility is shared by the operator and group leader.

7 XII-7 Responsibilities Joint Responsibilities of Group Leaders and Operators Select rest, food, and fuel stops Maintain passenger control Ensure that all aisles are clear and items secured Aisles must never be blocked with coolers and equipment (Rule 6A-3.0171, FAC) Student Responsibilities To conduct themselves in the same manner as they conduct themselves in the classroom

8 XII-8 Problem-Causing Situations  Plan sufficient rest stops  Expect the passengers to be excited  Discuss rules and expectations with group leaders before departing on trip

9 XII-9 Fatigue Operators should plan to have sufficient rest and comfort stops. There should be no more than 90 minutes of driving between stops.

10 XII-10 Excitability Operators should recognize that this will occur because of the nature of the trip. An opportunity should be provided for students to vent some of this excitement before it becomes a problem. The group leader or chaperon should handle problems arising from this situation.

11 XII-11 Depression Operators should recognize that this condition could occur and call it to the attention of the group leader or chaperon. The group leader or chaperon should be alert for this condition and deal with it on a one-to-one basis with the affected student.

12 XII-12 Discomfort The operator should be alert to conditions that could lead to student discomfort. The temperature of the bus should be closely monitored and sufficient fresh air should be provided. The operator should be aware of the students who have specific medical conditions requiring climate control (heat or air conditioning).

13 XII-13 Misunderstanding Guidelines Operators should discuss with the group leader or the chaperon the guidelines to be followed during the field trip. The group leader or chaperon should discuss guidelines with the students before the trip begins.

14 XII-14 Summary Route planning Emergency preparations Extra risks Responsibilities Problem-causing situations


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