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Know Before You Go Association for Safe International Road Travel.

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1 Know Before You Go Association for Safe International Road Travel

2 ASIRT’s Mission is Your Mission: to save lives and minimize crash-related injuries by assisting travelers to manage road risks and by inspiring action throughout the world to improve road safety. ASIRT accomplishes this mission through education, advocacy and the creation of model sustainable road safety programs and partnerships worldwide.

3 The Heavy Global Toll of Road Crashes 1.3 Million people killed each year Over 50 Million people injured each year Leading cause of death for men 15-44 Over 200,000 children killed each year 90% of the deaths occur in developing countries

4 Comparative Assessment: Fatalities per hundred million vehicle kilometers traveled

5 Road crashes are the single greatest risk for healthy Americans traveling abroad.

6 “We recognize that more American citizens die from traffic accidents abroad than from crime, terrorism and aviation accidents combined.” Maura Harty, Assistant Secretary of State Bureau of Consular Affairs 2002-2008

7 Road Risks to Travelers in Developed Countries Unfamiliar with roads and driving regulations Different road culture Signage Climate/geographical differences Pedestrian conventions Language Different traffic flow Driving left-hand steering

8 Poorly trained/unlicensed/ non-compliant drivers Dangerous roads and pedestrian environments/hazardous road mixes Poor transportation options Inadequate emergency medical care Road Risks to Travelers in Developing Countries

9 Poorly Trained/ Unlicensed/ Non-Compliant Drivers

10 Dangerous Roads

11 Poor Transportation Options

12 ARON SOBEL Killed along with 22 other passengers in a bus crash in Turkey. Ambulances arrived on the scene too late. Poor Medical Care

13 Road Safety Tips when Traveling Abroad ASIRT’s Top Ten!

14 Avoid night travel, particularly in countries with poor safety records, inadequate signage and lighting and difficult, mountainous terrains 1. Night Travel

15 2. As a Passenger… If driver is not driving responsibly, express your concern. If driving behavior does not improve, disembark at first safe opportunity

16 3. As a Passenger… Avoid overcrowded, overweight, top-heavy buses, minivans and taxis in poor condition. Ride in back seat of taxis and mini-vans with functional seat-belts. Board and disembark with care.

17 Be aware that local, less expensive, “exotic” forms of transportation often have poor safety records. 4. Choose the Safest Transportation option.

18 5. Carry Contact Information Including numbers for: Hotel U.S. Embassy Family/friends Competent physician/hospital, alternate transportation companies Insurance Police. Carry a mobile phone.

19 6. As a Pedestrian… Learn pedestrian rules and conventions. Be aware of traffic patterns. Be visible: walk where you can be seen. Wear bright clothing by day, reflective clothing by night.

20 7. Make Responsible Travel Choices Use seatbelts, child safety seats, helmets, crosswalks and pedestrian overpasses. Avoid hitchhiking, driving after consuming alcohol, when fatigued, while using mobile phone.

21 8. As a Driver in your own country Rent well maintained vehicles equipped with safety features. Familiarize yourself with controls before driving. Learn laws, road culture, local highway hazards. Put away distractions. Begin trip in daylight.

22 9. When riding a bike… When riding a bike, learn road realities and culture for cyclists. Choose a route suited to your riding skills and physical conditions. Wear a regulation helmet. Be visible.

23 “Road safety is no accident.” 10


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