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Basics of Biomechanics Dusan Radovanovic, Zurich Duesseldorf 14th Nov. 2006.

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1 Basics of Biomechanics Dusan Radovanovic, Zurich Duesseldorf 14th Nov. 2006

2 History z Summer 1997 until April 1998 Gaitway Kistler System under test in own practice z Study of patients with knee disorders z Publication z „Gait- and motion analysis in physiotherapy. Possibilities of therapy for knee disorders for leisure athletes by altering the running technique". z Scientific Award of Association for Sports Medicine Switzerland

3 Practice

4 Treadmill Gaitway used since May 1998

5 Used Measurement System Gaitway

6 Action – Reaction „Center of Pressure“

7 Registration of Patients

8 Acceptance

9 Vertical Bottom-Reaction-Force-Curve 20-30% des KG 110-120% des KG 80% des KG 130% des KG Recording min. 10‘‘ 4.0km/h links rechts walking in normal shoes

10 Ideal Vertical Bottom-Reaction- Force-Curve walking 4.03 km/h cadence 112 / min. 10“ 9x left 8x right

11 Horizontal (frontal) Bottom-Reaction-Force-Curve First peak Standing phase rightleft Heel strike Push-off-phase

12 Vertical Bottom-Reaction-Force- Curve running, barefoot 8 km/h 2.5 x KG

13 Practical Examples

14 Arthritis in the upper ankle (left) & Femoropatellares syndrome (right) 4 weeks later

15 Calcaneal Spur walking 8 weeks later

16 Calcaneal Spur running 10 weeks later

17 Tendovaginitis Tibialis posterior, Flexor hallucis longus and Flexor digitorum longus

18 Jumpers knee left 21 days later

19 “ Runners knee “ running shoes barefoot

20 VKB plastic right 2 years after operation

21 Several surgeries left knee 8 kmh 8 km/h 13 km/h

22 Knee pains left > right after 10 min. running with heel run technique Forefoot run technique with running shoesbarefoot

23 Gonarthritis right heel run techniqueforefoot run technique

24 Patellae multiple fracture heel run technique forefoot run technique

25 Total implant left knee

26 VKB plastic 3 weeks after surgery 6 weeks after surgery 8 weeks after surgery 12 weeks after surgery

27 Running after 12 and 14 weeks

28 Femoropatellares syndrome 8 weeks later

29 Gonarthritis 3 months later

30 VKB plastic, Tibia head synthesis, metal removed

31 Coxarthritis bds 20 min. after specific exercises

32 Femoroacetabulare impingement syndrome right Status after arthroscopic surgery After correction of walking technique

33 Hip pain bds

34 ISG blocking 6 weeks after specific training

35 Blocked ISG on surgery side

36 Adductore strain right; ISG blocking right

37 Disk hernia L5 / S1 4 days later

38 Tractus Iliotibialis syndrome

39 Conclusion z The running machine with integrated force platforms is perfect for z Diagnostics z Documentation of Results z Trend Monitoring z Control of Results z Control z Quality Assurance for Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

40 Thank you

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