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While you are waiting, please: Read and respond to your child’s note See the HSA volunteer sign up sheets on the back table Check out the giving tree on.

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1 While you are waiting, please: Read and respond to your child’s note See the HSA volunteer sign up sheets on the back table Check out the giving tree on the door Read your child’s biopoem on the hallway bulletin board Take a look at tonight’s schedule on your desk

2 7:00 – 7:15 Welcome and Homeroom Presentation with Mrs. Ong 7:15 – 7:30 Language Arts Presentations with Mrs. Ong or Mrs. Mielnik 7:30 – 7:45 Math Presentations 7:45 – 8:00 Social Studies & Science Presentations 8:00 – 8:15 Visit special area teachers

3  A chance to meet all of your child’s teachers  Get a brief overview of the year’s curriculum and activities planned  Experience a shortened fifth grade day!

4  Homeroom parents TBA  Please see the HSA sign up sheets on the back table later if you have not done so already

5  Mrs. Kelly Conley (Math & Social Studies)  Mrs. Kerry Jarema (Math & Science)  Mrs. Mary Magrann (Math & Science)  Mrs. Michelle Mielnik (Learning Support)  Mrs. Shawna Ong (Math & Social Studies)  Mrs. Jennifer Valerio (Math)

6 Shawna Ong Room 157 610-579-4166  Open Communication  Email or write a note  Phone (please call office for dismissal changes)

7 Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Cornell University Taught in Japan for one year Elementary Education Certification from University of Pennsylvania Master’s Degree in Literacy from West Chester University, obtained Reading Specialist certification 8 th year teaching at GVES, 3 rd in Fifth Grade

8  8:40-9:00Morning Routine  9:00-10:00Specials  10:00-11:00Writing Block  11:00-12:00Math  12:00-1:00Recess then Lunch  1:00-2:00Reading Block  2:00-3:00Science or Social Studies  3:00Dismissal from Homeroom


10  Increase Confidence  Academically & Socially  Continue developing intrinsic motivation & love for learning  Take on greater responsibilities and expectations  Prepare for middle school  Build Community  All children feel included, valued, and cared for  Work together and respect one another  Appreciate/celebrate talents

11  More frequent class switching  Organization, responsibility, materials management, schedule management  Prepare for GVMS  Online conference sign-ups!  You will be able to schedule your own conference time!  Language Arts and Math teachers conference together  More information will go home later in the year.

12  Grandparent’s Day October 20, 2014  5 th Grade PlayTBD May 2015  5 th Grade Send Off (Pool)June 2, 2015  Promotion AssemblyJune 10, 2015  Newlin Grist MillTBD June 2015  Colonial DayTBD June 2015  Talent ShowTBD June 2015

13  We have 23 students in our class  Birthday treats are always welcome! We will share them in the morning when we have time.  Class Parties include:  Halloween Party  Winter Party  Valentine’s Day  Grandparents’ Day

14  Homework is written on the board; it is the student’s responsibility to write homework down and complete it at home each day  100 Book Challenge (16 lines per week)  KidBiz (1 article per week at home)  Word Study (Vocabulary, Grammar)  Limited “formal” reading and writing HW

15  Continuing to develop a sense of responsibility  Missing homework?  Students sign the “Missing Homework Log”  Stay in for recess to complete work  Contact home if regular occurrence

16  Band, Orchestra, Speech, etc.  Student’s responsibility to see me, collect missed work, and ask for help if needed  Extra help/study time available with me most days at recess

17  Sent home with students each Monday with important papers for families to review that night  All tests/quizzes must be signed and returned  Includes “Fridge Facts.” Please review and return bottom portion each Tuesday so I know you have read it

18  100 Book Challenge log sheets  Reading Response pages (in the future)  Students will be kept in for recess if they fall behind on lines or do not complete responses

19  Vocabulary Development  Prefixes/Suffixes (related)  Daily vocabulary word (related)  Goal: Improve reading comprehension & writing style  Grammar Practice  Grammar work each day  Edits  Goal: Transfer to writing  Quiz each Friday

20  Fostering independence and interest  Writer’s Notebook--thank you!  Write in various genres  Narrative, persuasive, informational, and poetry  Work through the Writing Process  Mini-lessons and Conferences  Improving the 5 domains  Focus, Content, Organization, Style, Conventions

21  Students work independently and/or in “book clubs” Books differentiated by level and/or interest Author studies, themed novel sets  Exposure to a variety of genres and a wide range of literature  Both discussions and written responses in RRJ supported by evidence from the text

22  Reading on independent level (~98% accuracy)  Strengthens: fluency, comprehension, expression  Conferencing in school  Please encourage this program at home and sign off as your child’s “coach” in 100 Book Challenge Folder  GOAL is 16 lines per week; checked every Friday and during conferences

23  Students reading the same articles, but on their individual reading levels  Can search by interest  ~ 30 minutes a week in school  1 activity per week at home

24 ong  100 Book and KidBiz benchmarks  Educational Links  Various info about our class  Garnet Valley School District information  This presentation!

25 I look forward to a great year of working and learning with you and your child!

26  Sign up on the HSA sheets on the back table  Take an apple from the Giving Tree  Write back to your child in the writer’s notebook  Take a look at your child’s work in the hallway

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