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Prospect Elementary Open House Mrs. Decker Grade 5.

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1 Prospect Elementary Open House Mrs. Decker Grade 5

2 WELCOME! Thanks for taking the time to come and learn more about what your child’s doing in 5 th grade. Before you leave please write a note to your child. He/she will enjoy reading it tomorrow. Please also read your child’s Bio poem. Please sign journal policy page and leave on desk.

3 Communication CONTACT INFORMATION: –Email: –Prospect Phone: 350-4000 Newsletters: Monthly newsletters will be emailed and include a brief overview of what students are learning in academic areas. They will also notify you of information about important upcoming dates. (i.e. school programs, presentations, and projects) Weekly Work : Please review the returned work that comes home every Thursday in your child’s binder and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Planner: Please check your child’s planner daily to find out what we worked on that day, any homework and any upcoming tests or projects. Please initial planner Monday-Thursday.

4 Rules and Consequences Rules - Be respectful - Make good decisions - Solve problems Consequences - Verbal warning - White book - Sent to refocus area - Loss of recess, special, or free activity - Visit to safe school aid or principal

5 Grade Level Expectations for Reading, Spelling, Social Studies, and Writing A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79% D = 60-69% F = 0-59%

6 Grade Level Expectations for Math and Science Standards based report card 4 – Advanced 3 – Meeting grade level standards 2 – Moving towards grade level standards 1 – Below grade level You will see the reporting topic and the grade your child received on their paper. Please have your child show all work when completing math homework.

7 Homework Your child will not have a huge amount of homework unless he/she wastes class time. Assignments are due at the beginning of the day or they will lose a recess. (1 freebie) Not all homework will be included in a subject area’s final grade. However, if it’s not included, it will be part of the homework and effort grade. The majority of homework will be finishing assignments started in class, studying for tests/quizzes, projects and reading a book for their book report. Handwriting homework will also be sent home so that students can continue to practice cursive.

8 Curriculum Reading: We will use a variety of materials in reading including the reading text and novels. Grades will be taken in comprehension, vocabulary skills, and home reading. Math: We will use a combination of math texts and worksheets to help prepare your student for middle school math. Spelling: Spelling homework will be given out on Monday and the test will be Friday. Science: Our units will be on Earth’s systems, Living Systems, and the Structure and Function of Matter. Social Studies: We will be learning about Explorers, the American Revolution, U.S. Government and the Civil War. Language: The focus of fifth grade language arts is primarily grammar and the writing process. We will write personal narratives, research reports, poems, persuasive essays, and summaries.

9 5 th Grade Projects/Reports Book Projects – Read a book and complete an assigned project. There will be 2 book projects per trimester. Explorer Game Board – Your child is currently working on an explorer game board project. It’s due September 30 th. Stock Market Game – Your child might have the opportunity to learn about stocks and invest in an on-line stock market this fall. Newspaper Project– This is a project that gives your child an opportunity to describe him/herself using many different writing styles We the People PACE project – This is the 5 th grade exit project. Your child will put together a written report as well as give an oral presentation on an assigned question about the United States government. This will be done in the spring.

10 How you can help at home Review planners daily to help ensure nightly homework is completed. Help your child study for tests by quizzing them and helping them study, including spelling. Periodically check to make sure your child is reading for their book report. There will be 2 book projects per trimester. Review weekly returned work and go over any items that your child may need additional help on. If applicable ensure your child is practicing math facts for 50 minutes per week. Please keep your eyes out for current event articles that your child can bring in and discuss with our class. Examples would be articles that relate to checks and balances, freedom of speech, branches of government, etc… See attached form.

11 Journal Writing We will be using journals in the classroom in the future. Sometimes I will give the student’s topics to write about and other times they will have free writing time. I will be spot checking journals only. I will not be grading them or looking at every journal entry. Parents may request their student to bring home their journal if they wish to read the contents of their student’s journal Please sign the attached journal writing policy and leave it on your child’s desk.

12 Miscellaneous Paperwork: Please turn in the $5 assembly fee if you haven’t already done so. Please see me if you’re not sure, I have a list. Birthdays: We will celebrate birthdays on the last full Friday of the month. I will send home a note asking if you can send an item in for the celebration. See list for healthy snack ideas. Water: I encourage students to bring a water bottle to school. However, if they are not able to use it correctly it will have to go home. Lunchroom: With the new lunch system your student will not be able to receive a meal if his/her account reaches $5.00 in charges. Mid-Term Grades: I will send home mid-term grades every 2-3 weeks so that you and your child know how he/she’s doing. Please sign and return the grade sheet so I know you’ve seen it. Please don’t hesitate to call/email with any questions you have. Trimesters; This year the school district has moved to a trimester grading system. Based on this your child will receive a report card 3x this year. The first trimester ends November 18 th and all work needs to be turned in by Friday, November 11 th for credit.

13 Specials Monday : Computer @ 12:00 Tuesday: Health @ 11:30 Music @ 12:00 Wednesday: PE at 12:00 Thursday: Music at 12:00 Friday: Library @ 11:30 and PE @ 12:00

14 Fifth Grade Fifth grade is an exciting year. Your child will grow and change in many ways this year. All of the fifth grade teachers are committed to helping our students enter middle school with the organizational skills and self- confidence that will help them succeed at school and in life. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child. This is the last stop before Middle School, cherish it! Questions for me????????

15 Journal Writing Policy Journals will be used in the classroom periodically. Assigned topics as well as free writing will be done by the students. Journals will be spot checked only and not every entry will read. Journals will be graded for completion and participation only and not content. Not every journal entry will be read for content. Parents may request their student to bring home their journal if they wish to read the contents of their student’s journal If you have any questions about this activity please contact me. Student _________________ Parent/Guardian _______________ Date _________________

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