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Welcome to Back to School Night!

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1 Welcome to Back to School Night!
J. Dougherty Elementary Room 2 – First Grade – Ms. Ware Thank you for showing up for your child’s education.

2 Introduction It is my privilege to be our child’s First Grade teacher. I look forward to getting to know you and your child. I have been teaching for more than 15 years, and have taught Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade. I have taught English Learners across the district in grades K-5, and I am California Certificated to teach G.A.T.E. students. This is my 9th year of teaching first grade! Prior to Teaching, I enjoyed a seasoned career in Business Communications. When I am not teaching, I enjoy photography, painting, cooking, reading, and caring for my pets. Your child’s first grade year is going to be an exciting one! There is much to be accomplished. Your partnership in your child’s education is very important. And, so I encourage your active participation throughout the coming school year. We share high hopes for a challenging and productive year! Sincerely, Ms. Ware, M.Ed. *Parent conferences are in November. However, please do not hesitate to contact me before then to share your concerns.

3 A Professional Learning Community Child Home School

4 Our First Grade Class Rules We promise we will…
Follow directions with a positive attitude. Listen when others are speaking. Keep hands, feet and things to ourselves. Use manners and appropriate language. Do our best at everything we do. Card System: Making wise choices. Consequences: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red 2 verbal warnings, 3rd warning, card turns from Green to Yellow. Any card that turns again to Orange will receive a time out and/or note home to be reviewed, signed and returned the next day. Cards that are turned to Red will lead to a visit to the office for review.

5 Technology SMARTboard, voice support microphones, Document Camera.
Google Chromebook COWs in the classroom. Assessments and Report Cards: OARS online reporting. IXL Math Practice A-Z Learning Reading Practice AR Reading Quizes School Wires- Teacher web sites

6 General Information Please send your child to school well-fed and rested. Do not send your child to school if they have vomited or have/had a fever until one full day later. Library books are due each Friday. Please return books in a timely manner each week. P.E. is on Thursdays in the afternoons. Be certain to have safe shoes and P.E.- friendly attire in order to participate safely in class. P.E. grades are given by the P.E. teacher. Music class is on Mondays. Music grades are given by the Music teacher. Optional Birthday treats should be nut-free and store prepared with a commercial label of ingredients. Please drop off treats in the morning in the classroom or at 10:10 AM before 10:15 Snack Recess time. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

7 Weekly Homework Items Math Practice Pages -Take home, tear out pages.
Wednesday Writing - See monthly Homework calendar. Daily Reading Practice – minutes daily. Spelling Practice - Use the Master List, Spelling Practice Guide,and Home Practice Sheets. Special Projects - TBD through the school year. Optional Enrichment Homework - Find monthly web postings, and the Homework Calendars, Spelling Practice activities, and Enrichment pages for Reading, and Math.

8 Homework Guidelines Daily practice is most effective.
Please do not go ahead on the calendar. (See optional enrichment activities instead.) Please turn in homework each Friday. Homework is checked weekly by teacher, and is NOT returned unless there is a question or are incomplete areas. Some writing may be returned home for posterity. Please return in Library books each Friday. Homework habits are foundational to academic success. Homework is consistent across our grade level.

9 Weekly Spelling Tests A Practice Spelling Test is given at the beginning of the week. Your child will study the Weekly Spelling list, or the challenge Spelling words list depending on their practice test. You may download a Home Practice Spelling Sheet from teacher’s web site for Thursdays’ Home Spelling Tests. You do not need to turn these practice tests in with their weekly homework. On Fridays Spelling Tests will be given. Note: Spelling tests will not start until the 1st days of October.


11 The Oakland A’s Home Run Reader’s Program
(See teacher web site for more information.) Each student will obtain or show that they have an Alameda County Public Library Card. Each student will pledge to read minutes. Each child will then receive free tickets to a Home Run Reader’s baseball game! A special Baseball Day will be held in the spring to celebrate students’ reading achievements!

12 Classroom Helpers and Field Trip Chaperones
Please sign in each visit in the office. All Parent Classroom helpers & chaperones must be cleared by the DOJ through the school office. Please provide a copy of CA Driver’s License. Field trip chaperones are appreciated! Please complete Permission Forms on time. More to follow on this year’s field trips.

13 Scoring Practice Pages: + Great work! Good work!
- Missing items, area(s) of concern. Rubric Formal Assessment Scoring: Exceeds standard. Meets standard. Approaching standard. 1 Below standard, Incomplete, or Missing.

14 Additional Information
Best way to contact me… is by written note. Phone calls are difficult to take in a 1st grade classroom. does not always go through, and has limited confidentiality. PLEASE check your child’s backpack daily. Tonight …before you go… Please sign in, and leave and phone contact info. Please sign up for November conference time tonight. I will send a reminder in November. Complete About My Child and return by Friday.

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