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Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - 2010 – 2012 Knowing Europe Through an Educational Business Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia.

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1 Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - 2010 – 2012 Knowing Europe Through an Educational Business Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia Via Magliabechi, 1 50122 – FIRENZE Pädagogischer Austauschdienst der KMK (PAD) Nationale Agentur für EU-Programme im Schulbereich Nassestraße 8 - 53113 Bonn Agence Europe-Education-Formation France Service Comeniu - 25 quai des Chartrons 33080 Bordeaux Cedex

2 RHINELAND-PALATINATE RHINELAND-PALATINATE This business itinerary of the Rhineland-Palatinate Region gives you the opportunity to visit some of the leading companies in the sector of alternative energies.

3 Your flight, Lufthansa LH 271, is at 10.35 a.m. from Linate Airport in Milan. At 12.05 you will land at Frankfurt International airport, where after picking up your car from Hertz airport office, you will reach Limburg in about 1 hour. After a rich lunch in a typical German restaurant, you will have lots of free time to visit the medieval town of Limburg A room has been booked for you at the 4-star Hotel Zimmermann, in the town centre for 4 nights. If you feel tired you can enjoy a delicious evening meal in the hotel the stylish restaurant. Day 1: Limburg The old town

4 After breakfast at the hotel, you will visit SUN CONCEPT GmbH in Elz, a small village only a few miles away from Limburg. The sun, the centre of our planetary system, is of fundamental importance for life on Earth. Solar energy is the energy of the future because renewable while fossil fuels are limited and destined to run out. Continuous change, strategic thinking, clever concepts and technical qualifications characterize the Sun Concept Group. The fascination with the technology and ambition to continuously improve are the driving forces of this company. This attitude is reflected in the quality of their products and services. Vor Den Eichen 4 65604 Elz, Westerwald Tel: +49 (0) 6431 50788-40 Fax: +49 (0) 06 431 50788-49 E-mail: Day 2: Elz Sun Concept, a rather young company operating in the alternative energy business, produces and distributes solar systems and panels.

5 Hotel Schäfer in Elz Rathausstr. 1-3, 65604 Limburg an der Lahn Hotel Montana Am Schlag 19 65549 Limburg an der Lahn Altes Faß Hadamarer Straße 2 Elz 06431 52427 Suggested restaurants for lunch

6 In the afternoon, once back to Limburg, you may wish to dedicate some time to your spiritual well- being. In this respect Saint George's Cathedral in Limburg is worth a visit. In the evening for dinner we suggest Zum Burgkeller, a nice restaurant in a beautiful half-timbered house (built around 1600) at the heart of the old town of Limburg. Limburg

7 After having breakfast at the hotel, you will go to Diez by car. In the morning you will visit the EMW FILTERTECHNIK GmbH. It has been in this sector for over 50 years. Specialization: development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality filtration solutions used in a variety of applications. Company’s mission: to develop and manufacture products for its customers fulfilling highest requirements in terms of quality, design and advanced, environment- friendly manufacturing. fax: +49 (0)6432 / 9181-81 Day 3: Diez EMW filtertechnik is a leading filtration technology supplier worldwide. Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 7-9 - D- 65582 Diez phone: +49 (0)6432 / 9181-0

8 Hotel- Restaurant Wilhelm von Nassau Weiherstr. 36 - 38 Diez Tel. 06432 - 80020 Klein Prag im Gasthaus Bremser Martkplatz 4 Diez 06432/507175 Oraniensteiner Straße 2 Diez 06432 7786 Tacheles Suggested restaurants for lunch

9 In the afternoon you may wish to visit the Oranienstein Castle in Diez. This is one of the historical landmarks that can be found in the small and beautiful town of Diez. It is an interesting example of baroque art and architecture, built in the 17th century. The castle dominates the town and has a splendid view over Diez. Then you can take a stroll along the river Lahn and relax in front of half a pint of German beer, otherwise you can go shopping. Finally, Afternoon For dinner we suggest another typical German restaurant: Schwarzer Adler, a good restaurant with delicious food in the old centre of Limburg. you will drive back to Limburg.

10 In the morning, after breakfast, you will leave the hotel at 9:00 and drive to Liebenscheid. At 10:00 you will visit Fuhrländer AG, No 1 on the European market for wind energy. Day 4: Liebenscheid Fuhrlaender is a pioneer in the global utilization of wind energy, from America all the way to Asia, from Scandinavia to South Africa This company has been producing wind turbine for about 30 years now satisfying different needs and contributing to the safeguard of our environment. Fenton wind farm in Minnesota Fhurlander’s headquarters at Siegerland Airport

11 Renewable energy A Wind Farm, at the entrance to the River Mersey in North West England, United Kingdom. Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable. About 16% of global final energy consumption comes from renewables. Wind power is growing at over 20% annually, with a worldwide installed capacity of 238,000 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2011 A wind farm located in Manjil, Iran.

12 Langgasse 23 Liebenscheid 02667 1250 Matzen Hotel Restaurant Snorrenburg Römer 8 Burbach 02736 44930 Am Schimberg 1, Haiger 02773 7479-0 Hotel Tannenhof Suggested restaurants for lunch Fiester Hannes Flammersbacher Str. 7 57299 Burbach- Holzhausen

13 SSI SCHAEFER operating since 1937; market leader in the field of planning and implementing integrated logistics systems; important provider of modern concepts in waste management; over 50 subsidiaries worldwide; 3.30 p.m, visit to SSI SCHAEFER, in Neunkirchen Siegerland Specialist in Logistics systems Storage and conveying Workstation Logistics software Waste management technology Office furniture and equipment Office supplies and technology Storage and production equipment Promotional articles Products

14 Schaefer Products Schaefer products are used everywhere: in trade and industry, services, local authorities, research centres and management, right through to the end consumer. Conveyor systems for containers, cartons and trays Semi-open fronted containers Office furniture Work tables 4-wheel containers 6.30 p.m return to Limburg - dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

15 Passavant-Geiger GmbH Passavant-Geiger-Straße 1 65326 Aarbergen Phone: +49 6120 / 28-2222 Soon after breakfast, you will reach Aarbergen for a visit to Passavant Geiger GmbH. Leading provider of components and complete solutions for waste water Treatment filtration in Production Processes municipal and industrial wastewater purification, treatment of Drinking Water sludge treatment, cleaning of river, sea salt coolant water for power stations. Day 5: Aarbergen In the afternoon you drive to Villa Rothschild Kempinski in Königstein im Taunus where you are going to stay for the night.

16 Gasthof Kern Am Dorfbrunnen 6 D - 65510 Idstein-Oberauroff Tel (06126) 8474 Fax (06126) 71164 Suggested restaurants for lunch Restaurant Schützenhof Langstrasse13 61479 Glashütten / Ortsteil Schloßborn Tel: 06174/61074 Villa Rothschild Kempinski Im Rothschildpark 1 D - 61462 Königstein im Taunus Tel: (06174) 29080 Fax:(06174) 2908888

17 Königstein im Taunus is a climatic spa and lies on the thickly wooded slopes of the Taunus in Hesse. Owing to its advantageous location for both scenery and transport on the edge of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Region, (only 20 Km from Frankfurt) Königstein is a favourite residential town. Königstein im Taunus While at Villa Kempinski, enjoy the most modern fitness, beauty and health facilities, including outdoor pool with skyline view, gym, whirlpool, massage rooms and facial treatments. Relax in a sensational wellness area of 1200m² and refresh your body with Finnish and Bio saunas. Spa & Wellness at the ASCARA SPA

18 In the morning, after having breakfast at the hotel, you will check out and reach Frankfurt by car, where a visit to Suntech industry has been arranged for you. Suntech develops, manufactures, and delivers the world’s most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Founded in 2001 by leading solar scientist Dr. Zhengrong Shi, it is the world’s largest producer of silicon solar modules. It offers clean power for every application and market, from off-grid systems, to homes, to the world’s largest solar power plants. Its solar modules are installed in over 80 countries. Suntech’s team is made up of over 20,000 employees. Soon after lunch you go straight to Frankfurt international airport. Day 6: Frankfurt FLOUR MILL ROOFTOP – WIERNSHEIM, GERMANY ENERGIEBAU VETTELSCHLOSS

19 Restaurant Français Am Kaiserplatz 60311 Frankfurt/Main Phone +49 69 215-02 Fax +49 69 215-900 E-Mail The Ivory Club Berliner Straße 70 60311 Frankfurt Tel 069-29 72 59 94 Wagner Schweizer Straße 71 Frankfurt am Main 069 6125-65 Suggested restaurants for lunch

20 After leaving your car at Hertz office at the airport, you check in and take your flight, Lufthansa LH 276, at 5.25 p.m. to Milano Linate, where you will land at 6.35. DEPARTURE Costs Costs include travel insurance, overnight stay and breakfast, car rental and flight tickets. Hotel Zimmermann in Limburg : 4 nights & breakfasts € 680 Villa Rothschild Kempinski : 1 night & breakfast € 200 Car Rental : VW Golf VI € 360.12 Flight tickets: € 999 Total: €2239.12

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