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Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - 2010 – 2012 Knowing Europe Through an Educational Business Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia.

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1 Home - Comenius Project COMENIUS Multilateral school partnerships - 2010 – 2012 Knowing Europe Through an Educational Business Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia Via Magliabechi, 1 50122 – FIRENZE Pädagogischer Austauschdienst der KMK (PAD) Nationale Agentur für EU-Programme im Schulbereich Nassestraße 8 - 53113 Bonn Agence Europe-Education-Formation France Service Comeniu - 25 quai des Chartrons 33080 Bordeaux Cedex Comenius Tour Operator for a professional business

2 A Business trip to Germany

3 Why should you take this trip? A business opportunity : Today, only 16% of the electricity in the world is produced by renewable energy. The French government has targetted to produce 23% of electricity with renewable energy by 2020.

4 Business tour in Germany, (in the Frankfurt region) in the field of renewable energies From Monday, June 4th to Saturday, June 9th The company « Energies Nouvelles », based in Avranches is going to send one of its managers to the Frankfurt region to visit companies which make solar panels, wind machines, because Germany is the world leader in renewable energy.


6 Day 1 : Monday, June 4th Paris to Frankfurt flight : Departure 10h55 Arrival 12h15 Car rental at the airport Check in at the Novotel Hotel Lunch in the Novotel restaurant Visit to Suntech company Walking tour of the city Dinner and night in the Novotel

7 Paris to Frankfurt Flight DateDeparture ArrivalFlight ClassCompany Mon 04 June10.55 am Paris, Charles De Gaule 12.15 am Frankfurt airport AF 2786BusinessAir France Sat 09 June11.15 am Frankfurt airport 12h35 am P CDG AF 2791BusinessAir France Total PriceTaxes included1 adult 875 Departing : Monday 4 June Returning : Saturday 09 June Departing : Monday 4 June Returning : Saturday 09 June

8 Car rental Rhein-Main International Airport 60547 Frankfurt Tel: +49 (0) 69 69 0-66359 (B) VW Polo economy 2-4 door -Manual transmission -Air conditioning Vehicle Subtotal + Tax 263.54 GPS+ 57.12 Total Price320.66

9 Novotel Frankfurt For the first night : Hotel Novotel Frankfurt FRANKFURT AIRPORT (10.00 km) 4 star hotel Cost for one night: 95 (Breakfast included) Address: Lise-Meitner-Strasse 2 60486 FRANKFURT

10 Suntech Mainzer Landstrasse 46 60325 Frankfurt tel : +49 69 770 394 600 Website : Suntech, develops, manufactures, and delivers the worlds most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Founded in 2001 by leading solar scientist Dr. Zhengrong Shi, they are the worlds largest producer of silicon solar modules. They offer clean power for every application and market, from off-grid systems, to homes, to the worlds largest solar power plants. Their solar modules are installed in over 80 countries. Suntech has offices in 13 countries.

11 Walking tour around the city

12 Day 2 : Tuesday, June 5th Departure for Liebenscheid. Visit to Fuhrlander AG ( Liebenscheid) Meeting and lunch with the Managing Director Visit to SunConcept in Elz (near Limburg) Dinner and night at Häcker´s Grand Hotel in Bad Ems (9.5km from Koblenz)

13 The Wind

14 Wind energy definition : Wind is easily available in some areas. By utilizing the momentum and transferring it to rotor blade, energy can be produced from the wind. This does not create any type of pollution.

15 Wind turbines, moved by the wind, make tens of millions of megawatt hours. They are useful in remote sites, they also feed electricity distribution grids. Wind lifts are used to pump water in many countries.

16 Fuhrländer AG Graf-Zeppelin-Straße 11 56479 Liebenscheid (near Diez) Fuhrländer is a pioneer in the global utilization of wind energy from America to Asia and from Scandinavia to South Africa.

17 Solar Energy: The sun is the most important source of energy. The sun rays can be used as a mean of producing energy. Photovoltaic cells can convert heat to energy, and are used to generate electricity. When sun rays strike the surface of these photovoltaic cells, electric current is produced.

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19 Address : Sun Concept Gmbh Vor den Eichen 4 65604 Elz Tel : (+49) 6431 5078810 Fax(+49) 6431 5078819 Website: http://www.sunconcept.org Sunconcept Gmbh is a rather young company. They produce and distribute solar systems and solar panels.

20 Häcker´s Grand Hotel Römerstr. 1 - 3, 56130 Bad Ems This 4 star hotel stands directly on the River Lahn in Bad Ems (9.5km from Koblenz). It provides elegant rooms with a flat-screen TV and a balcony. Häckers Kurhotel has individually furnished rooms with a minibar and safe. Your bathroom features bathrobes, slippers and a hairdryer. Many rooms have a view of the River Lahn. International cuisine is served in the Benedetti restaurant. In warm weather, guests can eat on the terrace. For relaxation, Häckers offers a sauna, jacuzzi and steam bath. Prices : 218 for 2 nights, breakfast included.

21 Day 3 : Wednesday, June 6th Visit to Futura Gruppe in Koblenz Lunch at the restaurant: Da Vinci in Koblenz Meeting with some managers of Futura Gruppe Dinner and night at Häcker´s Grand Hotel in Bad Ems (9.5km from Koblenz)

22 Futura Gruppe is a company located in Koblenz. It specializes in wind energy. Their objective is to increase the share of renewable energy sources, to protect the environment, save fossil fuels and to secure new resources for our descendants. Futura provides : 1) Project planning 2) Commercial management of wind farms and solar plants 3) Technical management 4) Rehabilitation of existing wind farms Futura Gruppe

23 Restaurant Da Vinci Firmungstraße 32b 56068 Koblenz Tel.: 0261 - 921 544 4 Fax: 0261 - 921 399 40 -Monday -Thursday 11:00am-12:00pm -Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays 11:00am-1:00pm -Sunday and holidays 10:30am-12:00pm Prices : from 13 to 29,90

24 Day 4: Thursday, June7th Departure for Mainz Visit to Juwi Holding AG in Wörrstadt Lunch at the Poseidon restaurant Meeting with the three Directors Tour of Mainz Dinner and night at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mainz

25 Juwi is one of the leading project developers in Europe in the area of wind, sun and bio energy. They also research the potential of other forms of energy and cooperate with a number of associations and institutions to further develop energy efficiency. They are your partner for renewable energies. Their experts from different divisions cooperate and offer everything from planning to realization. Juwi Holding AG Energie-Allee 1 55286 Wörrstadt Tel.+49. (0) 6732. 96 57-0 Fax.+49.(0) 6732. 96 57- 7001 Website :

26 JUWI Juwi wörrstadt

27 Mainz Mainz's Old Town, is worth seeing. Roomy open squares, lovingly-restored half- timbered houses and magnificent Baroque churches give Old Town its charming, "gemütlich" character. There are also many interesting shops waiting to be discovered.

28 Hotel : Hyatt Regency

29 Address : Malakoff-Terrasse 1, 55116 Mainz Price for a single room : 158 ( 1 night ) Breakfast included Prices for 2 nights : 316 breakfast included This design hotel in the centre of Mainz offers elegant rooms and free access to the spa with an indoor pool. Restaurant : Price / Dinner : 85.00

30 Day 5 : Friday, June 8th Morning Visit to Karl Diehl GmbH company in Biebesheim Departure for Rüdesheim Lunch at the restaurant Gasthof Krancher in Wörrstadt Afternoon Visit to KARL & MARTIN SIEGFRIEDs Vineyards Evening Dinner and night at Hyatt Regency hotel in Mainz

31 Karl Diehl GmbH ökologische Heizsysteme An der Flurscheide 9 64584 Biebesheim Deutschland Telefon: 06258-902370 Its a renewable energy company. They make wood pellets, solar panels, stoves and fireplaces.

32 What is Biomass ? Biomass power is the electricity generated from biomass and is obtained from wood, crops, harvest residues, urban refuse and industrial wastes known as biomass. It is one of the important sources of renewable energy and serves as an essential part of waste management process. Bioenergy is a renewable source of energy with multiples possibilities: biomass can be exploited in gas form, liquid and solid.


34 Restaurant Chez RW Prices for a menu : 35 Welcome to our restaurant chez RW Opening hours Wednesday to Saturday : 5.30pm-10.30pm Sunday : 10.00am-10.00pm Closed Monday and Tuesday

35 KARL & MARTIN SIEGFRIEDs Vineyards Karl and Martin Siegfrieds family have been wine producers for generations. Most importantly for them, is the quality of the wines and the combination of the traditional wine production with modern techniques, that respect the process. You can enjoy their wine during the course of a wine walking tour in the Rüdesheimer vineyards or during a wine-tasting in their vaulted cellar. Address : Schmidtstraße 18 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein Tel.: +49 (0) 1 71/ 4 86 11 37

36 Prices depend on the chosen programme and cost between 8 and 30. You can taste Riesling wine. Vines are grown under the sunny slopes, taking advantage of the topography of the Rhine valley

37 Day 6 : Saturday, June 9th Departure for Frankfurt airport Return the car to Hertz Flight departure at 11h15 am Arrival in Paris Charles de Gaulle at 12h35 Total cost for the week : 2,004.56

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