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Worldwide, 30-40 % of all primary energy is used in buildings.

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1 Worldwide, 30-40 % of all primary energy is used in buildings

2 In the UNECE region, buildings cover approximately 35 % of the total energy consumption

3 CO2 emissions from buildings are expected to rise of 140 % cent by 2050

4 Worldwide energy consumption in buildings is expected to grow of 45% from 2002 to 2025.

5 2/3 of energy consumption in buildings is used for heating and cooling

6 Worldwide, 111 million people are employed in the building and construction sector

7 The average new U.S house is 45 % bigger than it was 30 years ago

8 Between 1985 and 1997, the average size of a European home increased from 83 sq. metres to 87 sq. metres

9 2,5 million households in the world use solar lighting systems

10 80-90 % of the total energy used during the lifespan of a building is consumed during the use phase

11 From 25 % to 40 % energy savings may be reached in the housing sector

12 After buildings, the transport sector is the next largest source of CO2 emissions

13 80 % of energy is used in small households <1000 sq.m / Europe. Thus, there lies the largest saving potential

14 In France, the government has decided to refurbish all its public buildings by 2012 in order to cut the energy consumption by almost 40% by 2020

15 By using well-proven energy efficiency techniques, 70 to 90 % of a building’s energy need for heating or cooling can be cut.

16 Energy expertise is almost nonexistent within financial institutions

17 Investments in improved energy efficiency in buildings could generate an additional 2 - 3.5 million green jobs in Europe and the United States alone

18 Typically, a low energy building uses at least 50 % less energy than standard buildings.

19 Passive housing reduces energy consumption with 90 % compared to ”conventional housing”

20 No other sector offers a cheaper way to cut emissions and save energy than the building sector

21 Renewable energy generates more jobs than employment in fossil fuels

22 Certain countries have 50 % more energy loss than other richer countries of the region.

23 In low income countries, the residential sector often represent over 90 per cent of all CO2 emissions from buildings

24 2.3 million people have in recent years found new jobs in the renewable energy sector alone

25 Out of more than 3000 CDM projects in the pipeline as of May 2008, only 6 seek to reduce energy demand in buildings

26 The building and construction typically provides 5-10 % of employment at national level and generates 5-15% of the GDP

27 In Germany for example, environmental technology is to grow fourfold to 16 % of industrial output by 2030

28 In 2030, biomass use will still represent over half of the residential energy consumption in developing countries

29 40-50 % of the total flow in the global economy is used for the manufacturing of building products and components

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