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MATTER Read each slide. Look closely at each picture. Answer each question.

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2 MATTER Read each slide. Look closely at each picture. Answer each question.

3 All objects are made of smaller objects that are too small to be seen with your eyes.

4 You must use a microscope to see them.

5 They are called molecules and they make up the states of MATTER. Solid Liquid Gas

6 These ice cubes are a solid.

7 This water is a liquid.

8 Boiling water becomes a gas.

9 Freeze it and it becomes solid ice cubes again.

10 The 3 states or phases of MATTER are: SOLID LIQUID GAS

11 Water can be frozen to become a solid or melted to become a liquid or heated up to become a gas, but…

12 not all things respond to change in temperature like W A T E R.

13 Glass can be a solid, but if you get it hot enough it becomes a liquid.

14 Hot glass can be molded into new glass shapes,

15 But glass can’t be frozen… it BREAKS!

16 Wood is a solid. You can squeeze it to get some sap out, but it is not a liquid.

17 If wood gets too hot it burns up. It turns to ash and smoke.

18 Different materials respond differently to heating and cooling. You can change the properties of MATTER by heating and cooling.

19 You can change the Color Shape and Size of MATTER.

20 MATTER can be Cut Bent Mixed Frozen and Heated.

21 Some objects can be changed by the heat of the sun. Solid crayons become liquid.

22 Chocolate melts when it gets warmed by the sun. Solid to liquid

23 If you put crayons and chocolate into the shade they will become solid again.

24 All objects have a melting point. If enough heat is used everything can melt. We measure heat with a thermometer.

25 The word thermal means HEAT. The word meter means MEASURE. Thermometer = measure heat

26 A thermometer tells us how much heat is absorbed by an object.

27 Dark items absorb more heat than light objects. Black cars get hotter than white cars.

28 People usually wear light colored clothing in the summer months.

29 People usually wear dark colored clothing during the winter months.

30 Dark clothing absorbs the heat and makes us warmer when it is cold outside. The sun’s heat bounces off the light clothing and makes us cooler when it is hot outside.

31 Temperature is the amount of heat absorbed by an object. We measure temperature with a thermometer.

32 All objects respond to HEAT.

33 All objects are SOLID LIQUID or GAS. These are the 3 states of matter.

34 Some objects, like water can exist in all three forms. Water Ice Steam

35 Matter Quiz 1. Name the three states of matter. ______ ______ ______ 2. Give an example of what happens when you add heat to an object? ____________________________________ 3. What type of matter can exist in all 3 forms? _________ 4. You can change the physical properties of matter by ____________ or ____________ or ______________. 5. Tell what happens when the sun shines on chocolate or crayons. ____________________________________ 6. What does a thermometer do? ___________________

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