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Welcome Students!. How do you feel in the sunlight? Warm!

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1 Welcome Students!

2 How do you feel in the sunlight? Warm!

3 Why? The Sun gives off: Light Heat

4 This heat and light is called … Solar Radiation: heat and light from the Sun

5 Solar Radiation is reflected and absorbed

6 Reflection: heat and light bounce off a surface

7 Absorption: heat and light are taken in by a surface

8 Solar radiation warms the Earth

9 Earths atmosphere protects us from most solar radiation

10 There is no atmosphere in space, so it can get very hot or very cold

11 Astronauts need extra protection in space from the extreme temperatures

12 Why else do astronauts need extra protection? No air No pressure space debris

13 What do Astronauts wear for protection in space?

14 The Experiment: why are space suits white? You will get two envelopes One light envelope One dark envelope

15 Place a thermometer inside each envelope

16 Place the envelopes in the light, record the temperatures, and predict how they will change

17 Graph your results! 100 ° F 90 ° F 80 ° F 70 ° F 60° F 0 mins 5 mins 10 mins 15 mins 20 mins

18 Write a Hypothesis: Which color do you think will get warmer and why?


20 Which envelope was warmer? The dark envelope! Why?

21 Dark colors absorb light: take heat in get hotter faster

22 Thats why black asphalt is so hot in the summer

23 Which envelope stayed cooler? The light envelope! Why?

24 Light colors reflect light: Heat bounces off Stay cooler

25 This is why astronauts wear light colored space suits!

26 Did You Know? Space suits also have built-in air conditioning to help keep astronauts cool!


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