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ThisThis is a demonstration of what wave phenomenon…

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2 ThisThis is a demonstration of what wave phenomenon…

3 Resonance

4 Can sound waves travel in a vacuum?

5 NO, they need a medium to travel through.

6 The distance between one waves crest and the next waves crest is called a ___________.

7 wavelength

8 For each second you count between lightning and the thunder it produces, how far away does it mean the lightning is from you?

9 340 meters  About 1/5 th of a mile  Or about 1/3 rd of a kilometer

10 Noise cancelling headphones are an example of ________ interference.

11 Destructive

12 What causes a tsunami?

13 An underwater earthquake  OR a massive landslide

14 If an ambulance is headed toward you the frequency of the sound waves coming toward you is ________ than normal.

15 Higher frequency  Shorter wavelength

16 The frequency of the sound coming from that same ambulance would be ________ than normal as it moves a way from you

17 Lower frequency  Higher wavelength

18 A wave travels a distance of 20 meters in a time of 4 seconds, what is the speed of the wave?

19 5 m/s

20 Which of these would sound travel the fastest through  Salt water  Fresh water  A wood cabinet  A steel beam

21 Steel beam, because it is the most rigid

22 Is there sound in outer space?

23 NO, space is a vacuum and sound needs a medium to travel through

24 On a standing wave, the points that do not move are referred to as…..

25 Nodes

26 The number of times a wave vibrates each second is referred to as _______

27 frequency

28 The amount of time it takes each wave to pass is referred to as _______

29 Period

30 What type of wave is a sound wave?

31 Longitudinal wave

32 Waves in the ocean are what type of wave

33 Transverse

34 What is the proper unit for frequency?

35 Hertz

36 An oceanic depth-sounding vessel surveys the ocean bottom with ultrasonic sound that travels 1530 m/s in seawater, and finds a 10-second time delay of the echo to the ocean floor and back. The ocean depth there is

37 7650 meters

38 Beats are produced by two tuning forks that are sounded together, if one tuning fork has a frequency of 300 Hz and the other has a frequency of 305 Hz, what will be the frequency of the beats they produce?

39 5 Hz  Difference between frequencies

40 What destroyed the Tacoma Narrows bridge?

41 Resonance/ Standing Wave  A standing wave was created when the bridge resonated at its natural frequency as caused by the wind.

42 A 680 Hz sound wave that travels through air at a speed of 340 m/s would have a wavelength of____?

43 .5 meters  V = fλ  So λ = v/ f or 340 / 680

44 12 full waves pass a dock in a time of 6 seconds.  A) what is the frequency of the waves?  B) What is the period of the waves

45  A) 2 Hz  B).5 seconds

46 A skipper on a boat notices wave crests passing the anchor chain every 6 seconds. The skipper estimates the distance between crests at 30 m. What is the speed of the water waves?

47 In what kind of situation(s) would the doppler effect occur?

48 If a source of sound waves is moving toward you or away from you

49 If the frequency of a set of waves is increased, what will happen to wavelength?

50 It will go down  Inverse relationship

51 What of these wave properties determines the pitch of a sound wave?  Frequency  Wavelength  Period  Speed

52 Frequency  High frequency  high pitch

53 What is the source of all wave motion?

54 Vibration

55 A wave created by shaking a rope up and down is called a ______ wave.

56 Transverse

57 A wave has a wavelength of 1.5 meters. During a single period this wave has travelled how far?

58 1.5 meters

59 The amplitude of a wave is 3.0 meters, the top to bottom distance of the disturbance would be

60 6 meters

61 What property of a wave determines loudness?

62 Amplitude

63 Two waves that are in-phase with each other will undergo _______ interference.

64 Constructive  New larger wave will be produced  Amplitudes add together

65 The phenomenon of ‘beats’ results from which of these  Interference  Diffraction  Frequency modulation  resonance

66 interference

67 T or F. We would hear a sonic boom the instant a supersonic plane flew overhead.

68 False, it would be after the plane was directly overhead because the planes sound is trailing it

69 T or F. Resonance occurs when an object vibrates at its natural frequency

70 True  Every elastic object has its own natural frequency, when it vibrates at that frequency a large increase in amplitude will happen

71 A certain ocean wave has a frequency of 10 hertz and a wavelength of 3 meters. What is the wave’s speed?

72 30 m/s

73 The period of a wave is 8 seconds, what is its frequency?

74 1/8 Hz

75 How do we use the Doppler Effect to tell us that the universe is still expanding?

76  All galaxies are ‘red-shifted’ meaning they have longer wavelengths of light, this tells us they are all moving away from us…. Universe is expanding

77 If you have created a standing wave with a slinky and increase the frequency with which you are shaking the slinky what will happen to the number of waves in the slinky?

78 Number of waves will increase  Wavelength of each wave will decrease  more waves crammed into the same length

79 The regions in between the compressed regions of a sound wave are called _________.

80 Rarefactions

81 The amplitude of a water wave is.5 meters. If a raft has one full wave pass under it… through how much distance will it vibrate?

82 2 meters  4 amplitudes

83 How is a sonic boom formed?

84  Something moving faster than the speed of sound

85 What other than a jet-powered vehicle can create a sonic boom?

86 Crack of a whip

87 What does ‘ultrasonic’ mean?

88  Sound waves that have a frequency higher than that which is audible >20,000 Hz.

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