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Waves and Sound Review Wave Words All About Waves Do the WAVE! Silly Sounds Wave Math 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 Waves and Sound Review Wave Words All About Waves Do the WAVE! Silly Sounds Wave Math 100 200 300 400 500

2 The names for the top and bottom points of a transverse wave. ANSWER

3 Crest and trough Unit Review Jeopardy

4 The time it takes for one cycle to occur. Answer

5 period Back to JeopardyJeopardy

6 A single unit of periodic motion Answer

7 cycle Back to JeopardyJeopardy

8 Distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of the next Answer

9 wavelength Back to JeopardytoJeopardy

10 Unit of measurement for frequency Answer

11 Hertz (Hz) Back to JeopardyJeopardy

12 This happens when two or more waves interact Answer

13 Back to JeopardyJeopardy Interference

14 The type of wave that oscillates perpendicular to the direction the wave travels. Answer

15 transverse Back to Jeopardy

16 Occurs when two waves interact with each other to make a wave of smaller amplitude Answer

17 Destructive interference Back to Jeopardy

18 Occurs when two waves interact to form a bigger wave Answer

19 Constructive Interference Back to Jeopardy

20 The type of wave that travels in the same direction as the oscillations Answer

21 longitudinal Back to Jeopardy

22 Give an example of a transverse Wave Answer

23 Ocean waves, electromagnetic waves Back to JeopardyJeopardy

24 Give an example of a longitudinal wave Answer

25 Sound waves Back to JeopardyJeopardy

26 When a door is only slightly opened, sound will pass from one room to another due to mainly _________________. Answer

27 diffraction Back to JeopardyJeopardy

28 What occurs when sound waves hit an acoustic tile in an auditorium? Answer

29 absorption Back to JeopardyJeopardy

30 5 meters Back to JeopardyJeopardy


32 Give the units for the variables used in v= f

33 V= m/s = m f = hertz Back to JeopardyJeopardy

34 The unit for measuring the loudness of sound AnswAnswer

35 Decibel (dB) Back toUnit Review JeopardyUnit Review Jeopardy

36 True or False: The speed of sound is about 343 m/s Answer

37 True Back to JeopardyJeopardy

38 True or False: Sound waves are slower than light waves Answer

39 True Back to JeopardyJeopardy

40 True or False: Sound waves travel faster in outer space than in air. Answer

41 False Sound depends on three things: a vibrating source to create the sound waves, a medium (such as air) to carry the waves, and a receiver to hear them. Sound waves can't travel through a vacuum. Back to JeopardyJeopardy

42 Give the correct order from slowest to fastest for the speed of sound through these three media. [water, air, wood] Answer

43 Some mediums are better at conducting sound than others. Like all gasses, air is a poor medium for sound waves. Liquids, such as water, are better, and rigid, solid substances, such as iron and stone, are even better, while rubber, cork, and cotton are some examples of poor conductors. Back to JeopardyJeopardy (slowest)Air, water, wood (fastest)

44 As you decrease the temperature & pressure of air, does the speed of sound increase or decrease? Answer

45 Decreases! Back to JeopardyJeopardy

46 As the wavelength decreases, the frequency of a wave ________________ Answer

47 increases Back to JeopardyJeopardy

48 As the loudness of a sound increases, the amplitude of the wave ______________ Answer

49 increases Back to JeopardyJeopardy

50 The frequency increases when the source and the observer approach each other and decreases when they move apart. Answer

51 The Doppler Effect Back to JeopardyJeopardy

52 Which of the following sounds has the shortest wavelength? A)Thunder @ 75 hz B) a female soprano singer @2000 hz C) a man’s voice @ 500 hz Answer

53 B) a female soprano singer @2000 hz Back to JeopardyJeopardy

54 What is the equation you would use to solve for wavelength of a wave? Answer

55  Back to JeopardyJeopardy V / f =

56 A wave made by dropping a ball in water has a frequency of 2 Hz and a speed of 10 m/s. What is the wavelength of this wave? Answer

57 5 m Back to JeopardyJeopardy

58 A tuning fork has a frequency of 200 hz and the wavelength of sound produced is 10m. Calculate the velocity of the wave. Answer

59 2000 m/s Back to JeopardyJeopardy

60 An ocean wave is moving toward the shore with a velocity of 15m/s. If its frequency is 5hz, what is the wavelegth? Answer

61 3 m Back to Jeopardy

62 A rope is moved with a speed of 120 m/s. If the length of the wave is 10 m, what is the frequency of the wave? Answer

63 12 hz Back to Unit Review JeopardyJeopardy

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