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Interview Workshop for Saltire Foundation 2015

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1 Interview Workshop for Saltire Foundation 2015
Rhona Gibson Work Placement Officer/Careers Adviser

2 Today’s Session What does the Saltire Foundation look for?
Demonstrating key competencies You’re a STARR! Back to basics Additional Resources

3 Learning Outcomes By the end of this workshop you should
Understand how to prepare for a speed interview Feel more confident about attending an interview Be able to structure your answers Understand how to deal with challenging questions Have some ideas for your own questions

4 Speed Activity Find out 3 things (that you didn’t know before) about your neighbour. You have 45 seconds each.

5 You’ve been invited to an interview on Thursday! What next?

6 Arrangements You must bring the following to your interview:
Photographic identification (e.g. passport, driver's licence) Student card or alternative documentation confirming you will graduate in 2016 “Candidates who do not bring these items to interview will be denied entry.”

7 On the day… Make sure that you are happy with your interview outfit/suit - is it business appropriate? Do you have everything you need? Leave with plenty of time to spare Know where you are going (Dundee? Glasgow?) Take a copy of your application form with you

8 You have 2 fifteen minute interviews
One interview is with a previous Saltire Scholar One interview is with a professional from within the Saltire Foundation network.  Interviews are competency based. Around 10 students are interviewed at one time, creating “an exciting and relaxed atmosphere”.  

9 General competencies Skills Knowledge Self-image Values Habits Motives
What you can do Skills What you know Knowledge How you see yourself Self-image What you think is important Values Things you do without thinking Habits What drives your behaviour Motives

10 Saltire Foundation Key Competencies
Achieving your goals Leadership How you adjust to situations Adapting and Coping Influencing, co-operation Teamwork Tenacity, initiative, energy Personality Investing in Scotland’s future Understanding Saltire

11 Competency-based questions
Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team. What role did you play? What did you personally contribute? Describe a recent event you were responsible for. What factors did you have to consider? What do you think are your key strengths that make you suitable for this organisation? Please describe a time when you saw an opportunity to really make a difference for the future of a group, an activity or yourself. What did you do? … in other words it’s all about you! 11

12 First impressions … are critical!
Smile at your interviewer: appeal to their subconscious. Look them in the eye… but don't stare them down! Shake their hand with confidence. Be aware of body language (yours and theirs).

13 Tips for Saltire Interviews
Read the case studies and blogs That scholar may be interviewing you! Read the Fellowship pages To understand where the internships fit into Saltire’s bigger picture, and the aims of the organisation as a whole.

14 Over to you Ask your partner your allocated question
You have 1 minute! Feedback: did they answer the question? Were they enthusiastic? What was their tone of voice like? What would you have answered if you’d been asked that question?

15 Remember that you are a STARR!
Situation – set the scene Task or objective Action – what you did Result – what was the outcome Reflection – what did you learn

16 Over to you: speed interviews
Take turns to ask your partner your allocated questions You have 1 minute per question! Was STARR evident? Did you feel it helped shape your answer? What would you do if you feel you don’t know the answer to the question asked? What kind of questions would you ask your interviewer?

17 What else can I do? Use Careers Service website and resources
Ask last year’s Saltire Scholars for top tips Be aware of news and current affairs: BBC Scotsman Herald P&J

18 Learning Outcomes Review
This workshop should have enabled you to: Understand how to prepare for a speed interview Feel more confident about attending an interview Be able to structure answers to interview questions Understand how to deal with challenging questions Have some ideas for asking your own questions

19 Questions?

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