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Ted Bundy Dr. M. Diamond. His Victims First known –Joni Lenz (pseudonym); U. Wash. student –Jan. 4, 1974, entered her basement bedroom, bludgeoned and.

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1 Ted Bundy Dr. M. Diamond

2 His Victims First known –Joni Lenz (pseudonym); U. Wash. student –Jan. 4, 1974, entered her basement bedroom, bludgeoned and sexually assaulted –spent 10 days in a coma, survived First murder –Lynda Ann Healy, U. Wash. student –Jan. 31, 1974, broke into her room, beat her unconscious –Dressed her and carried her off wrapped in a bed sheet

3 More disappearances March 12, 1974 – Donna Manson, student at Evergreen State Coll. April 17, 1974 – Susan Rancourt, student at Central Washington State Coll.

4 It continued…. Kathy Parks, May 6, 1974, Oregon State University Brenda Ball, May 25, 1974 – the only non- student Georgeann Hawkins, June 11, 1974, U. Wash., Seattle

5 July 14, 1974 Janice Ott and Denise Naslund kidnapped in broad daylight at a Washington State Park Descriptions from 8 different people A young man, ‘Ted’, left arm in sling, asking for help Their remains discovered, Sept. 7, 1974, 1 mi. from park March, 1975, skulls and jawbones of Healy, Rancourt, Ball and Hawkins discovered on Taylor Mt., just to the east

6 Utah Fall, 1974, Bundy enrolled in U. Utah Law School Nancy Wilcox disappeared, Oct. 2 Oct. 18, Melissa Smith (daughter of police chief), 17, abducted, raped, sodomized, strangled Oct. 31, Laura Aime, 17, abducted, beaten, strangled

7 Near miss, narrow escape and another death Nov. 8, 1974, Carol DaRonch narrowly escaped from Ted Bundy; later, able to identify him Had claimed to be a police officer A short time later, Debby Kent, 17, abducted outside HS; never seen again

8 Colorado, 1975 Caryn Campbell (23), Jan. 12 (body found Feb. 17) Julie Cunningham (26), March 15 Denise Oliverson (25), April 6

9 More, 1975 Lynette Culver (13), May 6, school playground, Idaho Susan Curtis (15), June 28, youth conf., Utah Nancy Baird (23), July 4, Utah Bodies of Cunningham, Oliverson, Culver and Curtis have never been found

10 Arrested Salt Lake City, traffic violation, Aug. 16, 1975 Suspicious items found in car (burglary tools?) Further investigation connected him to some disappearances Carol DaRonch and other witnesses identified in lineup March 1, 1976, convicted of DaRonch kidnapping CO. wanted to extradite to face murder charges Dec. 13, 1977, he escaped from the (small) Glenwood Springs jail, caught a bus to Denver and got on a flight to Chicago Police did not notice he was missing for 17 hrs.

11 Florida From Chicago –Train to Ann Arbor, MI –Stole a car in Ann Arbor and drove to Atlanta –Abandoned the car in Atlanta and took a bus to Tallahassee –Rented a room as “Chris Hagen” Tallahassee –Committed numerous petty crimes –Stole a student ID and sent away for copies of student’s SS card and birth cert.

12 Jan. 15, 1978 Two and a half years after last murder Entered Chi Omega sorority house, FSU, Tallahassee around 3 a.m. During a 30’ period –Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman, beaten on the head, strangled. Lisa raped. Both died –Two others in sorority house also beaten (survived) –Intruder seen by another woman in house –About 1h. later, broke into another home close by and severely beat another female FSU student

13 Evidence Left Eyewitness No fingerprints (room wiped clean) – some print smudges Intruder took weapon (wooden club? cloth covered log?) Intruder’s blood type Sperm sample Bite marks on Lisa

14 Last victim Feb. 9, 1978, Lake City, FL Abducted, raped and murdered Kimberly Leach, 12 years old Feb. 12, stole a car, left Tallahassee, headed west Feb. 15, stopped on traffic violation License plate check showed stolen car Taken into custody – fingerprint ID revealed true identity

15 Teeth Bundy refused to give a dental impression Search warrant issued to get a dental impression any way possible Police served and executed warrant ASAP to prevent Bundy from having his teeth ground before impression taken

16 A Famous Bite Mark Bundy had bitten Lisa Levy on her left buttock leaving bite marks Plaster casts made of Bundy’s teeth and matched to bite mark Teeth were distinctive

17 Trial Dr. Richard Souviron, dentist Photos of Bundy’s upper and lower teeth and gums Showed uneven pattern Unique identification marks –Matched impression of Bundy’s teeth –Structure of alignment –Chips –Size –Sharpness

18 Convictions Evidence –Chi Omega killings, bite mark evidence, eyewitness –Kimberly Leach, fibers, eyewitness Defense –Odontology – interpretation subjective Rebuttal –Dr. Souviron experimented with model teeth to standardize analysis –Dr. Lowel Levine, forensic dentistry consultant to NYCME Victim must have been passive Long legal history of odontology Bundy was sentenced to death for three murders Confessed to other murders while in jail Executed Jan. 24, 1989

19 M.O. All victims were white females, most between ages 15-25 with long straight hair parted in the middle Bundy was nice looking but not memorable Gained victim’s trust –Wore sling or cast –Impersonated authority figure Lured to car, hit in the head, transported, strangled, raped

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