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The Lady Killer Miranda Holmes Denisse Iacobucci

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1 The Lady Killer Miranda Holmes Denisse Iacobucci

2 Unsettling News In 1974 young women began inexplicably vanishing during the evening These women were dissapearing from colleges in Washington and Oregon All of the women had similar features  White  Slender  Long hair with a part in the middle

3 Unsolved Cases On January 5, 1974 Joni Lenz was found unconscious in her bedroom Lynda Ann Healy vanished from her bedroom on January 31, 1974  Bloodstains were found on her bedsheets

4 Disappearances In Seattle, Washington Donna Manson disappeared on March 12, 1974  Was last seen strolling to a concert at her campus, Evergreen College Susan Rancourt disappeared on March 17, 1974  Last seen at a meeting on the campus of Central Washington State Roberta Parks dissappeared on May 6, 1974.  Abducted from the Oregon State Campus while walking to the student union

5 Disappearances in Seattle, Washington Brenda Ball disappeared on June 1, 1974.  Last seen in a tavern in Burien, Washington  Was not reported missing for three days because she traveled frequently Georgann Hawkins disappeared on June 11, 1974.  Was abducted in the alleyway of the University of Washington  Leaving her boyfriend's frat  A scream was heard

6 Dissapearences in Seattle, Washington Janice Ott disappeared on July 14, 1974  Had been picnicking at Washington's Lake Sammamish State Park Denise Naslund disappeared on July 14, 1974  Was at Washington's Lake Sammamish State Park with her boyfriend.  Went to the bathroom and never returned

7 Disappearances in Salt Lake City, Utah Nancy Wilcox disappeared on October 2, 1974  Last seen in a VW bug Melissa Smith disappeared on October 18, 1974  Hitching a ride home from a night out in Midvale, Utah Laura Aime dissappeared on October 31, 1974  Last seen on Halloween in Lehi, Utah

8 Graveyard Skeletal remains of dead women were found near Lake Sammamish Taylor Mountain was a graveyard littered with women's remains – Became know as the burial site for the killer Many of the victims of the Lady Killer were also found dumped on the side of the road

9 Profile Eyewitness identified a similar man in all of these cases. Police made a profile  White  Handsome  Drove a VW bug  Wore a cast and ask victims for assistance  Called himself “Ted” Had a list of about 25 suspects that fit this profile rary/crime/serial_killer s/notorious/bundy/ ml

10 Kidnapping Carolyn DaRonch was shopping in Utah on November 8, 1974 Officer Roseland caught someone breaking in to her car  Wanted to escort her to the police station Stopped the car and tried to handcuff her  Escaped with handcuffs

11 Big Break Carolyn DaRonch escaped her would be attacker and notified the police Gave police important information on her attacker  Description of Man  Description of Vehicle  Blood from the attacker Type O

12 More Victims Debbie Kent disappeared from her highschool on November 8, 1974  Found small handcuff key Matched the handcuffs found on Carolyn DaRonch Caryn Campbell disappeared from the Wildwoon Inn on January 12, 1975  Left her boyfriend in the lobby to get something from her room and never returned

13 Arrest A suspicious VW bug was driving a neighborhood in Salt Lake County Police tried to view the license plate but the car speed away  A brief chase ensued Ted Bundy was the owner of the vehicle  Searched the car and found a crowbar, ski masks, rope, handcuffs, wire, and an ice pick  Arrested under suspicion of burglary Wikipedia

14 Arrest Bundy was fingerprinted when arrested – Right thumb has whirl that is a tight twin loop – Right index has radial loop – All other fingers contain ulnar loops classification/fingerprint-classification/

15 Suspect Police soon found similarities between the DaRonch kidnapping and Ted Bundy – Handcuffs Same make and model to the ones used on DaRonch – Car Same car that DaRonch described – Crowbar Similar to the one used to threaten DaRonch

16 Suspect Police began to suspect him for other disappearances – Pick out of a line up by eye witness's – Searched Bundy's apartment Brochures Maps Plaster of Paris – Credit card receipts Gas was purchased in the areas of the disappearances – Bundy was familiar with the Taylor Mountains Where several bodies of the victims had been found

17 Trial Bundy was charged with the attempted kidnapping of Carolyn DaRonch on February 24, 1976 in Utah. – Circumstantial Evidence Eyewitness –Carolyn DaRonch testified and indentified Bundy in court Blood –Type O Similar Car Bundy was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison

18 DNA Analysis In the DaRonch trial the blood found under he fingers was considered circumstantial evidence ▫If individualizing DNA techniques were available at the time this blood could have further implicated Bundy ▫Individualizing technique:  Southern Blot (DNA fingerprinting)  VNTRs (Variable Number Tandem Repeats)  PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

19 Southern Blot DNA fingerprinting can be used for semen or blood ▫Procedure:  Isolate the DNA  Cut the DNA  Sort the DNA pieces by size  Denature the DNA  Blot the DNA  Create the radioactive probe  This is what locates the VNTRs

20 New Charges While Bundy was in jail police found evidence that linked him to killing Caryn Campbell Bundy was charged with the murder of Caryn Campbell on October 22, 1976 in Colorado – Circumstantial evidence Hair – Found in Bundy's car was characteristically alike to Caryn's – Individualizing evidence Crowbar – Caryn's skull had impressions that matched the crowbar found in Bundy's car

21 Escape Bundy did not like his lawyer and decided to represent himself Bundy was allowed visits to the courthouse library – Jumped out the window on June 7, 1977 Was not wearing any leg irons or handcuffs

22 Capture Police launched a massive land search Ted eluded capture for days by laying low in a vacant cabin Ted stole a car and was spotted because he was weaving erratically Ted was captured and sent back to prison – Ordered to wear leg irons and handcuffs when in the courthouse library

23 Second Escape On December 30, 1977 Ted Bundy escaped from prison – Climbed through a light fixture hole and into the closet of a jailer’s apartment Walked out the front door of the apartment Jailer’s did not notice he was gone until the next day Bundy traveled to Florida and used the alias Chris Hagen

24 Sorority Victims On January 14, 1978 Bundy entered the Florida State University Chi Omega sorority house A sorority sister, Nita Neary returned home at 3am Nita witnessed a man who was wearing a blue cap and carrying a log covered in cloth leave the sorority house

25 Sorority Victims Nita found four of her sisters had been attacked Lisa Levy – Found dead and had been beaten, raped, and strangled – Bite marks were found on her butt and nipple Nipple was nearly severed off Margaret Bowman – Found dead and had been beaten and strangled Pantyhose were found at the scene – Weapon

26 Sorority Victims Karen Chandler – Was found alive staggering down the hallway with her head soaked in blood Kathy Kleiner – Was found alive and unconscious in her bedroom – Kathy was covered in blood that was seeping from open head wounds

27 More Victims Cheryl Thomas was attacked the same night as the sorority house – Found alive but brutally beaten – Police found a pantyhose mask with semen and hair Blood Fingerprint Smudges Kimberly Leach disappeared on February 9, 1978 – Went missing from her school and her body was found weeks later Semen and blood was found in her underwear

28 Second Arrest Police attempted to pull over an orange VW bug with stolen plates The driver fought with the officer and fled The officer fired and the suspect pretend to be hit A scuffle occurred but the driver was finally apprehended – TED BUNDY was the driver!

29 Sorority Trial Ted Bundy was charged with murdering the sorority sisters on June 25, 1979 in Miami, Fl – Circumstantial evidence Eyewitness – Nita Neary Pantyhose – Murder weapon – Individualizing evidence Bite marks – Unique Impressions

30 Bite Mark Evidence Human bite marks ▫Described as an elliptical or circular injury with descriptive characteristics of the teeth ▫Generally these are U-shaped arches separated at the base by open space ▫Injuries typically are between 25 to 40 mm in diameter ▫Bite injuries have bruises, scrapes, cuts, or lacerations

31 Individualizing Features Unique features of the teeth are also called accidental or individual traits ▫These traits increase the forensic significance of the mark Individualizing characteristics include: ▫Fractures ▫Congenital malformations ▫Rotations ▫Attritional wear

32 Evidence Collection from a Victim Bite mark from a Chi Omega Victim Documentation ▫Record descriptive notes of the injury: color, size, physical appearance, orientation & location of injury Photographs ▫Use intra-oral camera with the macro lens ▫Provide reference scale Saliva swabs ▫Double swab technique used Impression ▫Use vinyl polysiloxane, polyether, or some type of impression material First Aid ▫Human bite marks on live victims have a high potential for infection Mike Bowers DDS JD Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Odontology

33 Suspect Bite Mark Evidence Collection Clinical examination ▫Examination looks into things like: tooth mobility, periodontal pocketing, dental charting, restorations, fractures, etc Photographs ▫Full facial profile, intra-oral exposures, include reference scales to be used for measurements Impressions ▫Use of dental die stone, vinyl polysiloxane, polyether Bite sample ▫Bite recorded in a centric occlusion using either a wafer or base plate wax Mike Bowers DDS JD Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Odontology Ted Bundy’s Bite Sample

34 Exhibit Comparison Transparency overlay comparison from Chi Omega Trial Use of transparent overlays of the suspects bite mark are placed over the photographs of the bite Comparison of the suspects study cast to photographs of the bite mark Comparison of test bite marks from the suspects teeth with the actual bite mark Use of radiographic imaging and scanning electron microscope Mike Bowers DDS JD Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Odontology

35 Leach Trial On January 7, 1980 Ted Bundy was charged with murdering Kimberly Leach – Plead insanity – Circumstantial evidence Eyewitness' – Saw Kimberly get in a car with Bundy – Individualizing evidence Fiber – Matched Kimberly Leach's clothes and was found on Bundy's clothes » Allegedly wore these clothes the day of the murder

36 Ted Bundy Ted Bundy murdered many women through 1974-1978 – Estimate number is 35 killings – Actual number is unknown Bundy raped, sodomized, sexually assaulted, beat, and butchered many of his victims Bundy engaged in necrophilia and confessed to decapitating some of his victims and keeping their heads as trophies in his home

37 Conviction Bundy was convicted of both the Sorority murders and Kimberly Leach's murder Bundy was sentenced to death On January 24,1989 Bundy was executed by the electric chair

38 Accusations Disappearances of women with similar cases were attributed to Ted Bundy Suspected Bundy of killing Kathy Devine – Kathy disappeared and her mutilated corpse was found later On March 22, 2002 William E. Cosden was arrested for the crime DNA evidence exonerated Bundy of the crime

39 References "Basics of DNA Fingerprinting." Ed. Kate Brinton and Kim-An Lieberman. May 1994. University of Washington. 23 Apr. 2009. Sweet, D., and I. A. Pretty. "A look at forensic dentistry — Part 2:Teeth as Weapons of Violence — identification of bite mark perpetrators." British Dental Journal 190 (2001): 415-18. me/1/ted_bundy.htm y/index_1.html

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