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Ted Bundy by Kelsey O’Connor

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1 Ted Bundy by Kelsey O’Connor

2 Background Born Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946 In Burlington Vermont Was raised by his grandparents, and grew up believing his single mother was his sister In 1951 Ted and his mother, Louise, moved to Tacoma, Washington because she married military chef, Johnnie Bundy He had four other siblings, but he always kept to himself. He did well in high school, but struggled to find the point in forming friendships with his peers. He was very quiet and awkward. After graduating high school, he went to college at the University of Puget Sound, but transferred to the University of Washington because he felt unaccepted and financially inadequate at Puget Sound.

3 Background Continued... Stephanie and Ted Fell in love with Stephanie Brooks, they dated for a while but she dumped him and left him devastated Dated Stephanie again, while dating Meg Anders, then cut off relations with both of them. Murders and missing persons reports began shortly after this Meg and Ted

4 Crimes Year Number of Victims Description 1974 12
Kidnapped, raped, and murdered twelve women from Seattle, Washington, and Salt lake city,Utah 1975 1 Murdered Caryn Campbell 1975 was also his first arrest. From this he would be tried in 1976, and convicted of attempted kidnapping, and the murder of Caryn Campbell. Arrested for possession of burglary tools such as: handcuffs, ski mask, crowbar December 1977 Bundy escapes his Pre-trial. January 1978 2 After his escape he rented an apartment near Florida State University. During this time, he broke into a sorority, strangled two women to death, and beat two others. Nita Neary was an eye witness to this event. She survived. February 9, 1978 (MOST RECENT) Bundy killed 12 year old Kimberly Leach Feb 15, Bundy is arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. They soon tied him to the deaths at the sorority as well as the death of Kimberly Leach

5 Evidence and Final Conviction
Eyewitnesses could identify Bundy at the dorm on the night of January 14. Eyewitnesses could identify Bundy at Kimberly Leach’s school the day she went missing Had physical evidence linking him to the murders such as a mold of the bite marks found on the sorority victims( He bit the butt and breast of the two sorority victims). February, 1978 after Bundy’s arrest for driving a stolen vehicle, investigators had plenty of evidence pinning the murders on Bundy. *In Feb 1979 Bundy goes on trial for the sorority murders* -He is found Guilty on both murder charges and is given two death sentences by means of the electric chair. *January, 1980 Bundy goes on trial for killing Kimberly Leach* - Once again sentenced to death via electric chair

6 Death Bundy was sentenced to death via electric chair on January 24, Many believe he was directly involved in the murders of at least 100 more women.

7 Quotes: Nicknames: Lady Killer, The campus killer, Ted
“Murder is not about lust and it is not about violence. It’s about possession.” “I don’t feel guilty for anything. I feel sorry for people who feel guilt.” “I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill.” Nicknames: Lady Killer, The campus killer, Ted

8 Cultural References Movies: The Deliberate Stranger (1986)
Bundy (2002) Books: (Fiction) Ted Bundy: Conversations with a killer by Stephen G. Michaud The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History by Kevin Sullivan The Only Living Witness by Stephen Michaud Documentaries: Ted Bundy- Investigation discovery

9 Apply What We Learned Throughout my brief research on Ted Bundy, I believe it is reasonable to place him into the SOCIAL CONTROL THEORY. This theory seems to make the most sense, when looking at his background information, and lack of deviation from everyday culture while he was growing up compared to when he was dating Stephanie. As evidence showed, Ted Bundy, was a fairly normal kid, other than the fact that he showed some possible anti-social tendencies. And even then, he still never ventured into abnormal behavior because of his family bonds. However, after Ted leaves his family and goes off to college, all of his bonds are placed directly on Stephanie Brooks. And thus, when looking at Ted while he was dating Stephanie, compared to after they broke up, reveals a big change in personality in a period of only one year. The theory states that the deviance occurs when the attachment to a special bond is severed, then, the person could feel an impulse towards deviance. This directly relates to Bundy. When Bundy was dating Stephanie, and fell in love, she became his special attachment. Despite Teds lack of money, Stephanie made him feel normal and look past the financial differences that once worried him( when he went to the university of Puget Sound). When he lost Stephanie, or when she broke up with him for not being good enough, it completely severed his attachment. Ted drilled into his studies, working his hardest to become everything Stephanie anted him to be, and when he did that and won her back, he dumped her himself. Not long after this, Bundy started murdering, and I believe its because of Stephanie. Losing Stephanie made the deviant side of him come out full force, all the power and acceptance he wanted from the world( and lost when Stephanie broke up with him), he would “gain” through murdering women who looked very similar to Ms. Stephanie Brooks.

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