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STATE AND NATIONAL DNA DATABASES: CODIS Division Scientific Services CT Forensic Science Laboratory Dr. Michael Bourke 203-639-6400.

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2 STATE AND NATIONAL DNA DATABASES: CODIS Division Scientific Services CT Forensic Science Laboratory Dr. Michael Bourke 203-639-6400

3 How Does it Work? l Convicted Offender Database l No Suspect Casework Database l Missing Persons Database Compares the DNA profiles from casework samples to known profiles in the offender DNA database.

4 FBI’s CODIS DNA Database Combined DNA Index System l Used for linking serial crimes and unsolved cases with repeat offenders l Launched October 1998 l Links all 50 states l Requires 13 core STR markers

5 NDIS Database Statistics Convicted Offender Profiles1,570,5777 Casework profiles75,507 February 2004

6 The CT State Sex Offender DNA Database l What are its uses? Forensic/Offender Matches l Sexual Assaults 1 in 3 No-Suspect l All Other Felonies Burglary

7 Common Types of Evidence Semen Blood Saliva Cigarette butts Swabbings of masks, gloves, etc.

8 Connecticut Database Current Status 40,500 +/- Offenders Collected 13,850 Offenders Processed 1000 +/- Offender samples/month started March 1, 2004 1325 No-suspect cases entered


10 What Samples are in the CT CODIS Database Convicted Offender Samples All Felony Convictions (03/01/04) Offender sample submissions to the laboratory rises from 50 to 1000 /mo last month-received ~ 900 Forensic Unknowns Any DNA profile from an evidentiary sample that does not match the victim or an elimination known

11 CT Database Hit Statistics l 275 Hits / Investigations Aided –no suspect sexual assaults –Burglary, Armed Robbery –case to case “hits” l In 2005, CT DNA Database generated approximately three “hits” a week.


13 1. Confirm the data at the laboratory 2.Notify interested agencies Submitting agency State’s Attorney’s Office Chief State’s Attorney’s Office 3.Receive and process the confirmatory known 4. Issue the “Hit” report What happens when there is a hit?

14 Investigations Aided Through January 2006 30,985 Investigation Aided in 49 States and 2 Federal Laboratories The “Investigations Aided” is definedas the number of criminal investigations where CODIS has added value to the investigative process. (Exclusions in addition to hits can aid an investigation. CODIS can only aid an investigation one time.)

15 Case #11994adjudicated CT’s first database hit 1. Sex assault by unknown cab driver 2. DNA extracted from unsolved rape 3. Database search “hit” on an individual incarcerated for similar crime 4. Individual dropped appeal of 1st conviction, pled guilty to the rape, additional time was attached to his current sentence 5. Closure for the victim

16 Case #21997 Elderly housing project Serial Rapist 1. 80+ female victim was talked into allowing suspect to gain entrance. 2. Victim was sexually assaulted and semen recovered. 3. DNA profile matched to a sex offender in the DNA database. 4. Investigative leads for two other cases w/ similar modus operandi.

17 Case #31997 No visual identification 1. Victim awoke to find an intruder in her bedroom at 5:30 am. 2. Victim was told to cover her face with a pillow-never saw her rapist. 3. Victim was sexually assaulted, semen was recovered. 4. DNA database “hit” on a previous sex offender. 5. DNA is the ONLY physical evidence placing this individual at the scene.

18 Case #41995 Recidivism-a real case history 1. Victim was sexually assaulted by male motorist who stopped to aid her while she was changing a flat tire. 2. DNA database “hit” identified the rapist. 3. Offender’s criminal history: 19913 rapes within 2 days, convicted & served 2.5 yrs before parole. 199518 months of parole before arrest for sex assault #4. 19973 arrests for sex assaults (#5-#7) DNA database match (#8) investigative leads for 2 more serving 25+ yrs.

19 Case #51994 DNA exonerates and aids investigation 1. 12 yr girl is walking home from school. 2. Victim is sexually assaulted at knifepoint. 3. Following the assault, victim misidentified 3 potential suspects-DNA testing exonerated all 3 men. 4. In 1998, DNA database “hit” identifies the real rapist. 5. Closure for the victim..

20 Case #61999 Armed Robbery 1. Bank teller robbed at gunpoint by man with a ski mask. 2. Police dogs track down a ski mask discarded in a nearby alley. 3. DNA collected off ski mask matched to a DNA profile in the database to provide an investigative lead.

21 Case #72001 Serial Rape/Homicide Task Force 1.7+ women raped and murdered. 2. Police link 7 Rape/Homicides by M.O. 3. Semen evidence from 3 victims matched to CT Convicted Offender. Task force investigates other violent unsolved Sexual assaults. DNA (semen) testing generated 1 offender hit (2 nd individual) and 1 case-to- case hit. 2004– convicted of 3 rape/homicides.

22 Case #82001-2002 Gang Rape 1. Woman sexually assaulted by 3 males. 2. 3 different profiles developed (semen stains). 3. CT Database search hits CT Offender (2001). Matched offender will not ID accomplices.

23 Case #92003 Serial Rapist 1.Four home invasion/rapes occurred in a six week period in 1984. 2.CT Database search matches the semen in all four cases (forensic hit), but does not match to any Offender. 3.Chief State’s Attorney’s Office is pursuing a John Doe warrant for all four cases.


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