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Quotes in this show were taken from numerous sources and credit for original sayings are given when know. Use of this collection is authorized for use.

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1 Quotes in this show were taken from numerous sources and credit for original sayings are given when know. Use of this collection is authorized for use in public sector training and education. All other uses must be granted in writing.

2 A person’s reputation is a mixture of what his friends, enemies, and relatives say behind his back Anonymous

3 The man whose conscience never troubles him must have it pretty well trained. Unknown

4 Character is not made in a crisis; it is only exhibited. Unknown

5 In another city. George Burns Happiness is having large, loving, caring family…

6 When a person strikes in anger, he usually misses the mark. Unknown

7 Too often when conscience tries to speak, the line seems busy. Unknown

8 Adults are just children that earn money. Kenneth Branagh

9 It takes about five years for a walnut tree to produce nuts, but that’s not true of the family tree. Unknown

10 I think a dysfunctional family is a family with more than one person in it. Mary Karr

11 Nothing is more dangerous than a big idea in a small mind. Unknown

12 Never brag about your ancestors coming over on the Mayflower; the immigration laws weren’t as strict in those days. Lew Lehr

13 Silence is the best and surest way to hide ignorance. Unknown

14 Never raise your hand to your children, it leaves the groin unprotected. Red Buttons

15 Never argue with a doctor, he has inside information. Unknown

16 One out of four people is mentally unbalances in this country. Think of your three closest friends – and if they seem OK, then you’re the one. Ann Landers

17 You never know how many friends you have until you rent a cottage at the beach. Kraig Kristofferson

18 Friends are folks who excuse you when you make a fool of yourself. Unknown

19 A word of advice…don’t give it. A. J. Volicos

20 Learn self control before attempting to control others. Unknown

21 My friend thought he was not going to make it. Then he started thinking positive. Now, he’s positive he’s not going to make it. Brother Sammy Shore

22 A good leader not only knows where they are going, but they can persuade others to go along with them. Unknown

23 There ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. Mark Twain

24 There must be something to acupuncture – after all, you never see any sick porcupines. Bob Goddard

25 Ships are safest in the harbor, but that’s not what ships were made for. Unknown

26 Condoms aren’t completely safe. A friend of mine was wearing one…and got hit by a bus. Bob Rubin

27 An angry man is seldom reasonable. A reasonable man is seldom angry. Unknown

28 Leadership depends on the ability to make people want to follow voluntarily. Unknown

29 Good is the enemy of great. Unknown

30 I wanted to marry her when I saw the moonlight shinning off of her father’s shotgun. Eddie Albert

31 Every moment you are angry you loose a moment of happiness. Unknown

32 Concentrating on one thing at a time is still the best way to get things done. Unknown

33 I was the best man at the wedding. So why was she marrying him? Jerry Seinfield

34 The greatest remedy for anger is delay. Unknown

35 I don’t like being the best man at the wedding because there is no way to prove it. Unknown

36 Ask your child what he wants for dinner only if he is buying. Fran Lebowitz

37 My son has taken up meditation – at least it’s better than sitting doing nothing. Max Kaufman

38 Authority does not make you a leader; it gives you the opportunity to be one. Unknown

39 Anger is only one letter from danger. Unknown

40 The eagle that chases two rabbits catches neither. Native American Proverb

41 Every person should take some time daily to look at the road of his ambitions. Unknown

42 The father of success is work – the mother is ambition. Unknown

43 The ambition of many dieters is to be weighed and found wanting. Unknown

44 I will not permit any man to narrow or degrade my soul by making me hate him. Unknown

45 Don’t be angry with the people who are smarter than you – it isn’t their fault. Unknown

46 A man is about as big as the things that make him angry. Unknown

47 A man is never in worst company than when he flies into a rage and is besides himself. Unknown

48 Never argue with a fool – people might not notice the difference. Unknown

49 Anger is the wind that blows out the light of reason. Unknown

50 Hating people is like burning down the house to kill the rats. Unknown

51 One load that is too heavy for anyone to carry – a grudge. Unknown

52 Rudeness is a weak mans imitation of strength. Unknown

53 A steering committee is four people trying to park a car. Unknown

54 My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn’t pay the bill, he gave me six months more. Walter Mathau

55 Anger manages everything badly. Unknown

56 Don’t be a cloud just because you can’t be a star. Unknown

57 The best way to be somebody is to be yourself. Unknown

58 A good man, like a bouncing ball springs ever upward from a fall. Unknown

59 How a man plays the game shows something of his character. How he looses the game shows it all. Unknown

60 You are only poor when you want more than you have. Unknown

61 Reputation is for a time, character is for eternity. Unknown

62 When I married Mr. Right, I didn’t know his first name was Always. Anne Gilchrist

63 Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. Unknown

64 Anyone who sleeps like a baby…. Unknown doesn’t have one.

65 Insanity is Hereditary, you get it from your children. Sam Levenson

66 A great deal of what we see depends on what we are looking for. Unknown

67 So live that when people speak evil of you, no-one believes them. Unknown

68 A man’s character is like a fence; it cannot be strengthened by whitewash. Unknown

69 He likes to like people, therefore people like him. Mark Twain

70 It is better to be short of cash than short of character. Unknown

71 Compromise is always costly – and sometimes fatal. Unknown

72 A quiet conscience sleeps during thunder and lightning. Unknown

73 Conscience is a treacherous thing, and mine behaves badly whenever there is a serious danger of being found out. Margaret Lane

74 A broken character doesn’t easily knit. Unknown

75 A clear conscience can only be destroyed by its owner. Unknown

76 Compromise is always wrong when it means sacrificing principles. Unknown

77 He’s an honest man – you could shoot craps with him over the phone. Earl Wilson

78 When we die, we leave behind us all we have and take with us all we are. Unknown

79 A gash in the conscience may disfigure the soul forever. Unknown

80 May you never complain without a cause and may you never have a cause to complain. Unknown

81 Always do the right thing. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest. Mark Twain

82 By the time the average teenager is able to work, he won’t. Unknown

83 If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question? Lily Tomlin

84 Don’t complain about growing old – some have not had this privilege. Unknown

85 Children are often spoiled because no-one will spank grandma. Unknown

86 Some people are like buttons, they pop off at the wrong time. Unknown

87 I’m not the heroic type, really. I was beaten up by Quakers Woody Allen

88 The character of our children tomorrow depends on what they learn from us today. Unknown

89 The squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease, sometimes it gets replaced. Unknown

90 People make enemies by complaining too much to their friends. Unknown

91 I hate camera’s, they are so much more sure than I am about everything. John Steinbeck

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