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Lesson 16 New Words & Expressions.

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1 Lesson 16 New Words & Expressions

2 swim

3 dig

4 lazy lazy bones

5 Tobacco field field

6 weak

7 Narcissus

8 Narcissus n. 那喀索斯(希腊神话 中因爱恋自己在水中的影子而憔悴致 死的美少年,死后化为水仙花)

9 Reading

10 Part 1 Read this story about a farmer and his sons. It comes from
Europe. Then answer the questions.

11 Once upon a time, there was a farmer with three sons
Once upon a time, there was a farmer with three sons. The farmer worked very hard and become rich, but his sons didn’t like hard work. “Farther is rich, so we don’t need to work,” they said.

12 The farmer was growing old and he couldn’t work as hard as before
The farmer was growing old and he couldn’t work as hard as before. One day, he asked his sons to help him. “ I’m sorry, Father,” said the oldest son. “ It’s such a hot day. I must go to the river for a swim.”

13 “ I’m sorry, Father,” said the second son
“ I’m sorry, Father,” said the second son. “ I’m too busy to help you today. I have to take care of my horse, and then I am going riding with my friends.” “ I’m sorry, Father,” said the youngest. “ I’m going fishing, but I’ll bring you some nice fish for supper.”

14 The farmer looked sadly at his boys and said, “ what lazy boys I have
Soon, the farmer was not able to dig his fields. The plants began to look yellow, thin and weak, but the sons were always too busy to see this.

15 “ I’m going to die soon,” the farmer said to them one day
“ I’m going to die soon,” the farmer said to them one day. “ I will leave everything to you. It’s all in a safe place. One day, you may be very rich.” When he died, his sons looked everywhere, but they could not find any money anywhere.

16 “ Where did Father put the money. ” they asked
“ Where did Father put the money?” they asked. “ it is nowhere in the house. “ I know,” said one. “ Maybe he put it in one of the fields. That’s a safe place.” So, the boys began to dig. They dug the first field, but they found nothing. They dug the other fields, but still they found nothing.

17 “ What are we going to do? We are so poor now.”
A few months later, they went to look at the fields. The plants were green and much stronger than before. Now, they understood.

18 The old farmer did not leave any money to them, but one day these plants and these fields would make them rich again. If you don’t work hard, you cannot hope to be rich.

19 Questions 1 At the beginning of the story, is the family rich or poor?
2 Were the sons happy to help their father? No, they weren’t.

20 3 When the farmer grew old, did he
go on digging his fields? No, he didn’t. 4 After the farmer died, did the sons find any money in the house? No, they didn’t.

21 5 Did they find any money in
the fields? No, they didn’t. 6 How did they become rich again? They dug the fields and made the plants grow again.

22 Part 2 Listen to the story of Narcissus. It comes from Greece.

23 Questions 1 Did he have many friends when he was growing up? Why/why
not? No, he didn’t, because he only wanted to make friends with people as beautiful as he was.

24 2 Whose face did he see in the
water? His own. 3 Who did Narcissus love? Himself. 4 How is the flower different from Narcissus? It is very beautiful, but it does not know it is beautiful.

25 Exercises

26 选择填空 1 ____ interesting story! a) What a b) What an b c) How d) Such
2 ___ delicious these mooncakes are! a) What b) What a c) How d) So b c

27 c 3 The little boy was too young ____ the car. a) push b) pushing c) to push d) pushed 4 He’s very tired. You’d better ___ him up. a) not wake b) don’t wake c) not to wake d) didn’t wake a

28 d 5 He’s really not ___ helpful man. a) so b) so a c) a such d) such a 6 ___ Tom started his homework, his mother was cooking. a) While b) When c) Before d) After b

29 7 A: You are a good boy! B: ____ a) No, I’m not. b) No, you are wrong. c) Yes, I am d) Thank you. d

30 It was _______________film! 2、她有一头多美丽的头发! __________________she has!
用英语完成句子 1、那场电影真精彩! It was _______________film! 2、她有一头多美丽的头发! __________________she has! 3、你的叔叔真是个有趣的人! _______________ your uncle is! such a wonderful What beautiful hair What a funny man

31 4、如果你不小心,你会伤害自己。 __ you are not ______________, you will ________________. 5、你最好吃了你的药,否则你的病 不会好。 ___________ take your medicine, ____ you won’t _________________. If careful enough hurt yourself You’d better or get better

32 Thank you

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