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Techniques To Make Your Movies Professional & Compelling.

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1 Techniques To Make Your Movies Professional & Compelling

2 What Makes a Strong Photo/Video?  Your goal is to:  grab the attention of the viewer  communicate an idea  share an experience  Strongest photos are:  simple  clear  uncluttered

3 Look at Similar Pictures Which one do you like best?  What patterns are present?  What are the lines?  What are the textures?  Colors?  Why did you make this choice?

4 Unclutter the Frame  Which ones grab your attention?  Which ones do you just glance at and move on?  Three beach pictures. None of them fantastic, but is one the best? Why?

5 What about these two pictures?  Picture 1 FILLS THE FRAME.  Picture 2 is a crowd. Nobody stands out, because they are against a cluttered background.  To improve  have the subjects stand against a plain wall  move in closer  avoid backlighting unless you want a silhouette

6 Composition ~ What is it?  Intentionally placing your subject in the frame to make your image or scene compelling.  Use these techniques to make your work interesting and inviting to look at.

7 Look at these two photos Which one do you like best & why?

8 Adjust by Cropping  Cropping means cutting the picture down  It is possible to take a picture and cut off some of the "dead space"  The result can be a picture that obeys the rule of thirds and has a stronger feel.

9 Using Composition Techniques + Using Types of Shots ________________________ Great Imagery For Viewers

10 Here Are 7 Composition Techniques  Leading Line  Walking Space  Subject Framing  Rule Of Thirds  Strong Center of Interest  Low Angle  High Angle

11 Leading Lines  Leading Lines are within a scene used to direct the attention of the viewer.  Use leading lines to draw the viewer's eye through the image towards the most significant part of the scene.

12 Leading Lines Cont.  Look for any natural or man- made structure such as:  Roads  Shadows  Buildings  The lines should start somewhere in the bottom and flow towards the main subject.  The lines may be straight or curved.

13 Walking Space  Connects subject to setting.  When showing movement, show where the subject is moving towards.  Leave room in your image in the direction of movement.  DON’T place your subject leaving the frame, it’s awkward with blank space behind them and no sense of where they are travelling to.

14 Subject Framing Draws attention to your subject. Connects subject to setting. Squeezes viewer eye into scene and where you want them to look.

15 Rule of Thirds  Adult’s eyes should be at top line  Children's eyes should be at lower level when shot with adults Use for all images/scenes Place important element at intersection of lines. Think Tic Tac Toe Grid

16 Strong Center of Interest  Emphasis is on subject and commands attention. Very effective when combined with other composition techniques.

17 Low Angle  Exaggerates size of subject. Subject appears larger than it is. Can create a feeling of power or importance. Camera is positioned below subject.

18 High Angle  Minimizes size. Subject appears smaller than it is. Can create a feeling of less important. Camera is positioned above the subject.

19 Out of Focus to Focus  Use this to create reveal for the next shot.  Can be effective as a transition.  Can be used to add tension, change setting or add mystery. A cliché is waking up from sleeping.

20 Focus to Out of Focus  Can be used as a transition.  Presents opportunity to change setting or idea in storyline (dreams, shift in time moving to past or future).

21 Use all types of Angles  Bird’s-Eye  High Angle  Eye Level  Low Angle  Canted Angle

22 The more techniques you apply the better

23 Your Task  Find appropriate pictures online that show these Composition Techniques. Create a ppt explaining the use of each technique in each image. Save your work as: Period#_lastname_firstname_comp.ppt Place in the proper class period Drop Box This is due ____________

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