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2 The way Sieger Koeder has depicted Don Bosco is surprising
The way Sieger Koeder has depicted Don Bosco is surprising. There is no photo or picture anything like it as yet in existence. But in many ways it is a painting that goes to the heart of what Don Bosco means to us.

3 Don Bosco the enthusiastic glove-puppeteer
Don Bosco is hidden behind a screen. He is invisible to the spectators who can only see the two puppets. Don Bosco is seen smiling at the back of the stage, happy that the audience is enjoying itself.

4 Don Bosco the educator rich in ideas
Don Bosco knows how to conquer the hearts of his young followers. He gives us space to be creative. He studies all the possibilities of passing on the message of Christ.

5 Don Bosco the passionate catechist
With his puppets Don Bosco lets the youngsters know and experience the Love of God and His mercy. The scene is the return of the Prodigal Son to the embrace of his Father.

6 Don Bosco himself a ‘Merciful Father’
In the picture, on the left of Don Bosco, we see that he is protecting a youngster who, dressed in the same blue robe as the Prodigal Son above, has his gaze fixed on the priest. This might depict one of the many boys rescued from the streets or from prison who sought shelter, affection and security in the house of Don Bosco.

7 Don Bosco among his boys
Don Bosco is acting out the parable of the Merciful Father for children of all ages. In the picture they follow the story with great interest. In Don Bosco’s company they feel themselves accepted and loved.

8 Don Bosco an apostle for the world
Don Bosco goes looking for the boys wherever he can find them. Evangelization takes place where the children are to be found. The scene is in the open air, in no defined locality, perhaps on the outskirts of a city.

9 Don Bosco the witness No matter where he was, whether it was the
playground, a workshop, the classroom or the church, he always witnessed to the Love of God. ‘Live what you preach and teach!’ Don Bosco believed with unshakable faith in the Love of God for all mankind.

10 It is not enough to look at Sieger Koeder’s painting; we have to meditate on it. Don Bosco invites us to ‘Be merciful because your Heavenly Father is merciful’.

Sieger Köder


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