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Jesus’ passion – God’s glory John 17

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1 Jesus’ passion – God’s glory John 17
This prayer shows:- a. Jesus’ intimacy with his Father – “Father” – v.1,5,21,24 b. The passion of his heart – God’s glory c. Teaching & Prayer go together

2 1. Jesus’ passion for God’s glory
a. Through all his life & work – v.4 b. Through his death – v.1,4 cf. John12:23,24,27,28 c. God’s plan achieved – people of all nations would:- - belong to Jesus –v.2 - have eternal life – know God –v.3 d. He looks forward to the glory of heaven –v.5

3 Jesus’ prayer for his disciples – v.6-19
a. Who they are 1. They belong to the Father & Son – v.6,7,9,10 2. They believed in Jesus – v.8 3. They have honoured Christ – v.6,10 b. What Jesus prays for –v.11-19 He prays for their protection – v.11 1. They have enemies - the world – v.14 - the devil –v.15 cf. 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; 1John5:19 Dangers of isolation or becoming one with the world

4 What Jesus prays for 2. Means of protection
a. Knowing who God is –”Power of your name” –v. 11,12 - Sovereign King - Gracious Father b. Word of God – v.17 cf.Rom.12:2;Ps.1 3. What is at risk a. their unity – v.11 b. Their joy – v.13 c. Their mission – v.17-19

5 3. Jesus’ prayer for all Christians – v.20-26
Jesus prayed for us then v.20; and prays for us now – Heb.7:25 a. The unity of the Church 1. Supernatural & visible – v.21-23 2. A witness to Jesus – v.21,23; 13:35 b. The future of the Church 1. Jesus’ presence now – v.26 2. Be with Jesus forever – v.24

6 4. How do we glorify God? a. Know & enjoy him – “Man’s chief end is to glorify God by enjoying him forever” ENGAGE WITH GOD b. Love one another deeply – ENGAGE WITH ONE ANOTHER c. Give ourselves to Mission – ENGAGE WITH THE WORLD Rom.1:14; Mt.28:18-20

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