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Visit Optimize your time.

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1 Visit Optimize your time

2 What is our line of business? Optimum Virtual Assistance is born to make profitable your time with the minimum cost to obtain the greatest benefits. If we learn how to have a balanced way of life, we will be able to focus on our business productivity and goals. We will find time to reconcile work and family life. If you don't have enough time to do your job, If you would like to have someone for doing the daily tasks, but you can't engage a full time secretary, we can help you. Our aim is clear: we give you our time to make yours, more profitable. Our proposal, efficient: a secretary at distance, via Internet, with a cost per accomplished work and time invested.

3 To whom do we go? Our services are directed, mainly, to: 1.Independents professionals. 2.Executives who may not have office space. 3.Small sized companies who require a secretary or assistant who works with quality, efficacy and ethical commitment without fixed costs or unproductive time.

4 How can we help you? We offer you a professional service based on a wide range of experience in different areas as tourism, secretarial work and administrative tasks. A service of quality, efficacy and personalized. If you don't find the service your business needs, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do the best to help you. Catalogue of services: –Reservation of conference rooms, expositions, catering's service, restaurants, tickets… –Reservation of flights, hotels, trains… –PowerPoint presentations –Administrative tasks: commercial letters, complaint letters, invoices, expenses bill… –Other services: planning and sending invitations, planning interviews, search of gifts for your customers… These services will be offered in Spanish, Catalan, English and French

5 Rates At we convert your fixed costs into variable costs. The works are quoted on a personalized way based on the volume and time used. We offer you three contract modalities: Punctual work Per hour Saving Packs Contract punctual work: Accomplishment of a concrete work on a fixed price depending on the volume, complexity and time used. This contract modality includes the following services: PowerPoint presentations Administrative tasks Reservation of flights, hotels and transportations Contract per hour: The customer will have a credit of time from 1 to 7 hours to distribute and use at his convenience in any of our services. Rate: from 18€ per hour Contratación pack ahorro: El pack ahorro es la modalidad idónea cuando se necesita asistencia profesional de forma regular sin compromiso de permanencia. Ud. dispondrá de un saldo de minutos que podrá utilizar a su conveniencia durante un mes y obtendrá descuentos según el tiempo contratado en base al siguiente escalado: 5 horas/mes 5% dto. 6-10 horas/mes10% dto. 11-15 horas/mes15% dto. 16-30 horas/mes20% dto. 31-60 horas/mes30% dto. Consulte nuestras condiciones particulares para saber qué servicios están incluidos en cada modalidad Contacte con nosotros y expónganos sus necesidades. Le aconsejaremos qué modalidad es la más adecuada para Ud. y le enviaremos un presupuesto a su medida.

6 Contract Saving Package: The Saving Package is the ideal modality when you need regular professional assistance without commitment of permanency. You will have a credit of time to distribute and use at your convenience in any of our services. In addition, if you contract a Saving Package, you will obtain extra time: Package 88 hours + 30 min. extra Package 15 15 hours + 1 hour extra Package 30 30 hours + 2 hours 30 min. extra Package 60 60 hours + 6 hours extra We are sure you will find the best modality for your business. If not, contact and expose us your needs. At we adapt to you.

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