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Admin and secretarial assistance from a distance! Focussing on the needs of the small business.

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1 Admin and secretarial assistance from a distance! Focussing on the needs of the small business

2 when you partner No more headaches with the Away PA! Intelligent Help on Hand We are a leading provider of professional administration and business support services delivered through our virtual office

3 Intelligent Help on Hand By using our services, you can save both …. Time! and Money!

4 Need to Grow your Business? Need an extra 5, 10, 15 or even 20 hours this month? Would some extra administrative help give your business the upper hand and give you some peace of mind? How would you spend that time? Intelligent Help on Hand

5 Why waste time and energy? Concentrate on growing your business, enjoy life a bit more, or both… … and leave the rest to us! Intelligent Help on Hand The Away PA can give you a sense of peace, with behind-the-scenes professional admin support… …taking care of a multitude of tasks and business processes, delivered remotely.

6 We can help you with:- Advertising – Design and Copywriting Intelligent Help on Hand Thank you for the wonderful work you did over all - it's excellent, especially considering the short notice! A. Dalby - ADA Associates, Waterlooville. Paperwork – Collating, Scanning & Creating and Managing Filing Systems The Away PA is absolutely amazing. She successfully organised my chaotic paperwork and cash flow. She has really made a profound difference to my peace of mind and the day to day running of my business. G. Havinga, Ltd, Netherlands Debt Recovery The Away PA has successfully managed our debt list, reducing it significantly. M.Seal, Watercoolers Southern Ltd

7 And Many Other Tasks & Projects – Such As …. Typing up documents, reports, tenders… We specialise in Designing, building and/or maintaining your customer database… Event Management – conferences, workshops, exhibitions, staff parties… Company Branding – logos, business cards, brochures, stationery… Email Marketing… Website Design Intelligent Help on Hand

8 Don’t Need Any Business Support? Source and book concert or theatre tickets Co-ordinate every element of your house move We can offer a helping hand with Personal Tasks Too! Plan and co-ordinate a special celebration party Plan and organise your annual holiday Even take the headache out of household maintenance Intelligent Help on Hand

9 Struggling with creating documents and spreadsheets? Need to get to grips with your computer? Via an interactive training room, we can offer 1:1 training on MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. We can also offer training on the Open Office suite of applications (a FREE contender to the Microsoft Office suite) - ask us for more information. Computer Says…….NO!! Intelligent Help on Hand

10 Baffled by the Internet? We can tailor a training programme specific to your needs at a time or times to suit you, and you need never leave your desk! We can help make surfing easy and familarise you with the most popular web browsers - Training is carried out in hourly modules via an interactive training room. Intelligent Help on Hand Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

11 If you’re thinking of starting a business, or have recently launched, get your business off to a flying start with our New Business Start Up Packs. Everything you need to get a brand identity, stationery and an online presence. Are you a Start-Up Business? Intelligent Help on Hand

12 Did you know….. …you don’t need to spend a fortune on software to run your business! Not every business can afford to invest in software and resources - especially during the start up stage. If you want to learn how to find and access free software and tools on the web for YOUR business, then email us at and reserve your FREE copy of our e-book: “The Idiot’s Guide to Free Resources and Software for the Small Business”. Intelligent Help on Hand

13 Need to share files and information with colleagues and staff? Don't want the expense of investing in a network server? Intelligent Help on Hand …an internet hosted online office. We can provide you with your own company intranet…

14 Intelligent Help on Hand With our own hosted internet office you can quickly and cheaply create an online business environment normally associated with large corporations. No IT maintenance, no need for an IT dept – zero cost! Affordable pay as you go pricing Fast and easy set up Easily scaled for different size businesses Easy web access 24/7 Top notch security and back up systems Easily accessible free online help and support

15 Intelligent Help on Hand For more information on any of our products or services OR visit our websites:OR 08450 527565

16 SPECIALIST ADMIN SUPPORT FOR THE SMALL BUSINESS Intelligent Help on Hand YOUR business is OUR business!

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