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The Search for the Northwest Passage

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1 The Search for the Northwest Passage
England, France and the Netherlands

2 The Treaty of Tordesillas
Pope Alexander VI drew a line of demarcation. This line split the unexplored world into _2_ parts. All lands west of the line belonged to Spain. All lands east of the line belonged to Portugal. Divided whole unexplored world between Spain and Portugal. ***Other European countries competed with Spain for control over territory in the Americas**

3 The Search for the Northwest Passage A more direct water route to Asia
ENGLAND John Cabot Sailed in 1497 Landed on the coast of present day New Foundland England used his voyage as a basis for claims in North America.

4 FRANCE Giovanni da Verranzano Sailed in 1524
Explored present day Nova Scotia down to present day Carolinas Jacques Cartier Sailed up the St. Lawrence river Hoped it would lead to the Pacific Named a location – Mont Royal – present day Montreal

5 NETHERLANDS Henry Hudson
Start of the Dutch claims on the North American continent. 1609 discovered a river which now bears his name….. Discovered Hudson Bay

6 FRANCE **** Did not view the Americas as a way to expand their empire
Viewed the Americas as an economic opportunity- profits from fishing and fur trading. New France

7 NETHERLANDS Also established trading colonies in the Americas, but would also colonize. New Netherland

8 Portugal, Spain, France, England and the Netherlands
All had claims and colonies in America.

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