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Other Nations Explore Unit 2 Chapter 3 Lesson 4 Pages 138-143 Created 10-8-2008.

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1 Other Nations Explore Unit 2 Chapter 3 Lesson 4 Pages 138-143 Created 10-8-2008

2 Objectives  Describe the aims, obstacles, and accomplishments of European explorers.  Trace the routes of the explorers and identify the areas they claimed.

3 Vocabulary  Northwest Passage  A water route through North America to the Pacific Ocean  Mutiny  Rebellion


5 Giovanni da Verrazano  Italian Sailor  Sent by Francis I (French King)  Find the Northwest Passage

6 Jacques Cartier  French navigator  Sent by King Francis in 1534  Find the Northwest passage  Also find gold

7 Henry Hudson  English explorer  Sent by company in England in 1608  Find the Northwest Passage


9 Northwest Passage Idea  1500’s  Spain is rich and controls a large empire  Other European rulers wanted to find a shortcut to Asia  Magellan’s route long and dangerous  Northwest Passage would be a route that goes through or around North America  Wealth & riches were to be gained


11 1524 - French  Send Verrazano  Lands in what is North Carolina today  Sailed north along the coast  Meets many natives, some friendly, some not  Did not go any higher than Newfoundland (Canada)  Made 2 more trips, but never found a passage


13 1534 - French  Send Cartier  Made 3 trips between 1534-1541  To look for NW Passage and Gold  1 st Trip  Reached mouth of the St. Lawrence River  2 nd Trip  Traveled up the St. Lawrence and ended at Montreal  3 rd Trip  Found no passage or gold


15 1608 - English  Henry Hudson  1 st -two explorations paid for by a company in England  Sailed east of Greenland north to the Arctic Ocean, but not NW Passage

16 Hudson 3 rd voyage  Dutch East India Company paid  Company located in Holland (aka Netherlands)  Explored a river in now N.Y.  Claimed the land for the Dutch  Named the river after himself (Hudson River)


18 Hudson – 4 th voyage  1610, paid for by an English company  Sailed along northern coast of North America to the Hudson Bay (named by Hudson)  located in Canada  Claimed this land for England  By Nov. ship was frozen in ice.  His crew mutinied  Set Hudson & 8 others adrift in small boat  He was never to be seen again

19 Explored and claimed for Holland much of what is now the state of New York and surrounding areas.  Henry Hudson

20 What did Cartier, Hudson, and Verrazano search for in North America?  Northwest Passage

21 What happened during Hudson’s last voyage?  His crew mutinied and set him adrift at sea

22 Why did so many Europeans want to find the Northwest Passage?  Europeans believed the passage would be a shortcut to Asia and would provide wealth and power and trade control.

23 What were some of the costs of expeditions for explorers and their sponsors?  Money to pay for ships, crew, supplies  Ships could sink  An explorer might not find anything of value

24 What were some of the benefits of expeditions for explorers and their sponsors?  Finding gold, furs, and other valuable resources  Claiming new lands  Gaining power  Spreading Christianity

25 Who was the first European explorer to explore land that became part of the United States?  Juan Ponce de Leon

26 What was Coronado searching for?  Seven Cities of Gold

27 What problems did Magellan’s crew face on their trip around the world?  Hunger, illness, and the death of their leader

28 How was Columbus mistaken about the lands he claimed for Spain?  Columbus thought the lands were in the Indies.

29 What group of Europeans explored North America about A.D. 1000?  The Vikings

30 A sum of money given for a specific purpose.  Grant

31 A trip taken with the goal of exploring.  Expedition

32 An agreement between two or more countries.  treaty

33 A Spanish conqueror in the Americas.  Conquistador

34 A change.  reform

35 To rebel against the leader of one’s group.  mutiny


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