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REPORTS Taking Lexiles to the Next Level Phil Collins.

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1 REPORTS Taking Lexiles to the Next Level Phil Collins

2 2 A Lexile is… A unit for measuring text difficulty that is linked to the RIT score, Northwest Evaluation Association’s unit for measuring reading comprehension. These links allow teachers to use the student’s RIT score to find books, periodicals, and other reading materials that will be appropriately challenging for each student.

3 3 What Lexile measures…  Semantic Difficulty  As measured by the frequency with which each word in a measured text appears in Lexile’s database of 200 million words  Syntactic Complexity  As measured by sentence length

4 4 The Lexile doesn’t evaluate…  Genre  Students moving to a new genre may need more teacher support to read effectively.  Theme  A low Lexile score doesn’t mean the book’s theme is appropriate for the reader.  Content  Students encountering new content or topics may need to have new vocabulary and concepts pre- taught.  Interest  Students will tend to be more motivated when they can self-select reading material or it is a topic that interests them.

5 5 A number (Lexile) can’t be the only guiding factor for helping students select books; other factors include:  Age-appropriateness of content  Background of experience  Familiarity/knowledge of subject  Vocabulary  Developmental level  Purpose and motivation

6 6 …the level of text that a student can read with 75% comprehension. For a student with a RIT of 205, books with a 600 Lexile provide an excellent match with the student’s instructional level. The book, After the Rain by Norma Mazer is a 600L text. The Lexile score represents… Lexile NWEA RIT L 650L

7 7 Look at the Lexile as a range of scores… The teacher might use the lower part of this range as a target for the student’s independent reading The upper part of a L range might be used for the student’s group reading program – guided instruction. 500L Lexile NWEA RIT 600L 650L

8 8 } Guided instruction (+50)  75% Comprehension } Independent (-100) Lexile NWEA RIT 500L 600L 650L Guided instruction vs. independent reading

9 9 Lexile Codes  BR – Beginning Reading  NC – Non-Conforming Text  AD – Adult Directed  IG - Illustrated Glossary Handout Page 15

10 10 Examples of Lexile Measures of Some Popular Newspapers and Literature Gulliver’s Travels – Jonathon Swift USA Today N.Y.Times The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey Harry Potter Series – Rowling The Firm – John Grisham Approx. RIT

11 11 Lexile Literature On Ancient Medicine The Scarlet Letter Brown vs. Board of Ed War and Peace Pride and Prejudice Black Beauty Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders The Adventures of Pinocchio The Adventures of Pinocchio Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery A Baby Sister for Frances A Baby Sister for Frances The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth Frog and Toad are Friends Frog and Toad are Friends Clifford’s Manners Clifford’s Manners

12 12 Lexile Texts The Making of Memory: From Molecules to Mind; Doubleday Philosophical Essays; Hackett Publishing Psychology: An Introduction; Prentice Hall Business; Prentice Hall America: Pathways to Present; Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar Gold Level; Prentice Hall World Cultures: A Global Mosaic; Prentice Hall World Cultures: A Global Mosaic; Prentice Hall Word 97; Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Word 97; Glencoe/McGraw-Hill World Explorer: The U.S. & Canada; Prentice Hall World Explorer: The U.S. & Canada; Prentice Hall Science (Grade 4); Addison-Wesley Science (Grade 4); Addison-Wesley People and Places; Silver Burdett Ginn People and Places; Silver Burdett Ginn Imagine That!; Scholastic Inc Imagine That!; Scholastic Inc My World; Harcourt Brace My World; Harcourt Brace

13 Personal Use  Aetna Health Care Discount Form (1360)  Medical Insurance Benefit Package (1280)  Application for Student Loan (1270)  Federal Tax Form W-4 (1260)  Installing Your Child Safety Seat (1170)  Microsoft Windows User Manual (1150)  G.M. Protection Plan (1150)  CD DVD Player Instructions (1080)

14 14 Matching Readers and Text

15 15 Tour of  To explore…  Search by subject matter or Lexile range  Literature for differentiated thematic units

16 16 Homepage

17 17 Search Feature

18 18 Author Study Example  4th grade  Pick an author  Pull the list of novels by that author  Using your list of student results, make an instructional reading level match between title and student lexile level

19 19 Topic Example  6th or 7th grade  Pick a topic  Pull a list of reading materials on that topic

20 20 Activity Option 1  Pick an upcoming author, topic or genre you will be studying  Review the Lexiles of the students in your class  Review the Lexile levels of reading resources available  Develop a plan to integrate the reading resources available into your instruction

21 21  to compensate for disparities between student reading comprehension levels and the readability of assigned texts How can content area teachers use Lexiles?

22 22 District 34 Textbook Lexiles  Science  5th DW-Light & Sound  5th DW-Pop. & Ecosystems  SE - Inside Earth  SE - Cells & Heredity  SE - From Bacteria to Plants  SE - Chemical Building Blocks – 950  SE - Electricity & Magnetism - 890

23 23 District 34 Textbook Lexiles  Science  SE - Astronomy  SE - Environmental Science  SE - Weather & Climate  SE - Motion, Forces & Energy  SE - Chemical Interactions  SE - Sound & Light

24 24 District 34 Textbook Lexiles  Social Science  4th Explore Our Land – 670  5th Build Our Nation  6th America Will Be  7th American Nation  8th World Geography

25 25 Activity Option 2  Pick an upcoming unit you will be studying  Review the Lexiles of the students in your class  Review the Lexile levels of content reading of the upcoming unit  Identify the students in your class who are likely to struggle with the content reading based on their Lexiles  Develop a plan/strategies to help these students be successful  Research the availability of alternative content reading materials at a more appropriate Lexile level

26 26 Dynamic Reporting Suite Resources

27 27 Lexile Report

28 28 Activity 1 Revisited…

29 29 Projected Performance Category by Subject

30 30

31 31

32 32 Create a Custom Booklist

33 33 Think ahead…  How will you use Lexiles to change what you are currently doing with students in your classroom?  How can you collaborate with other staff (teachers, librarians, etc.)?  What resources can you access in your building and across your district?

34 34 Lexile Resources

35 35 Tour of  To explore later…  Teacher tool box  Lexile Analyzer (textbooks)  Power Vocabulary  Specialized Pathfinders available

36 36 Text Analyzer

37 37 Lexile Teacher’s Toolbox

38 38 W = Words, Vocabulary list S = Student word lists, activities, and assessments T = Teacher answer keys

39 39 Linking Lexiles to Data What’s your situation?  In your classroom, what are the lowest and highest Lexile ranges of your students? Lowest range ____________Lowest range ____________ Highest range ____________Highest range ____________

40 40 Communicating with Parents

41 41 Otis Fulton, Vice-President, MetaMetrics The number 1 question parents (and students) ask about the Lexile Framework is “My child scored _____. What does this mean?”

42 42 Communicating with Parents  Don’t get too focused on numbers – ranges are important.  Give examples of books and other text materials.  Talk about where the student is now, but also where they are going!

43 43 Communicating with Parents  Emphasize that the Lexile Framework doesn’t address:  interest  age appropriateness  text support (pictures)  text quality  It looks only at text difficulty – books should always be previewed.  Is a tool for matching readers with appropriately challenging text, not a reading program

44 44 Questions

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