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Waterloo Trivia How much do you know about the great battle? By Dr R.E. Foster © Copyright Waterloo200 2015.

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1 Waterloo Trivia How much do you know about the great battle? By Dr R.E. Foster © Copyright Waterloo

2 1. Where was Napoleon Born? © Copyright Waterloo B. Germany C. CorsicaD. Italy A. France

3 C. Corsica © Copyright Waterloo It only became French in 1768; Napoloen was born in 1769.

4 2. Where was Wellington Born? © Copyright Waterloo B. Scotland C. WalesD. Ireland A. England

5 D. Ireland © Copyright Waterloo In his will, Wellington forbade his sons to visit Ireland.

6 3. From which island did Napoleon escape early in 1815? © Copyright Waterloo B. Isle of Capri C. Isle of WightD. Isle of St Helena A. Isle of Elba

7 A. Isle of Elba © Copyright Waterloo His enemies wouldn’t repeat the mistake!

8 4. When was London’s Waterloo mainline rail station opened? © Copyright Waterloo B C. 1858D A. 1838

9 B © Copyright Waterloo The French didn’t like it when it became the first Eurostar terminus!

10 5. Who was the Prime Minister at the time of Waterloo? © Copyright Waterloo B. Lord Salisbury C. Lord RiponD. Lord Liverpool A. Lord Derby

11 D. Lord Liverpool © Copyright Waterloo His predecessor, Spencer Perceval, was assassinated!

12 6. How much was Wellington’s prize money for winning Waterloo? © Copyright Waterloo B. £47,000 C. £61,000D. £100,000 A. £21,000

13 C. £61,000 © Copyright Waterloo The nation also bought him an estate for over £250,000!

14 7. In what year did Abba’s ‘Waterloo’ win the Eurovision song contest? © Copyright Waterloo B C. 1975D A. 1973

15 B © Copyright Waterloo It was held in Brighton. Their conductor was dressed as Napoleon!

16 8. In what year did ‘Waterloo Road’ first get broadcast? © Copyright Waterloo B C. 2006D A. 2004

17 C © Copyright Waterloo Close enough!

18 9. What sort of tree stood at the centre of Wellington’s line at Waterloo? © Copyright Waterloo B. Ash C. BeechD. Elm A. Oak

19 D. Elm © Copyright Waterloo It was later cut down and made into souvenirs!

20 10. When was the current Waterloo Bridge in London officially opened? © Copyright Waterloo B C. 1915D A. 1946

21 A © Copyright Waterloo The original, of 1817, was demolished!

22 11. In what country is Waterloo? © Copyright Waterloo B. Holland C. FranceD. Belgium A. Great Britain

23 D. Belgium © Copyright Waterloo Name five famous Belgians – excluding Tintin!

24 12. In what sport was the Waterloo Cup contested? © Copyright Waterloo B. Bear baiting C. Cock fightingD. Bull fighting A. Hare coursing

25 A. Hare coursing © Copyright Waterloo Banned by Tony Blair.

26 13. Which group had a 1960’s hit with Waterloo Sunset? © Copyright Waterloo B. The Three Degrees C. The SpecialsD. The Kinks A. The Clash

27 D. The Kinks © Copyright Waterloo Regarded by many critics as the perfect pop song.

28 14. What did Blucher recommend to aid his recovery after Ligny? © Copyright Waterloo B. Rum and coke C. AspirinD. Whisky & Beetroot A. Gin & rhubarb

29 A. Gin & Rhubarb © Copyright Waterloo Worth a try – he made it to Waterloo in the nick of time!

30 15. What did Fitzroy Somerset take from his amputated arm? © Copyright Waterloo B. Bracelet C. RingD. A Finger A. Watch

31 C. A ring © Copyright Waterloo He died in the Crimea.

32 16. What was the prize money for an ordinary British soldier at Waterloo? © Copyright Waterloo B. £2.52 C. £103.67D. £ A. £10.56

33 B. £2.52 © Copyright Waterloo Less than Wellington!

34 17. Who, in 1816, wrote the Poet’s Pilgrimage to Waterloo? © Copyright Waterloo B. Shelley C. ByronD. Southey A. Wordsworth

35 D. Southey © Copyright Waterloo He was Poet Laureate and wrote a famous life of Nelson.

36 18. During the 1980s, Napoleon’s HQ, La Belle Alliance, became a… ? © Copyright Waterloo B. Pizza parlour C. SaunaD. Burger bar A. Discotheque

37 A. Discotheque © Copyright Waterloo Closed on 18 June 1815!

38 19. Which part of Wellington’s horse, Copenhagen, was removed by a servant? © Copyright Waterloo B. Ear C. TeethD. Hoof A. Tail

39 D. Hoof © Copyright Waterloo The horse was given a full military funeral.

40 20. Which famous French novelist included Waterloo in Les Miserables? © Copyright Waterloo B. Honore de Balzac C. Emile ZolaD. Jean Paul Sartre A. Victor Hugo

41 A. Victor Hugo © Copyright Waterloo His father was one of Napoleon’s generals.

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