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How much do you know about the great battle? By Dr R. E. Foster.

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1 How much do you know about the great battle? By Dr R. E. Foster

2 1. Where was Napoleon born? A. France C. CorsicaD. Italy B. Germany

3 C It only became French in 1768; Napoleon was born in 1769!

4 2. Where was Wellington born? A. England C. WalesD. Ireland B. Scotland

5 In his will, Wellington forbade his sons to visit Ireland! D

6 3. From which island did Napoleon escape early in 1815? A. Isle of Elba C. Isle of WightD. Isle of St Helena B. Isle of Capri

7 A His enemies wouldn’t repeat the mistake!

8 4. When was London’s Waterloo mainline rail station opened? A. 1838 C. 1858D. 1868 B. 1848

9 B The French didn’t like it when it became the first Eurostar terminus!

10 5. Who was the Prime Minister at the time of Waterloo? A. Lord Derby C. Lord RiponD. Lord Liverpool B. Lord Salisbury

11 D His predecessor, Spencer Perceval, was assassinated!

12 6. How much was Wellington’s prize money for winning Waterloo? A. £21,000 C. £61,000D. £100,000 B. £47,000

13 C The nation also bought him an estate for over £250,000!

14 7. In what year did Abba’s ‘Waterloo’ win the Eurovision song contest? A. 1973 C. 1975D. 1976 B. 1974

15 B It was held in Brighton. Their conductor dressed as Napoleon!

16 8. In what year did ‘Waterloo Road’ first get broadcast? A. 2004 C. 2006D. 2007 B. 2005

17 C Close enough!

18 9. What sort of tree stood at the centre of Wellington’s line at Waterloo? A. Oak C. BeechD. Elm B. Ash

19 D It was later cut down and made into souvenirs!

20 10. When was the current Waterloo Bridge in London officially opened? A. 1946 C. 1915D. 1950 B. 1865

21 A The original, of 1817, was demolished!

22 11. In what country is Waterloo? A. London C. FranceD. Belgium B. Holland

23 D Name five famous Belgians – excluding Tintin!

24 12. In what sport was the Waterloo Cup contested? A. Hare coursing C. Cock fightingD. Bull fighting B. Bear baiting

25 A Banned by Tony Blair!

26 13. Which group had a 1960s hit with Waterloo Sunset? A. The Clash C. The SpecialsD. The Kinks B. The Three Degrees

27 D Regarded by many critics as the perfect pop song.

28 14. What did Blucher recommend to aid his recovery after Ligny? A. Gin & rhubarb C. AspirinD. Whisky & beetroot B. Rum and coke

29 A Worth a try – he made it to Waterloo in the nick of time!

30 15. What did Fitzroy Somerset take from his amputated arm? A. Watch C. RingD. A Finger B. Bracelet

31 C He died in the Crimea.

32 16. What was the prize money for an ordinary British soldier at Waterloo? A. £10.56 C. £103.67D. £1,000 B. £2.52

33 B Less than Wellington!

34 17. Who, in 1816, wrote the Poet’s Pilgrimage to Waterloo? A. Wordsworth C. ByronD. Southey B. Shelley

35 D He was Poet Laureate and wrote a famous life of Nelson.

36 18. During the 1980s, Napoleon’s HQ, La Belle Alliance, became a… A. Discotheque C. SaunaD. Burger bar B. Pizza parlour

37 A Closed on 18 June 1815!

38 19. Which part of Wellington’s horse, Copenhagen, was removed by a servant ? A. Tail C. TeethD. Hoof B. Ear

39 D The horse was given a full military funeral

40 20. Which famous French novelist included Waterloo in Les Miserables? A. Victor Hugo C. Emile ZolaD. Jean Paul Sartre B. Honore de Balzac

41 A His father was one of Napoleon’s generals.

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