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Napoleon Bonaparte Ambition is never content even on the summit of greatness.

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1 Napoleon Bonaparte Ambition is never content even on the summit of greatness.

2 Born in Corsica as an Italian- Became a French citizen at the age of 1 Corsica Home in which Napoleon was born

3 Became dictator (all power held by a single person) of France for 10 years in 1799 when he launched a coup d etat (stroke of state) against the Directory

4 Became Emperor for life after winning a plebiscite (yes or no vote)

5 Napoleon was immediately at war with the Second Coalition (countries united against France)

6 Coalitions were formed because other European Monarchs did not want their people to see the French get away with killing their king and starting Republics.

7 Loved by all of the French


9 General Reforms Freedom of worship Stabilized food prices Class Equality Rebuilt Paris Got rid of 10 day week (& calendar)

10 Legal Reform: The Napoleonic Code – single set of laws for all of France Equality of law Basic liberties Restored slavery Limits on womens rights Limits on political rights and freedom of speech and press NO LAWS APPLIED TO NAPOLEON

11 Class Reforms 1.Clergy Improved Catholics status Gave back land Dropped state controls

12 2.Nobility Allowed nobility to return from exile Gave back land and political status

13 3.Bourgeoisie Stabilized markets and trade Lowered taxes Peasants Jobs Lowered food prices

14 Napoleon as a Military Leader Wave of victories Awesome General – People liked/loved him


16 1. Spain – kicked out old king and put his brother, Joseph, in charge of Spain. Spanish fought back with help from the British. Guerrilla Warfare destroyed the French. Napoleon has to pull out (300,000 French killed)

17 2.Continental System Napoleon tried to isolate trade with Britain (to hurt their economy), but it backfired. Battle of Trafalgar - Napoleon lost to the British navy. This was Napoleons first major defeat

18 BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR BritishFrench Lord Nelson – Admiral Villeneuve- Crosses the T The BritishMore ships, slower ships have better communicationShoot chainshot into faster fire of cannons rigging and shoot the hull of the ship

19 Battle of Trafalgar

20 3.Russia (1812) Napoleon goes in with 400,000 + troops, comes back with 10,000


22 While Napoleon was down, the other countries ganged up to defeat him at the Battle of Leipzig (Battle of Nations)

23 Napoleon gives up the throne and was exiled to Elba.

24 100 Days - Napoleons return to power People didnt like Louis XVIII (brother of the guillotined king) Napoleon escaped Elba (Louis fled) Napoleon regained full power Napoleon: best defense is a good offense. He attacked the British General Wellington at Waterloo (Belgium) Napoleon was defeated for the final time

25 This time hes sent to St. Helena, between Africa and South America He died in 1821 of a stomach ailment.

26 LEGACY Rise of Nationalism Division of people by country not social class People willing to go to war based on love of country Wars to combine city-states, divide empires

27 LEGACY (CONTINUED) Need for: Coalitions and alliances Diplomacy as an option to war

28 LEGACY (CONTINUED) Spread of ideas: Political philosophy Revolution as an option Equality, speech, voting, property Rise of a professional military

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