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For over 23 years NCS has focused on providing wholesale services to Membership Associations and Large Volume Accounts! Now, we are contacting you because.

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2 For over 23 years NCS has focused on providing wholesale services to Membership Associations and Large Volume Accounts! Now, we are contacting you because we have decided to compete with some of our largest wholesale accounts including the collection industry itself, by entering directly into the retail market. We are doing this by placing top managers across the country in select territories where only they can hire for our company and where they can benefit from our over 25,000 client base for referrals and credibility. Until recently, business and industry were experiencing only a 2% or 3% delinquency rate and so were adequately served by both the traditional % based collection attorney and collection agency systems! National Credit Systems, Inc.

3 Now, with delinquencies running 8% to 12% in some cases, business and industry can no longer afford to pay 30% to 50% in collection fees while experiencing only an average 17% collection success. Typically the NCS flat fee costs less than 10% and we often collect over 80% because it is affordable enough to place the claims earlier when they are most collectable. Additionally, by submitting claims earlier clients and patients do not build up such a large debt that they seek other sources for their medical and business needs.

4 National Credit Systems, Inc. Our product is very simple, in the past we have offered large clients 5,000 or 10,000 claim forms for approx. $26. per form, with each claim form providing their delinquent accounts up to 6 letters, 6 phone calls, a Western Union Moneygram to the door and reporting to all three credit bureaus, which only a handful of companies Nationwide have the legal access and meet the stringent compliance requirements to be able to do. That near exclusive ability of our company helps insure your sales force that if you are competing for a major account with coast to coast clients that they will have an advantage in getting the deal. Our decision to compete with many of our own large collection attorneys is why we are offering you this position.

5 National Credit Systems, Inc. The exciting news is now that we are expanding into the retail market and hiring regional and district managers, we are offering businesses and industry the opportunity to purchase as few as 100 claim forms for $35. ea or 250 for only $28. each! For only $2. more than our largest wholesale accounts your sales force will now be able to provide collections faster, more efficiently, and with a higher balance collected because of the low price affording business the ability to eliminate the middle man! With a reachable 30% to 60% closing average your sales force will be closing sales for $3,500. to $7,000. and creating a full residual commission and override repeat reorder business income for themselves and you!

6 When we hire you as a manager we fly you to our Las Vegas training location, includes picking you up at the airport, paying your meals and hotel for four days and conducting an intensive training program consisting of two days on the product and the second two days on how to hire and train. We then fly you back to your home area and, after you have sold two deals, which tells us that you have learned what was taught at the training, we pay for your advertising for sales reps and managers. We also pay for office space for you to hire and train in. Our National contract with Headquarters Suites - Regus provides you with executive suites by the hour for your Thursday Hiring and Friday Training sessions which are to be conducted every week using respondents from the ads we pay for in Hot Jobs and Career Builders targeted for your area. Your job as a manager for us is to hire on Thursday and train every Friday and then accompany your new hires on their appointments during the week to show them how to sell until you have developed managers under you to help you do so. National Credit Systems, Inc. Weekly Hiring & Training Regional Manager Territory 3 – 4 million population District Manager Territory 1 – 2 million population * Sales reps may sell anywhere but only you hire in your area

7 We pay you five ways to do this: 1)we give you $1,000. For every five people you hire whether they ever sell anything or not. 2)Our Ride With Share With Plan - you receive half of the new hire’s 25% commission on their first 12 appointments they run, 6 the first week and 6 the next, 3)you get overrides on everyone in your territory which as a district manager is 10% with 1 to 2 million and as a Regional Manager is 15% with 3 to 4 million. 4)you get a full 35% commission on your personal sales or if a regional manager’s spot is still available in your area you would get a 40% commission on personal sales. 5) Inherited business from the 80% to 90% of the new reps who sell a few deals and leave. *No regional Vice Presidents spots are determined yet west of the Mississippi so all District and Regional managers are competing for those RVP positions which will cover a 12 to 13 million population each and yield a 45% pay structure. National Credit Systems, Inc. Fast Track Opportunity We Pay You “FIVE” Different Ways

8 A reachable workable weekly income premise is a follows: 1)10 shows for a hiring orientation from our company paid ads you receive by email and which NCS pays for following your 2 sales. 2)You hire 5 and each commits to setting 6 appointments per week for two weeks in order to work for the company. (split 50/50 w/mngr.) First week following hiring: 1)5 reps schedule 6 appts. Each = 30 appts. 2)60% to 100% closing ratio on referral appointments 3)30 appts X 60% close = 20 sales 4)20 Sales X $3,500. average (100 x $35. claim forms) = $70,000. cash in “YOU EARN 50% OF THE SALES REP’S 25% COMMISSION PLUS 15% OVERRIDE = 27.5% COMMISSION ON $70,000. OR $19,250.” *Top closers can average $3,500. per sale or more because our 100% guarantee, which includes a written bond from JP Morgan/chase bank, stating that if the client does not get back four times what he spends, after using all the “Never expiring claim forms” then he will get all his money back and keep all the collections free. National Credit Systems, Inc. Earn to $19,250. training! “Ride With – Share With “Plan”

9 Now I will recap what you can earn working with NCS as a top manager! 1)$1,000. for every 5 hires whether they ever sell or not! 2)50% of the reps 25% commission on their first 12 appts. 3)Personal sales at 35% (District) or 40% (Regional) Manager level 4)Overrides on everyone in your territory 5)Inherited sales from the 90% of new hires who write a couple of deals and leave the company! I will explain this last inherited sales income method as it can be the most profitable for our managers. Each manager hires as many as possible from each weeks Thursday session. Many reps will only sell their friends and family who own businesses and then leave the company. When they leave you take their name off the account, and as long as you contact them once a year, they are yours! Every 6 months or a year when they renew, and up to 80% renew with our company, then you receive the FULL 25% salesperson’s Commission PLUS your manager level overrides! National Credit Systems, Inc. Earn to $28,000. Inherited Income! “Hire 100 sales reps (2 to 3 sales reps per 100,000 pop.) each grossing $10,000. to $30,000. per mo. and you will earn $1,500. to $4,500. on each rep per month ”

10 Our Hiring & Territory Procedure We were taking our best sales reps and offering them top manager positions, our problem was we were spending $12,000. to $15,000. to hire them including flights to our training center, meals, hotels, advertising and office space and many would only be interested in going from a 25% commission to a 40% commission and were not focused on building the territories we assigned them. As a result we hired a top consultant who gave us the following system which has greatly improved our success ratios with our new manager hires. If this system works for you, and if you are prepared to help us preempt the very sick % collection industry, here is how we are proceeding in contracting with top managers for areas not currently covered. National Credit Systems, Inc. Following your paying a reimbursable $5,500 (District) or $7,500. (Regional) manager training and enrollment fee, NCS will pay for and provide the following: 1)Transportation to our Las Vegas Training facility 2)Meals and Hotel expenses during 4 days training 3)Advertising* for Sales and/or Managers for you 4)Office space* in our contracted Regus Executive Suites for Hiring and Training on Thurs. & Fri. 5)Sales Kits for each sales rep who completes the two week training Your training and enrollment fee is reimbursable in addition to the commissions you earn by meeting several attainable milestones of hiring and sales performance – if you are in a position financially and are committed our vision please call me at 706-717-0591 and I will answer your questions and if appropriate will schedule a final interview with the President of the company just prior to your coming to training.

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