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Mid-High Course Selection Class of 2017 Class of 2018 January 2014 Where the Dream Begins !

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1 Mid-High Course Selection Class of 2017 Class of 2018 January 2014 Where the Dream Begins !

2 Mission Statement Bartlesville Mid-High School will challenge and prepare students for a lifetime of success through academics, citizenship, and leadership.

3 Counselors Kathi Wilson A-F Andrea Jacobs G-O Ron Osborn P-Z People to know Administration Jason Langham Principal Eliot Smith Assistant Principal (Class of 2018) Jennifer Stahl: Assistant Principal (Class of 2017

4 Graduation What do you need to graduate?  23 Credits  Students should earn at least 6 credits each year for four years  Must earn 2 credits to be a Sophomore  Must earn 8 credits to be a Junior

5 Graduation Requirements  4 of 7 End of Instruction tests (EOI’s)  Algebra I and English II are required  Must pass at least 2 of the following:  Algebra II  Geometry  Biology I  U.S. History  English III  Financial Literacy (must be proficient in all 14 competencies)

6 Senate Bill 982 “ACE Legislation” Students must be enrolled in a “college preparatory curriculum UNLESS The parent/legal guardian signs a letter allowing you to enroll in the “state high school graduation requirements”

7 Course Requirements College Prep/Work Ready  4 English  3 Lab Science/Biology  3 Math  3 History  10 Electives  23 Credits Total State Graduation Compare Students planning to attend college out of state or participate in NCAA athletics should choose the foreign language option. College Prep/Work Ready

8 Earning Graduation Credits  Pass a 1 semester class to earn ½ unit of credit  Pass both semesters will earn 1 unit of credit Fine Arts Requirement  May be met by inclusion Must earn 2 credits to pass To 10 th grade Must earn 8 credits to pass To 11th

9 “Blue Books” Each student will receive a blue book You should refer to the blue book before making course selections Contains course descriptions and prerequisites for courses Classes are listed by department Course length (semester/full year) College Options Business Computer Applications * Course Number: 2127 Semesters: 1 Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Keyboarding This course is an introduction to word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations and the presentations and the integration of…….

10 What classes should I select?  Transcript/Graduation Checklist  Course Selection Worksheet  Blue Book  Teacher Recommendations Choose your classes wisely! Schedule changes can only be made within the first 10 days of each semester.

11 Take time and THINK about your selections.  Consider these:  Prerequisites  Students can mix Honors* (or Pre-AP) with “traditional” classes  College Admission requirements  Tri-County Technology Center  Oklahoma’s Promise Requirements  NCAA and NAIA eligibility

12 Grade HonorsHonorsTraditionalTraditional 7 th Algebra I - H 8 th Geometry - H Algebra I - H 9 th Algebra II - H Geometry - H Algebra I Algebra I-A 10 th Pre-AP Stat. Pre-AP Pre- Calc. Algebra II - H Geometry Algebra I-B 11 th Pre-Calc. Calculus AB or Calculus BC Pre-AP Stat. Pre-AP Pre- Calc. Algebra II or Math of Finance Geometry 12 th Off-campus college course AP Statistics Pre-Calc. Calculus AB or Calculus BC AP Statistics College Alg.- Trig. Math of Finance Algebra II or Math of Finance Mathematics Sequences Ace legislation requires 3 units of math grades 9-12

13 GradeHonorsTraditional 9 th Honors Biology I Physical Science 10 th Honors Chemistry I Biology I 11 th AP Chemistry II AP Biology II Chemistry I Active Chemistry Env. Science Physics Inquiry 12 th AP Chemistry II AP Biology II AP Physics B Chemistry I Active Chemistry Env. Science Anatomy and Phys. Physics Inquiry Science Sequences

14 These steps must be completed by: Freshmen February 10th Sophomores February 7th  Step 1 : Use the course selection worksheet as a guide.  Step 2 : Follow directions on the enrollment procedures if you wish to make changes.  Step 3: Print AND sign the verification form. (both parent and student must sign)  Step 4: Return verification form to teacher How to complete enrollment

15 Schedule 1 st Hour:7:50-8:40 2 nd Hour:8:44-9:34 3 rd Hour: 9:38-10:28 4 th Hour: 10:32-11:23 1 st Lunch: 11:23-11:53 2 nd Lunch: 12:17-12:47 5 th Hour:11:57-12:47 6 th Hour:12:51-1:41 7 th Hour:1:45-2:35 *Tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday after school

16 Seven hour day to include: English (full year class) Math (full year class) Science (full year class ) Social Studies (full year class) Elective(s) (Computer Technology or Foreign Language) Elective(s) (two semester or full year)

17 Graduation with HONORS To wear a gold tassel at graduation and receive special Recognition in the graduation program students must Complete specified Honors, Pre-AP, or Advanced Placement Courses  Earn unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher in the discipline (English, Math, etc).

18 Graduation with Honors Students can graduate with honors in: EnglishForeign Language MathematicsPsychology ScienceArt History Music

19 Why take Pre-AP classes? 1.Gives students an edge in college preparation. 2.Helps them stand out on college applications. 3.Broadens their intellectual horizons.

20 Freshmen core classes  Math: Algebra I, Algebra 1-A, Geometry Honors*, or Algebra II Honors*  English: Traditional or Pre-AP  Financial Literacy/Oklahoma History  Science: Physical Science or Biology I Honors/Lab*

21 Sophomore core classes  Math: Algebra 1-B, Geometry, or Algebra II Honors*, Pre-Calculus Pre-AP*  English: Traditional or Pre-AP  World History or AP European History*  Science: Biology I/Lab or Chemistry I Honors/Lab*

22 Electives Students will enroll in three units of electives: Fine Arts Business FACS Foreign Language Physical Education Social Studies Elective Language Arts Electives Test Prep (10 th grade) TCTC (10 th grade) Elective classes are both full year and semester classes. Enrollment must total 7 credits.

23 Athletics 9 th grade athletics are after school 10 th grade athletics are 7 th hour Baseball Cross Country Basketball Football Golf Volleyball Tennis Swimming Softball Soccer Track Cheerleading Pom Pon Wrestling

24 Enrollment Appointments BMHS Counselors will be holding individual enrollment appointments: Evening Appointments for both rising 9 th and 10 th grade(sign up required) February 3,4,& 6 th at BMHS Central Middle School February 17 th through 21 st BMHS February 24 th through 28 th Madison Middle School March 10 th through 14 th

25 Tri-County Tech Classes Application process required  Tri-County Tech classes can be selected as alternate courses for Sophomores.  Class times for next year  Pre-Engineering and Medicine & Biosciences  1:00-1:50  3:00-3:50  NO flexibility for leaving early or coming later  NO transportation home at 3:50  Questions:  Call Kerensa Kester, Enrollment Services Director  918-331-3375

26 Prepare for COLLEGE Take rigorous classes Consider taking 4 years of math and science Think about taking AP classes

27 Oklahoma’s Promise Student could earn a scholarship to college Courses that Meet Oklahoma’s Promise are denoted in blue book as well as in Powerschool course selection.

28 Oklahoma’s Promise  Apply during 8 th, 9 th, or 10 th, grade  Verify parents earn $50,000 or less per year at the time of application  Student must meet requirements:  Complete 17 required units  GPA of at least 2.5 in required classes  Attend school regularly  Stay out of trouble

29  9 th Grade orientation to the Mid-High  Lots of fun activities  Free t-shirt and prizes  Watch for your invitation

30 The decisions you make today will determine where you will end up tomorrow!  Questions?

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