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Pickerington High School Central

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1 Pickerington High School Central
Class of 2016 Registration Presentation

2 High School Graduation Requirements
Subject Area Credits English Social Studies Science Mathematics Health/P.E. Fine Arts Electives (Health and PE will not count for these electives) Total 4 credits 3 credits 1 credit 20 Credits

3 High School Diplomas Standard Diploma-student meets all graduation requirements and pass all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test. Honors Diploma-a student who completes the college preparatory curriculum shall meet 7 or 8 specified criteria.

4 Honor’s Diploma Criteria
1. Earn 4 credits of English. 2. Earn 4 credits of math including Alg. I, Alg. II, and Geometry or higher math. 3. Earn at least 4 credits of science including 1 credit of Physics and 1 credit of Chemistry. 4. Earn at least 4 credits of social studies. 5. Earn 3 credits of one foreign language or 2 credits of two foreign languages. 6. Earn 1 credit in Fine Arts. 7. Maintain an overall high school grade point average of at least a 3.5-Unweighted. 8. Obtain a 27 on the ACT or a 1210 on the SAT (Verbal and Math).

5 Ohio Graduation Test Students must pass all 5 sections of the OGT to graduate Math Science Social Studies Reading Writing

6 Alternate Pathway Only failed 1 test by 10 points or less.
Has a 97% attendance rate, excluding excused absences. Has not been expelled from high school. Has a 2.5 GPA in the subject area of failed test. Has completed all other high school curriculum requirements in the subject area of failed test. Has attended any intervention programs offered by the school with a 97% attendance rate. Holds a letter of recommendation from all teachers in the subject area of failed test and the principal.

7 The MINIMUM Core for college preparation in Ohio
English-4 units Math-3 units Science-3 units Social Studies-3 units Foreign Language-2 units The Arts-1 unit

8 Choosing the right English class
Graduation requirements: 4 credits of English English 12 Honors Thematic Studies 3. AP English Language and Composition (collegiate level class with summer reading required.) 4. AP English Literature and Composition(collegiate level class with summer reading required.) 5. AP English Language and Composition-Dual Enrollment 6. AP English Literature and

9 Choosing the right Math class
Geometry (If previously failed) Algebra 2 (completion of Geometry) Honors Algebra 2 (Recommended for students interested in extending learning beyond regular courses.) College Transition Math (students completed Algebra 2 but not interested in Pre-Calculus) Introduction to Calculus and Discrete Math Pre-Calculus (recommended C- or better in Algebra 2) Honors Pre-Calculus (recommended C- or better in Algebra 2 and interested in extending learning beyond regular courses). Statistics (completion of Algebra 2) Advanced Placement Statistics (completion of Algebra 2) Advanced Placement Calculus AB (completion of Pre-Calculus) College Algebra-Dual Credit Trigonometry-Dual Credit Graduation requirement: 4 credits of Math including Algebra 2 or its equivalent (Students may double up and take 2 math classes in order to meet graduation requirements

10 Choosing the right Social Studies Class
Principles of Democracy (1) or AP Government & Politics (1) Economics (1/2) or AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (1) or AP United States Government and Politics-Dual Enrollment AP Comprehensive Governments and Politics-Dual Enrollment State and Local Government-Dual Enrollment Graduation requirement 3 credits: •1 World History •1 American History • Economics (1/2) • POD (1/2)

11 Choosing the Right Science Classes
Meet all listed graduation requirements Need Physics and Chemistry for the Honors Diploma Important Note: All Students who sign up for an AP Science class MUST sign up for the corresponding Science Lab Graduation requirement: 3 science credits 1 credit Integrated Science 1 credit Biology 1 credit science elective Colleges recommend 1 credit of Chemistry and 1 credit of Physics

12 Choosing Electives Look at prerequisites. Consider class load.
Consider what you enjoy doing. PE classes will not count toward elective credits. Always choose the most rigorous classes that you can handle including Advanced Placement or Dual Credit courses. Graduation requirement: •1 credit: fine arts, •4 credits: any electives

13 Deciding to take a Foreign Language
Consider the following: Most colleges require 2 years of the same foreign language. Honors diploma requires 3 years of one or 2 years of two. AP Spanish, AP German and AP French are all offered at Central. ASL 1 is not available to Seniors.

14 Dual Credit Requirements & Information
Students wishing to take Dual Credit courses will fill out a form and will have to take the Compass test if you do not have qualifying ACT scores. Students wishing to register for the Dual Credit courses will make sure to select an alternate class If students do not qualify for the Dual Credit course, will have to be placed in the alternate class. All Dual Enrollment courses are one semester and count for one high school credit, except for Intro to Teacher Education

15 Requirements for Dual Credit Courses

16 Auditing or Repeating Classes
Students have an option to audit or repeat a course for a variety of reasons such as gaining exposure to new content or strengthening understanding of content. Students must complete a form that includes counselor and teacher approval. The transcript will reflect the higher grade attained when repeating a class. Audited courses will not count in any GPA considerations. NCAA will not recognize repeated classes for eligibility for college athletics.

17 Pass/Fail Option Students may take up to 1 credit per year pass/fail in all areas except English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language. The initial choice of pass/fail must be made during the first 4 weeks of the semester. The grade S/U will be given for each grading period. Students may choose the letter grade at the end of the course and only the final grade will be changed.

College admissions require a copy of your Senior schedule, so you need to take the most rigorous course load you can handle. The master schedule is designed based on student interest. Changes made after its creation will be limited to corrections only. No schedules will be changed nor classes dropped because a student has changed his/her mind about taking a class. There are no more Flash Cards. See registration guide for Educational Options and schedule change policies.

19 SAMPLE OF CLASSES SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 1 429 English 12 412 2 324
PERIOD COURSE # SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 1 429 English 12 412 2 324 Pre-Calculus 3 247 Physics 4 522 POD 542 Psychology or Elective 5 656H AP German 6 ---- Elective 7 --- LUNCH 1 8 Elective/Study Hall SAMPLE OF CLASSES √ All students must fill 6 or 7 periods of classes. All students must have one period of lunch and up to one period of Study Hall. NOTE: The master schedule is designed based on student interests, changes will be limited to corrections only. See registration guide for educational options and schedule change policies. ** All athletes must pass a minimum of five (5) classes per semester (excluding PE) to remain eligible for athletics.

20 Select your classes practice sheet
PERIOD COURSE # SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 --- Lunch 8 This grid is for you to fill in and check to make sure don’t select too many classes or not enough. NOTE: The master schedule is designed based on student interests, changes will be limited to corrections only. See registration guide for Educational options and schedule change policies.

21 Remind How to sign up for PHSC Counselors’ Class of 2018 messages: To: 81010 You will be able to see texts of different reminders from the counselors that pertain to you.

22 Courses will be selected online for the 2015-16 school year
All schedule requests must be submitted online by January 30th. The IC Registration Portal will be closed after this date. Students who do not select their courses, will have to take classes selected by their counselor. Students will receive a schedule verification from in the spring that must be signed by a parent or guardian.

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