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2 Wise County Public Schools Consolidation Process 1. Division Enrollment 5,900 2. Schools 14 (6 ES, 3 MS, 3 HS, Voc., Alt.) 3. High School Enrollment 2,120 4. Had Six High Schools a. Built in 1950s b. Enrollment 194 – 540 c. Cost per student 6,000 – 12,000 5. Consolidation Plan a. Consolidate into 3 schools b. Build 2 new (PPEA) c. Renovate 1 (bid/build)

3 Consolidation Savings CategoryDescriptionSavings AdministrativePrincipals, APs, counselors, SROs, nurses, etc.$1,500,000 InstructionalReduce number of teachers from 160 to 144$950,000 SupportCafeteria, custodians, ISS, video, aides, etc.$350,000 CoachingReduce the number of coaches from 165 to 114$150,000 OperationalWater, sewage, electricity, maintenance, etc.$300,000 TransportationRegular routes, athletic events, field trips, etc.$100,000 MaintenanceCapital improvement, maintenance, etc.$200,000 State AideSOQ Freeze (5 years)$200,000 Total$1,768 per student savings$3,750,000 Debt Service on $60,000,000 over 20 years$5,200,000

4 Consolidation Benefits Curriculum Advantages 1. Maintain Current Programs 2. Allowed Remedial Programs a. English 9a/10A b. College passport c. Pre-Algebra 3. Increased Dual Enrollment a. Classroom teacher b. Associate Degree or Gen. Ed. 4. Increased Electives a. Middle school electives b. Alternative MS school c. Fine arts program 5. Created Physical Elements a. Computer/Science labs b. Technology in classrooms c. Place disciplines together

5 Consolidation Benefits Instructional Advantages 1. Strengthen Teaching Staff a. Good ideas from all schools b. Target strengths of teachers c. Created strong teams d. Balanced PTRs (electives) e. Focus on one subject f. Reduced referrals (6.7 to 4.3 per day) 2. Strengthen Administrative Teams a. Principals and asst. principals b. Guidance counselors c. Focus on continuous school improvement 3. Increased Dual Enrollment a. Classroom teacher b. Associate Degree or Gen. Ed. 4. Staff Management Plan a. Early retirement incentive b. Proactive planning

6 Consolidation Benefits Extra-Curricular Advantages 1. Strengthen Athletic Teams a. Had small/uncompetitive teams b. Unified athletes/coaching staffs c. State/runner-up champions 2. Created New Teams a. Band programs b. Wrestling c. Crosscounty/tennis/track/drama d. Soccer 3. Decreased Costs a. Fewer coaches to pay b. Travel less miles (12,000 less) c. Utilize existing equipment d. Less field maintenance/preparation

7 Consolidation Benefits State Ranking SOL Results 2013 1. Math 5 th in state 2. Science 15 th in state 3. History 14 th in state 4. Grade 11 Writing 14 th in state 5. Grade 3 Reading 9 th in state 6. Grade 3 Math 5 th in state 7. Math 6 Math 10 th in state 8. Algebra I 11 th in state 9. Algebra II 13 th in state 10. Geometry 6 th in state (57% few and reduced lunch)

8 Private-Public Education Act: Alternative to Traditional Procurement

9 What is the PPEA Process? 1. The PPEA is a procurement process designed to bring private sector expertise to bear on public projects - saving time and money. 2. It has allowed private entities to "acquire, design, construct, improve, renovate, expand, equip, maintain or operate qualifying projects" and encourages innovative approaches to financing construction and renovation. 3. The law created resources to fund a comprehensive range of projects, including schools, wastewater treatment plants, and telecommunications infrastructure - essentially any type of public venture.

10 What are the PPEA Benefits? 1. Allows greater selection flexibility 2. Shortens construction process 3. Reduces owner’s risk 4. Provides GMP 5. Allows free review of designs 6. Provides A/E best ideas 7. Eliminates conflicts 8. Balances design/costs 9. Allows value-engineering 10. Requires little upfront cost

11 Pre-Construction Services 1. Needs Assessment 2. Initial Design 3. Cost Estimates 4. Construction Schedule 5. Site Location 6. Financial Assistance a. Debt service b. Debt capacity c. Investment

12 What are the PPEA Steps? 1. Develop educational specifications 2. Proposal submission a. Conceptual stage b. Detailed stage 3. Inform affected jurisdictions 4. Decide on proposal review fee 5. Make decision to accept or reject 6. Post winning proposals 7. Enter into competitive negotiations 8. Develop comprehensive agreement 9. Post comprehensive agreement 10. Approve with both boards

13 How has PPEA helped WCPS? 1. Allowed us to move quickly 2. Allowed us to select the best 3. Allowed us to change elements 4. Retained the original cost (GMP) 5. Provided unmatched expertise 6. Unified A/E with contractors 7. Required little upfront cost 8. Reduced our risk factors 9. Allowed value engineering

14 What is needed? 1. School Board Policy 2. Board of Supervisors or City Policy 3. Educational specifications 4. Consultation with PPEA expert 5. Secure funding

15 How do you find the Money? 1. Consolidation/Operational savings a. School enrollment (600) b. Consolidate 3 schools c. Realize at least $3 million savings 2. SOQ freeze (5 years) 3. Debt Service a. Construction cost $50 million b. 20 year at 3% c. $3 million debt service d. $3 million consolidation savings 4. Benefits a. Greater curriculum b. Greater extra-curricular opportunities c. More direct instruction ratio d. More efficient e. More SOQ funded positions

16 Contact Information Dr. Jeff Perry, (276) 328-8017 Ron Vicars, (276) 328-8017


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